WolfinGucciLoafersLGHi and welcome. First let me say that if you haven’t entered to win the $25 GC in my WINTER’S WOLF Blog83f4d1fe137048fe37838e0dfd52bdb9 Tour, you’re running out of time, so Click HERE. Also, if you haven’t entered to win Melanie Hansen’s lovely prizes, click HERE.

Now, on with today’s topic. Effeminate men! If you read my books, you know that many of my heroes are fem guys. They’re often wildly capable and even have alpha natures, but in their external expression they’re flamboyant and effeminate. Think of Lindsey Vanessen in WOLF IN GUCCI LOAFERS, Rodney Mansfield in FIRE BALLS, Quentin Darby in HEARTS AND FLOUR. Trevor Landry in CANNING THE CENTER is so fem he can pass for a woman up close.

I think these heroes are sexy. My super alpha heroes think these heroes are sexy. And so, thank you, do my readers. People who don’t know i write these guys are sometimes a little taken aback. Reviewers who say, “He was a bit much, but i loved him anyway”, and things like that.

A theme in my books is the low self-esteem many of these heroes suffer because they are fem and this is HeartsandFlour_ByTaraLain_1600x2400because they are often made to feel that way by the people around them — even other members of the gay community. In CANNING THE CENTER, my hero has to intervene to let an effeminate young man join the Gay and Lesbian Student Society. In my upcoming novel, KNIGHT OF OCEAN AVENUE, my flamboyant stylist hero feels the construction worker he loves could never endure the censure he’d receive from having such a fem boyfriend.

I love this video from Davey Wavey who says fem guys are sexy and “being yourself is sexy”. I say “so true” and writing my sexy fem heroes is something i plan to keep doing for a long time. Here’s Davey.

Thank you for coming by! : )