Hi everyone–

WolfinGucciLoafersLGYou already know my Davey Wavey addiction. Some of his videos are funny, some are dumb, and many have great messages for all of us, gay or straight. This is one of those. If you read my books, you know i write a lot of gay characters who don’t “act straight”. In my recent release, Wolf in Gucci Loafers, my hero, Lindsey, is as flamboyant and over-the-top as a person (aka werewolf) can be. One reviewer said she’d NEVER read a character like him and, though he took some getting used to, she ultimately enjoyed him a lot. But actually, Lindsey is a “queenish” guy who is secretly an alpha male of the first order. Some of my heroes are not. They’re drag queens who are more effeminate than many women (see HeartsHeartsandFlour_ByTaraLain_453x680 and Flour) or big hunky guys who hate SnowBalls_ByTaraLain-453x680sports, like to decorate, and are scared of spiders (see Snow Balls).

The bottom line is, i like to write about gay men, and, if you know some, you know they come in many permutations. They are not stereotypical flaming queens like in the old movies, but they also aren’t straight men who happen to have sex with other men. Gay men are people with many layers and facets — just like the rest of us. I like to write men who are loved for being fabulous as well as brave and strong. Here’s what Davey has to say.

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