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Hi — Here’s a fun holiday drawing! You can win 20 holiday romances and a Kindle Fire plus free stuff for all in this Booksweeps Giveaway. One of the stories is my popular holiday novella, Snow Balls. 

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Here’s the blurb from Snow Balls –

A Balls to the Wall Romance

JJ LaRousse looks like a quarterback but acts like a queen. He’s trying to be proud of who he is—until a robbery at the famous Laguna Winter Fantasy brings JJ face-to-face with tough cop Ryan Star. JJ hears Ryan likes manly men, so he drops his voice an octave, colors his pink hair, and tries to pass as a football fan.

Ryan Star may be tough, but he keeps his sexuality to himself at work. He learned in New York that being a gay cop can be deadly. His attraction to JJ threatens his secret, but he’s finding it hard to back away from a guy who’s so totally his type. Then, during a ski trip and a confrontation with JJ’s biggest nemesis, all the façades come crashing down. In the aftermath, can Ryan love JJ for who he really is? More importantly, can JJ?


Win a Kindle Fire and Meet Some Bad Boys!! #Booksweeps

Hi —

I’m one of the Bad Boy lovers participating in the Booksweeps Bad Boy Erotic Romances Drawing! Want to enter? You can win a Kindle Fire and 55 erotic Bad Boy romances by your fave authors. I’m included. the book i’m offering is Knave of Broken Hearts because Jim Carney is a definite Bad Boy — too much booze, too little responsibility and too much sex — with the wrong gender for him!

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And i might mention that my newest release Fire Balls has a pretty naughty hero too — of a very different kind. You can read about him HERE.

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Wolves in Print! And Spring Flinging!

Sepia Shot of a Young Kissing Couple.Hi everyone! If you’re here for the Spring Fling Blog Hop where you can win a Kindle Fire or over $150 in GCs, Click HERE!

You may know that i just unveiled the cover of my upcoming release, Wolf in Gucci Loafers, which comes out on April 16th. On that same day, my publisher, Dreamspinner Press, will be releasing the two-book anthology, The Pack or the Panther & Wolf in Gucci Loafers, in print paperback. Wolves in Print ! I want to show you the beautiful cover, and let you know that the print book is currently available for pre-order at Dreamspinner — AND it’s $4.00 off the cover price! I doubt the price will be any better than this special for a long time, so if you’re a print lover you should check it out.

Pre-Order HERE! And here’s a look at the BEAUTIFUL cover. Two wolves for the price of one, baby!


Kindle Fire! $150 in GCs! Spring Fling Blog Hop is HERE!

Sepia Shot of a Young Kissing Couple.Welcome to spring and to the Spring Fling Blog Hop!  I’m Tara Lain and i write The Beautiful Boys of Romance. As you may know, this Hop gives you a big challenge! There are over 100 authors participating and you only have 4 days to get to all of us. But there’s fun surprises (and prizes) everywhere.

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Ah Spring. When a young werewolf’s fancy turns to thoughts of love? Oh, isn’t that how the saying goes? LOL. It is around here! My most recent release was The Pack or the Panther, my first ever werewolf romance. And next month, Dreamspinner is releasing Wolf in Gucci Loafers, the second book in that series. I thought i’d share a nibble from the upcoming book. Of course, it takes place in the spring!

WolfinGucciLoafersLGExcerpt: WOLF IN GUCCI LOAFERS by Tara Lain — MM paranormal

Available for Pre-Order at Dreamspinner Press

Socialite Lindsey Vanessen wants someone to love who will love him back—an impossibility for a gay, half-human, half-werewolf. Too aggressive for humans, too gay for wolves, and needing to protect the pack from human discovery, Lindsey tries to content himself with life as a successful businessman. But when someone starts kidnapping members of wealthy families, Lindsey meets tough cop Seth Zakowsy—the hunky embodiment of everything Lindsey wants but can’t have.

