Inciting Incident to 3rd Act Twist! 5 Top Plot Points #amwriting #writingcraft

Hi welcome. Many writers, like me, structure books quite intuitively, sensing when twists and turns are needed to keep the reader engaged. But there actually are rules and pointers for plot structure that can help us. Below is a particularly fun rundown on the 5 top plot points that apply to both books and movies. I hope you enjoy it. My upcoming new release, Return of the Chauffeur’s Son, takes my hero from yearning for the same guy since he was 11, to almost getting his heart’s desire only to discover it might not be what he wants, while uncovering something even more desirable — that he might have given up because he was too blind to see. You can pre-order it HERE.

Here are those Top 5 Plots Points!

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Supporting Roles Steal the Show!

Canning 28-02Hi — Welcome to Supporting Roles Steal the Show. If you didn’t get here over the weekend to enter Big Backlist Weekend, you still have a few days to possibly win How to Howl at the Moon from Eli Easton or Wolf in Gucci Loafers from me. Enter HERE.

Any author will tell you that supporting characters love to try and run off with your PrinceOfThePlayhousebooks! It’s easier to be a supporting character than a hero or heroine. You don’t have to be noble all the time — or even eventually! You don’t have to be sexy. You can be as quirky as you want to. For example, one of my most popular characters is Lindsey Vanessen, the hero of Wolf in Gucci Loafers, who was introduced as a supporting character in The Pack or the Panther. Readers fell in love with him — and so did I. The same thing was true in Outing the Quarterback. My hero was Will, but his best friend Jamal Jones is so lovable, upstanding and wonderful that people adored him and yelled for him to have a book. Of course, it happened — Canning the Center. The same applies to Ru in Knight of Ocean Avenue who got to star in Prince of the Playhouse.

The same is true in movies! Here is a compilation of the 10 best supporting roles that prove Supporting Roles Steal the Show. See if you agree with the list.

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