Endings – They Make the Book and the Movie. Top 10! #bestmovieendings

Hi. I’ll bet you agree that if a book has a great beginning, we’ll read that book. If it has a great ending, we’ll read the author’s next book. I love writing endings and my readers tell me they like them. I write VERY happy ever afters as a general rule. Many of my books even have a wedding.

Because i love great story endings, I enjoyed this video of the Top 10 Best Romance Endings. Many of these are bittersweet or even sad, which i can appreciate — but never write. See if you agree with this list of the best movie endings for a romance.

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Most Romantic Movie Lines We Wish We’d Written #amwriting #lovescenes

Hi — As you know, i love movies and i recently saw this post on the Top 10 Most Romantic Movie Lines.I was surprised how many of them i agreed with. Maybe not so much the number 1 pick– mostly because i don’t love that film — but many of the others. Very often when we’re writing romance novels, authors try to create lines that are a memorable as these. Usually, they just pop into my head and i have no idea where they come from. LOL. See if you agree with these–

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Top 10 Meet Cute Movies! #fallinginlove

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As you probably know, i love movies and especially if they’re romantic. I enjoy these Top 10 movies lists and this one is great. What are your favorite Meet Cutes in a movie? A Meet Cute is a moment when boy meets girl for the first time and there’s an undeniable spark that leads to love. I think these 10 are pretty good. some of my favorites are on here. How about you. Check it out.

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Top Movie Meet Cutes! Authors Take Notes.

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Movie Meet Cutes! Romance authors are always trying to come up with cool new ways for their characters to meet. In my current work in progress, one hero saves the other from being beaten up on the beach. Two of my romantic heroes meet underwater and fight over an octopus, while in my current release, SPELL CAT, one hero asks the other for directions.

In this video, they explore the Top 10 “Meet Cutes” in the movies. I think they pick some great ones, but miss the first time Baby meets Johnny in Dirty Dancing or the first searing look between Hawkeye and Cora in Last of the Mohicans — of course the latter isn’t a romance or comedy per se, so i guess it might be disqualified.

Take a look at the list and see what you think. Do you agree?

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Top 10 Chick Flicks! Which Ones Did They Miss?

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The world is so complicated and devastating right now, it’s good to escape to some romance, so here are the Top 10 Chick Flicks! Which ones do you think they missed? I’m posting the video and then I’ll share a few of the films i think should be on the list.

Do you agree with the Top 10 Chick Flicks! ? I really like most of the films on this list — except maybe Bridget Jones Diary that i can take or leave. I would have put Notting Hill on the main list over Bridget Jones and maybe over Sleepless in Seattle. I would have put Love, Actually and Dirty Dancing higher on the list. Here are some of the chick flicks i think they missed and i’d be sure to include —

A Walk On the Moon — one of the most romantic, sexiest movies ever made, featuring an early, delicious appearance by Viggo Mortensen

Strictly Ballroom — Hilariously funny and intensely romantic, i adore this film. Paso Doble? Hell yes!

4 Weddings and a Funeral — Hugh Grant is the king of chick flicks and this one wins.

Last of the Mohicans — While certainly an action/adventure movie that appeals to guys, Last of the Mos is perhaps more romantic than any other film on the list. I will find you!

I’m sure there are others i missed. What about you? Which chick flicks would you put on this list and which would you leave off?

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Top 10 Romantic Movies

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I love movies and i love romance so i thought it would be fun to check out some people’s ideas of the Top 10 Romantic Movies. Some of my favorites of all time are on this list, but not necessarily in the order in which they appear here. For example, i’d put Dirty Dancing or Moonstruck higher than Titanic (sacrilege, i know!) Probably The Notebook too, although i don’t love the older couple scenes which i find too Nicolas Sparks maudlin for me. Check out this list and see if you agree. BTW, i should mention that i have a new release coming that is already up for preorder at Dreamspinner Press. It’s called Tackling the Tight End and it’s a favorite story of mine. I hope it will be one of your fave Top 10 Romances too! Here are the movies:

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