 Seth has never been attracted to flamboyant men. What would the guys in the department think of Lindsey? But intrigue turns to lust when he discovers Lindsey’s biting, snarling passion more than matches his dominant side. It might mean a chance at love for a cop in black leather and a wolf in Gucci loafers.

Lindsey came up beside him. “So, let me look at you.” The guy stood back and regarded Seth up and down like a piece of prime beef. “Yes, well, lovely, but maybe a little casual for the occasion. I know it sounds like an athletic event, but really it’s more”—he waved a hand gracefully—“shall we say, social?” He walked around Seth, making a “hmmm” sound.

“Look, I don’t care about the social niceties. I just want to catch a fucking kidnapper.”

“Ah yes, yes, but we catch more flies with—Armani.” He laughed. “Come with me.”

It wasn’t a trial to follow that butt.

Lindsey threw open a door, and Seth walked in behind him. “Holy shit.”

Lindsey turned and placed a hand on his chest. “Yes, dear, I know. Decadent. It may be the sign of a devolving civilization, but this is my closet.”

This was a room his family home could fit in twice. “Department stores don’t have this many clothes.”

“Dear, dear. We never shop at department stores.” He waved a hand down his body. “Obviously, nothing that fits me is going to fit you.” He touched the epaulet on the leather jacket. “Those shoulders. Oh my.” He sighed. “Anyway, I happen to have a blazer that was delivered to me in the wrong size. My guess is that it’s divine plan, because I think it will fit you perfectly.” He walked to the racks of clothing and pulled out  a deep-green blazer.

Seth touched the material. Butter. Shit, not his style. He shook his head. “I don’t need this. Thanks, though.”

Lindsey hooked the jacket on a display hanger and crossed his arms. “Listen, dear. You asked me to take you to this event. I’m also very interested in you capturing these horrible people. After all, their victims are my friends. So do this my way.” He pointed at the coat. “That jacket cost half your annual salary. No one is going to smell cop when I get through with you. They’ll talk to you because you’re a friend of mine and that’s all they need to know. Understand?”

Seth frowned. “What do I say when they ask what I do?”

“You work for the government in a classified capacity. End of story. You could tell them, but—”

“I’d have to kill them.” He cracked half a grin. “That’s pretty ingenious.”

“But of course.”

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Sunset on Summer Fun! Win a Kindle Fire or a Nook HD!

hop-summer-september-1Welcome to the Sunset on Summer Fun Blog Hop where you can win a Kindle Fire or a NookHD!

If you’re here for the Fall into Romance Blog Hop, Fallintoromanceplease CLICK HERE!

I’m also happy dancing in another celebration. On September 20th, my new release, F.A.S.T. Balls, comes out, so i’ve included a snippet from that book in case you’re a Balls to the Wall fan. On Friday the 20th (release day) i’m celebrating with a big Facebook Party with lots of prizes from me and others. If you’d like to come, Click HERE to sign up. Following that will be a blog tour with more prizes still. I hope you can join in.

Here are the prizes you can win in this Hop.

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Do you like enemies-to-lovers stories? Certainly the most famous story of that kind is Romeo and Juliet, and, of course, the famous musical made from it, West Side Story. Enemies to lovers stories are notable because they often end unhappily, but, of course, in romance novels that’s not the case. I’ve had the fun of writing two enemies-to-lovers stories in my Balls to the Wall series. Beach Balls, like many stories with this trope, starts with the lovers meeting and not knowing they are enemies ala Romeo and Juliet. In my new story, F.A.S.T. Balls, the two men start out knowing they are enemies — a gay firefighter and a homophobic firefighter — and finding a way to bring these lovers together was much harder. Here’s a nibble from F.A.S.T. Balls. Below that, you’ll find the entry form for the Hop and the list of authors and other goodies! : )

TaraLain_FastBalls_453Excerpt: F.A.S.T. Balls by Tara Lain; The Gay Fireman and the Homophobe

Available September 20th at AMAZON  ARe

Firefighter and surfing champion, Jerry Wallender, looks like a hero to the world, but he can’t see it. He keeps falling for these intellectual guys who end up making him feel dumb and unneeded.  On top of that, Mick Cassidy, super-gorgeous firefighter and total homophobe, makes Jerry’s life miserable with his slurs. Then one day Mick’s nice to Jerry and, at the Firefighter’s Ball, Jerry offers a helping hand and ends up with a hand-job. What the hell is going on?

