10 Sexiest Men of All Time #DoYouAgree?

Ten Sexiest Men of all time? Who would you put on the list? This video has a pretty fair group. Not sure i’d put my picks in the same order. Johnny, in his day, would have been higher. Alexander would come off the Honorable Mentions and make the permanent 10, and Viggo Mortensen would have made my list for sure. What about you? Do you agree with this video? And don’t forget my own beautiful boys coming up in Love You So Special.

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10 Sexiest Men of All Time? #GorgeousGuys

Hi — Just for fun, i thought i’d share this video i found of the sexiest men of all time. Do you agree with the list? I don’t. I mean, all these guys are great but only a couple would make my Top 10 list. Johnny Depp in his prime for sure. Alexander Sharsgard, for sure. They only call him an Honorable Mention. Did they SEE Tarzan? Take a look and see how many they got right.

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