Disney and #RWA17 and Animals, Oh My! Tara in Orlando.

Hi —

RWA17 is over. I stayed  an extra day in Orlando for a visit to Animal Kingdom, but after a short park stop, I got rained out and spent most of the day writing. The week has been  educational, exhilarating and exhausting. Add fun to that list. I got here Tuesday evening and on Wednesday there were only a few workshops, so i thought I’d walk over to Epcot Center and play a little then return to the hotel. I was meeting friends in the afternoon, so i thought i’d return later. Instead, i had such a great time, i never left. I went on all the Epcot attractions, and wandered around with my tea in hand. Yes, it was 97 degrees, thank you, but i still had a ton of fun. I had a Chinese lunch, walked through the World Showcase, went on Soarin’ andSpaceship Earth, saw the dinosaurs fro the last time (they’re going away), then met Kc and Chudney and we splurged on a delicious dinner in the French restaurant. It was fabulous. I got back after walking 19,000 steps at 8:30 at night.

The next day, i got down to work, and Thursday and Friday literally went to a workshop every 90 minutes. Fantastic topics on why series sell, how to use tropes to create high concept. the French market for romance, creating deeply dimensional characters and much more. I was also representing my OCCRWA chapter as President, so i attended the RWA annual meeting and the Leadership breakfast. Then we had the big Literacy signing which was very successful. I saw lots of friends. I even managed to squeak in a few thousand words on my WIP and finish edits on two books.

Today, Sunday, was my last day in Florida, and, as predicted, it rained a lot (although not as much as i expected). I got to take the Kilimanjaro Safari ride and walk through the Gorilla Trek before the rain really started. Then i had to come back to check in on my transportation for tomorrow, so i stayed in the hotel and got productive.

It’s been a fun and worthwhile trip, although i could definitely sleep a couple straight days! Tomorrow is my flight home then back to work on all fronts!

I want to tell you that my next new release is coming in three weeks — Fool of Main Beach. This is one of my fave books ever. Check it out HERE. Talk soon. : )

Beautiful Boys (and Girls)

13442313_1388057247874911_4683100725567892812_nWhen i saw the faces of all those young men killed and wounded at Pulse i cried and cried and thought, each one could be one of my heroes. I say i write the Beautiful Boys of Romance. Each of those men seemed to me to be one of them. But oh how i wish i could have written a happy ending.

Please, please, if you’re American remember on election day to Vote Orlando. Do not stay home!! Do not throw up your hands and say, “What can be done?” What can be done is to throw the bums out — all those who say we can’t carry a half bottle of shampoo on a plane, but it’s okay to carry assault weapons on the street. Those who say Jesus said it and i believe it who haven’t the slightest idea what Jesus did and didn’t say.

We’re better than this. We’re not sheep who can be led around and forced to act against our own honor and self interest by demagogues. There’s no such thing as a “white” person or “pure” heterosexual or a religion that’s “right”. We need to think for ourselves.  Stop dreaming of heaven while we create hell on earth. We’re all the heroes of our own stories. Let’s start writing our happy ever afters.