Sultry & Sinful FF Paranormal Romance Anthology –99 Cents Limited Time!

Hi and welcome! Today I’m happy to introduce you to this sexy, sultry FF anthology that you can buy for 99 cents until release day! Yahoo. Keep reading friends.  (And don’t forget to enter the Brush with Catastrophe Blog Tour Giveaway, HERE)

Sultry and Sinful: The Femmes of Paranormal

Come tantalize your softer side with this FF paranormal romance anthology. From angels to sirens and many things in between, this erotic romance box set will keep you up all hours of the night, wanting more.
A Limited Edition FF Paranormal Romance and Collection!




On Sale for only 99cents until release day of 4/18/2017


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Julie Morgan
Soul to Capture
Info: As a Succubus, Cora thought she didn’t need love, but when the Seraph Jael opens her eyes to the possibility, all bets are off.

Louisa Bacio
Book title: Wet: An erotic mermaid tale
Info: After the Sea Queen forbids the Princess to follow her heart, Marianna swears to catch Shell, the feisty water sprite.
Alyssa Breck
Book title: Kiss Me Deadly
Info: When the time comes for Maggie to make one of her own, she finds out that not all vampires are created equal.
Christine Alvarez
Book title: A Succubus Renewed
Info: Luciana, a Succubus, is bored of her monotonous existence until Krista Hadley—a human—walks into her club, unknowingly becoming her latest obsession.
Michelle Dare
Book title: Her Fated Mates
Info: Half siren/half vampire, Jade Calistro, has zero desire to find her mate. Little does she know that she has not one, but two fated mates.


Kay Margaret
Book title: Sinful Dreams
Info: Adara Dyllvan will stop at nothing to get Senna Douglas to walk back into her life, even if it means playing dirty.

Kristen Strassel
Book title: Stardust
Info: Rainey must cast a spell to destroy vampires, but her girlfriend’s been offered the opportunity of a lifetime—starring in a vampire show.


Savannah Verte
Book title: Immortal Deflagration
Info: Seychelle is a bastard. When she accidentally dreamwalks into Nova’s lustful fantasy, she learns the Fates might have a reward for her after all.

Shawnee Small
Book title: The Seduction of Violette Tournaline
Info: Seduced by a handsome stranger on the eve of her debut ball, Violette must decide how far she is willing to go for love.

3 Book Whores! 2 New Releases –Skylar Kade! PREZZIES!

Feb release coversHi! So glad you’re here. Please welcome my friend, Skylar Kade, to the blog. Not only is she a popular writer of erotic romance, she’s also my co-chair of the Published Authors Workshop in our RWA chapter in Orange County, CA. If you’re going to take on a responsibility like that, i highly recommend you get Sky for a co-chair because she is brilliant, reliable, and dynamic! And she also gives GREAT Prizes! Sky has TWO new releases and she’s giving away a copy of each one to some lucky commenter — so be sure to leave a comment on the blog! Plus, enter on the Rafflecopter. Here’s Sky!

 Book-loving Worlds Collide: heroines from Exposing Ellen and Surrender to Fire catch up

This month, I have two books releasing. Exposing Ellen is a short, erotic lesbian romance. Surrender to Fire is a full length BDSM romp. What the heck do they have in common?

Well, two of my three heroines are book whores, and they wear that label proudly. Camille Verona, from Surrender to Fire, is a junior literary agent in Los Angeles. Ellen Porter, from Exposing Ellen, is a librarian in Newport Beach. The three of us got together over coffee (in my wild imagination, naturally) to chat about our love of books—especially erotic romance!

Skylar: We’re at a small coffee shop in Southern California. These big, comfy chairs are just begging you to sit and read in them! Where do you get most of your reading done?

Camille: I read a lot of slush pile submissions for work, so when I’m reading for fun, it’s usually at home with a glass of wine—bubble bath optional.

Ellen: For a long time, I didn’t want my ex-husband to know I read naughty books, so I’d go for a walk on the beach, find a bench, and read. I’m one of those people who blushes bright red during really erotic scenes, though, so I always wore a big sun hat to hide my face! Now, though, Aimee likes me to read short stories to her after work.

Skylar: That brings up a good point. You’re both surrounded by books for work. What do you choose to read for fun?

Ellen: I love the short story anthologies from Cleis Press. Each one in a collection is so different! I really like “Girls who Bite”. For some reason, it’s easier to read erotic stories about vampires out loud.

Cam: That’s tough! Before Damien and I got together, I read a lot of BDSM romance. Like Ellen, my ex wasn’t the greatest. The amazing Doms in Cherise Sinclair’s “Masters of the Shadowlands” series gave me hope that maybe I’d find a great partner too. Now I try to read a little bit of everything, though futuristic dystopias have me hooked, especially when there are zombies involved.

Skylar: Here’s a contentious question: e-books or print?

Cam: You had to ask that, didn’t you! I still love the feel of print books, and if I love something, the print version goes on my keeper shelf. But I usually read on my Kindle, though it goes into a Ziploc freezer bag if I’m reading in the tub. I’m glad it’s not just e-books, though, because I’ve caught Damien sneaking off with some of the print copies! I know he’s looking for ideas. Maybe I should start bookmarking the hottest scenes for him.

Ellen: Print all the way. I keep a box of books in my trunk so I’m never without. Instead of a drawer at Aimee’s place, she’s given me a bookshelf!

Skylar: Last question, ladies. What do you love most about your partner?

Ellen: Aimee is so different from me—she’s got curves and she’s lound and bold and fun. Aimee doesn’t care about other peoples’ opinions, and she’s really pulling me out of my shell. I’m even thinking about getting a little tattoo!

Cam: I can trust Damien. I know that sounds so basic, but it’s not just trusting him to take care of me when we’re playing. I trust that he’ll be honest with me (even if that means him agreeing that a dress makes my ass look big—MEN!) and that he always has my—and our—best interests in mind. Even when there were times that I lost faith in myself, I could rely in his steadfastness until I regained that confidence.

Skylar:  Thank you both for joining me!



Want to get to know Camille and Ellen better? Leave a comment sharing YOUR answer to one of their interview questions—I’ll choose two winners who will receive their choice of either Surrender to Fire or Exposing Ellen.

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Feb release coversWant to learn more about Exposing Ellen? Read an excerpt here.


Want to learn more about Surrender to Fire? Read an excerpt here.


Skylar Kade, self-avowed hedonist and princess extraordinaire, started her writing career after throwing aside yet another romance she could not bring herself to finish. The run-on sentences! The purple prose! Oh, the horror of it was just too much. So she sat down to write her own tale. Her favorite part about writing is the extensive research.

She currently resides in sunny southern California, alternately cursing the polluted air and adoring the weather. Skylar spends her time asking the cabana boys to bring her more mimosas and feed her strawberries while she dreams up her next naughty adventure.

She blogs at the SkylarVerse and with the Nine Naughty Novelists.






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