Yanis Marshall Gets GAY! Enjoy.

Hi and welcome to Yanis Marshall Gets Gay!  If you follow me on social media, you may know that i just finished NaNoWriMo, which requires that you write 50,000 words in a month. I won, meaning i wrote the words. In addition, i did one cover reveal and one book release, had to create 8 blogs and a 2,000 word short story — so i think i’ll relax over deathdancer_9781786515179_800this blog post and tell you to enjoy this great routine by Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi on Britain’s Got Talent dancing in their signature high heels. If you’d like to see my new release, DEATH DANCER, click HERE. Or SPELL CAT, Click HERE. If you haven’t entered to win a $15 Amazon GC, Click HERE.


Thank you for coming by! My next release comes out on December 7th. It’s called COWBOYS DON’T COME OUT! See it HERE.cowboysdontcomeout400x600

10 Absolutely TRUE Facts –That Aren’t!


I just got back from RT in Las Vegas, i just finished a fabulous Blog Tour, I’ve launched 2 new books (Prince of the Playhouse and Golden Dancer) and i’m in the home stretch on my first cowboy romance that needs to be done in a week!! Whew. I’m tired! So, i thought i’d share a fun video of 10 Absolutely TRUE Facts — That Aren’t! Some of these so called facts  i’ll bet you know aren’t rue, but others — maybe not! So enjoy and be sure to check out an excerpt from Prince of the Playhouse HERE.

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Top 10 Movie Makeup Transformations

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You all know i love movies! And i also love makeup. Face Off is one of the TV shows i record and watch. So when i saw this video of the Top 10 Movie Makeup Transformations, I couldn’t resist. I hope you like them too!

Thank you for coming by. I’m in the writing cave creating Beauty, Inc., the third of my Pennymaker Tales which will come out around June of next year. Have a great week! : )

Some Aussie Bums for your Viewing Pleasure

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I’m currently in Orlando at the Dreamspinner Author’s Workshop. If i get my act together and take some pictures of the fabulous authors at the workshop, i’ll post them for you. If i’m too much in vacay mode to remember, you’ll have to settle for watching gorgeous guys’ asses and dicks. Oh, poor baby. Here are some great Aussie Bums commercials that will make you laugh as well as drool. Enjoy!

There. That wasn’t such a bad consolation prize, was it? Have a great weekend. Don’t forget to enter on the Rafflecopter to WIN a $25 GC! Click HERE. : )

Girl’s Guide to Gay Guys

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I’m madly finishing my WIP, KNAVE OF BROKEN HERTS, but i stepped out of the writing cave to share a video (which i’ve posted before but thought you’d like to see again). Here’s a Girl’s Guide to Gay Guys from Davey Wavey and a lot of friends.

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What Not To Ask a Gay Guy! Davey.

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Exciting week for me. My new release, OUTING THE QUARTERBACK, is currently #3 in gay romance on Amazon! If you want to check it out, click HERE. I  also want to tell you that tomorrow and Sunday is BIG BACKLIST WEEKEND and my guest is — Sandrine Gasq Dion! Do NOT miss it. You’ll have a chance to win a book from Sandrine or me. Also, scroll down to see all the contests you can enter for lots of great prizes.

You know i like to post videos from Davey Wavey. Here is one where he gives very good advice on What Not To Ask a Gay Guy. He’s funny, and charming, and adorable, and sometimes pretty wise.

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Teenage Slang with Davey Wavey and His Mom!

Hi everyone — First, be sure to visit this blog this weekend because it’s Big Backlist Weekend and my guest is — drumroll please — Cardeno C!!!! We’ll both be giving away books from our backlists, so don’t miss it!

As you may know, the first book in my new series, Outing the Quarterback, is now available for preorder (Click HERE) and it releases on September 19th. This story is about college age guys so i spent a lot of time researching slang words that i could use in the book — and ultimately had to leave most out because it would date the book. Still, it got me into the wildness of slang as it ebbs and flows from year to year. Here is Davey Wavey (who you know i LOVE0 testing his mom and aunt on teenage slang. It’s funny and you may learn some great new words!

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Thank you for participating in our Summer for Love Blog Hop! That Hop is over and i’ll be snogbytheseapicking winners today! You still have one more day to win one of my prizes in Snogging by the Sea. Click HERE for the Snogfest!

So while winners are being finalized, enjoy the hot kinkiness that is KAZAKY — LOVE!

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