First Time in KU — Tara Lain’s CANNING THE CENTER

by Nov 15, 2019Long Pass Chronicles, News

The Football Center and the Drag Queen — what could go wrong?

Hi! I’m so excited to announce that my award-winning, MM sports romance, CANNING THE CENTER, is now available in Kindle Unlimited for the first time ever. CANNING THE CENTER is book 2 in my Long Pass Chronicles but the stories really do stand alone. While my hero in this book, Jamal Jones, makes his first appearance in book 1, Outing the Quarterback, you don’t need to have read the first book to understand everything about this one.

Long Pass Chronicles are among my personal favorite stories I’ve written. The heroes of this book are super unusual — a pro-football center (meaning he’s huge) who falls in love with a beautiful drag queen who’s a lot more than meets the eye.While the guy’s lives are unique, the lessons they learn are applicable to all of us.


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