Audrey and Me! Return of the Chauffeur’s Son Coming June 2nd #Sabrina #AudreyHepburn

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If you’ve visited the blog or my FB page anytime recently, you know that my next release is Return of the Chauffeur’s Son, which releases June 2nd (a week from when i’m writing this). You may also know that this book is an homage to an old romantic movie and might have guessed which film from the book title.Confirmed! The old movie is Sabrina, a charming romance from the 1950s i think that you might have seen on TV. (They’ve remade the movie but the new one isn’t nearly as good as the original. Try to find it.) The original stars were Humphrey Bogart, William Holden and the amazing Audrey Hepburn. When i was young, people used to tell me that i looked like Audrey and that inspired me to seek out her films. I love bunches of them — Roman Holiday, Funny Face and especially Sabrina. In this original, Humphrey Bogart was too old to be the romantic lead, but Audrey is so engaging and amazing that i don’t think anyone cared.

A lot about the film is old and outdated today and i had a great time taking the tropes of the film and i hope the effervescent mood and translating it into a contemporary romance that just happens to be a triangle between three men. I reset the story in Napa Valley, California and filled it with the wine and food of that region, a detail i think captures some of the sensory quality of the movie.

If you plan to read the book, i hope you’ll pre-order it now. Here is the link to Amazon. And you can find it t all other retailers. To read an excerpt, Click HERE. I hope you enjoy it as much as i loved writing it. Here’s to Audrey!

Top 10 I Love You Scenes in Movies

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I know you love love scenes. After all, you’re a romance reader. So i thought i’d share this video of the Top 10 I Love You scenes in movies. I agree with a number of them — especially Moonstruck! What about you? What scenes where someone says I Love You are your faves?

Thank you for coming by!. You can pre-order my next big release Return of the Chauffeur’s Son everywhere. : )

Two Days to Save 30% on Volley Balls and Cowboys! #booksale #DreamspinnerPress

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Amazing Things Writers Learn — My Wild Journeys

LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi and welcome. Have you ever wondered about the Amazing Things Writers Learn? As you can imagine, a romance writer has to learn craft — a lot of it — and it’s a never ending process. We learn how to write in deep point of view, never straying from the ideas, experiences, sights, sounds, smells and tastes our point of view character might have. We learn character arc, and scene structure  and — well, you get the idea.

But then, we have to learn all the things necessary for our stories. There’s an old adage that says, Write What You Know. Okay, that’s true on some levels. We write the love, hope, fear, anger and all the other emotions of our lives. We pour them onto the pages. But details of the story? We essentially never know all of those. Nine out of ten times, we have to do research and that takes writers on wild and amazing journeys.

Just for the books i released in 2016, here are some of my amazing travels into worlds not my own —

TacklingTheTightEnd-400For TACKLING THE TIGHT END, i dove deep into the world of Native culture, particularly exploring the idea of the two spirited that was inherent among some Native communities. I have to confess, this was one of my favorite research projects. Also for that book, I learned even more about football, the tight end position specifically, Indian casinos, hand guns, Native adoption, and towns in Arizona.

Compared to that book, TAYLOR MAID was relatively simple. I had to brush up on my perf4.250x7.000.inddknowledge of Las Vegas, marriage laws all over the country, inheritance laws, and review my drag queen dressing details.

PrinceOfThePlayhousePRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE took me back to Laguna Beach where i lived for many years, so the setting was familiar, but that was the only easy part. While i know a lot about Shakespeare, i still had to search for specific scenes to use as backdrop for the action. I also had to dig into Hispanic gang culture in LA, and really had to get my facts straight on juvenile felony offenses. Whew. A writer’s life!

Then came BEAUTY, INC. For that one all i had to master was the cosmetics industry, chemical formulations for face Beauty,Inc-400x600creams, cancer information centers, and Brooklyn. LOL!

LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS went back to Laguna Beach but a different end. Thousand Steps Beach is in south Laguna and, while i’m quite familiar with it, i needed details since my heroes spend a lot of time there. I also had to learn a lot of information about architecture (my husband’s an architect so i have built-in expertise), divorce and custody laws, and architectural schooling in Mexico.

Coming up in October is the re-release of SPELL CAT. Since it’s paranormal, i get to make up my own rules for the world, but my hero is a history professor and teaches a class on witchcraft, so lots of research was required for that.

In November, my first ever murder mystery releases. It’s called DEATH DANCER. I was lucky to participate in a workshop on crime scene procedure earlier this year, so i used a lot of that information, plus had to do lots of research on ballet, and streets in New York City.

Another really fun learning experience came for my first cowboy romance which releases in December. It’s called COWBOYS DON’T COME OUT. Interestingly, it mostly takes place in Hana, Hawaii and other locations on Maui. I got to dive into the whole Hawaiian cowboy (paniolo) tradition as well as take an imaginary vacation learning all the details about places like Makawao and Kahului. There was also a lot of searches related to horses, how to ride, how to teach someone to ride, cowboy equipment, and more.

So it’s been a fun and exciting year plunging into new subjects and universes! As you read, remember virtually every page has some topic or detail that had to be researched. Little things like expressions kids use, slang, where a street is located, the kind of trees you find in different locations, all require a trip to Google. Join in My Wild Journeys!

Top 10 Romantic Comedies of All Time

Hi! Recently, at RT in Las Vegas, i chaired a panel where we talked about adding humor to romance, so i was interested when i saw this list of the Top 10 Romantic Comedies on YouTube. I must admit, quite a few of my faves are NOT on this list. I adore Moonstruck and Notting Hill, for example, more than  a couple that are on this list like Sleepless in Seattle and Say Anything. But i especially LOVE Love, Actually, one of my favorite movies ever and it did make the list. See if you agree with most of this list of the Top 10 Romantic Comedies.

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Drag Queen Makeup! Inspiration for My Next Book.

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I’m currently working on a novel that won’t be released until December. It’s called Canning the Center and it’s the second in the “Tara Lain Makes Football Fabulous” Series called the Long Pass Chronicles. My hero is a huge, hunky center who has just been a first-round draft pick for a pro team called the Los Angeles Diablos. He’s bisexual, so he figures he doesn’t really have to come out to the coach because he’s okay with women. Then he very inconveniently falls for a drag queen!

My drag queen in the book is so feminine and beautiful he could pass as female even on the street, but on stage he’s more exaggerated. So, for inspiration, i watched some drag queen transformations and they are so amazing. I’m posting one below for you to marvel at. Here’s Drag Queen Makeup!

Thank you for coming by! Be sure to visit my guest, Max Vos, who will be visiting on Monday. And remember, Wolf in Gucci Loafers is still a bestseller so grab a copy for yourself!

Tara’s 3rd Author Anniversary! Prizes for You!

20130930_191036_resized_1Hi everyone! Remember, you can still enter the New Year’s Kisses Event and win bundles of books and GCs. Click HERE for Day 1 first batch, Here for Day 1 second batch, Here for Day 2, and Here for Day 3!

Now, welcome and Happy Author Anniversary to ME! If you leave me a comment below AND do one of the following things, you can win one of these beautiful bookmarks (if you are in the US! If not, you can win a $5 GC to Amazon instead.) I’m giving away 3 bookmarks for my 3 years! These will either be The Pack or the Panther bookmarks (if they arrive. They are lost in the holiday mail.) Or a F.A.S.T. Balls Bookmark. Okay?


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Three year’s ago on January 4th, my first book, Genetic Attraction, was released by Loose Id. Readers made it the number one bestselling book at LI that week which was a thrill for a brand new author. Genetic Attraction is my only book ever written with the principal main character who is female. It went on to rack up a bunch of awards and is still a popular book. (But it at Amazon HERE)


Five months later, Loose Id released the Prequel to Genetic Attraction called The Scientist and the Supermodel. This book, like Genetic Attraction, received 5 Hearts for The Romance Studio and was Voted the Five Heart Sweetheart by Readers. When the third book, Deceptive Attraction, was added to the series in November of that year, the three books went on to win Best Series of the Year in the LRC Awards! Since then, a fourth book was added to the Series, Genetic Celebrity which was nominated for a CAPA Award in 2012. This has been a much praised series for which i’m very grateful!


My third book to come out in 2011 was a little novella titled Volley Balls! While i wrote it as a stand-alone storyfor Etopia Press to be part of a beach-oriented anthology, it went on to rank number 1 in gay romance on Amazon, made the Top 100 bestselling romances on Amazon in 2011, and became the first in one of the most popular gay romances series ever — the Balls to the Wall series!

As you can see, that new release on January 4th, 2011,  set some wonderful things in motion. Thank you so  much for being  apart of all of it! Be sure to leave me a comment and one of the other actions listed!

Also, remember, my 20th novel will be released on January 8th! How’s that for an anniversary celebration? The Pack or the Panther is COMING!


Book Trailer: Genetic Attraction

I realize it’s been awhile since i posted the Book Trailer for Genetic Attraction. I enjoyed making this trailer so much, thanks to the great workshop by Kris Tualla, so i want you to see it in case you haven’t.  If you’ve seen it five times .. enjoy the music.  LOL.