Mick Cassidy is great with fighting fires and solving math problems but rotten with people. Raised by a gay-hating preacher, Mick’s carefully constructed world of gay bashing starts to crumble when he meets Jerry, the nicest, kindest man he’s ever known.  Mick’s never wanted a woman and can’t stop thinking about sex with Jerry. In fact, he can’t stop doing it. Does that make him gay? And if he’s gay, what happens to his whole life? A hook-up between sweet Jerry and mean Mick might be total disaster — or the smartest idea Jerry ever had.

The band got into the spirit and segued from the cha cha into a meringue. Jerry didn’t know this one as well but he mimicked Andres and pretty soon had the rhythm. Some people were standing around watching them while others joined in and danced. Andres was so gorgeous and so great at dancing. He even spun a couple of the women around as he danced by them and they squealed. What a charmer.

The musicians worked up to a big finish. Andres pulled Jerry in close then spun him out in a twirl. He circled twice, laughed, and…stopped dead.

Holy crap. Standing on the edge of the dance floor staring at the dancers with big green eyes was the yummiest thing he’d ever seen. Mick Cassidy, tall, straight and strong in a dress blue uniform, the light from the ballroom chandeliers shining off his pale gold hair.

Jerry stared.

Mick stared.

Jerry glanced at the girl standing next to Mick. Really pretty in a blue dress. But nothing, underline nothing, he had seen in a long time was as pretty as that big, hunky homophobe. Mick might be mean as piss, as Hunter said, but he stood there proving that sometimes things that were bad for you are the ones you want most.

A hand on his shoulder woke him up. “You okay, Jerry?”

“Oh, sorry.” He turned and smiled at Andres, but man, it was hard tearing his eyes away. “I just saw someone I know.”

He headed back to the table and Andres stepped up beside him. “Was the person you know that golden dreamboat in blue by any chance?”

He wasn’t going to pretend he didn’t know who Andres meant. “Yeah, that’s the guy I was telling Rod and Hunter about. The one who was nice to me.”

“Oh guapo, he can be nice to me anytime.”

Jerry laughed. “Yeah. Too bad he’s a raging fag hater.”

“So why was he nice?”

“I still haven’t figured that out.”

* * *

He’d been turned to stone. Hell, he had to move. This was stupid. Mick watched Jerry’s retreating back moving off the dance floor and saw him guiding a beautiful Mexican with him. Who the hell was that? Jerry had said his boyfriend had left him. He’d sure moved on fast.

“You know that guy?”

He glanced at Jezebel. Oh right, she was with him. “Yes, he works on my shift a lot of the time.”

“Sure is a good dancer. He a fag? Must be, if he’s dancing with a guy, right.”

Whoa. He used that word all the time but it sounded bad when she said it about Jerry. “Yeah, he’s gay.”

“Must be like your father says. You see a lot of gay guys in Laguna.”

“Yes.” It felt weird to have his father’s ideas dragged into his work life.

She looked out at the dancers. “I always figured what your father says is a load of crap. Gay people are born that way so it has to be God’s will and if it’s not then God’s a load of crap.”

Mick gasped and looked at her. Really looked. “I don’t believe you just said that.”


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First Sexy Excerpt from CATACLYSMIC SHIFT by Tara Lain

TL_AT#3_cataclysmicshift_coverinHi! Now that you’ve see the cover, here’s the first sexy excerpt (unless you looked at the book page) from Cataclysmic Shift, my MM paranormal releasing on July 23rd from Loose Id. Enjoy!

Excerpt R: CATACLYSMIC SHIFT by Tara Lain; A Cat Falls in Love with His Vet

Available July 23rd at Loose Id     Amazon     ARe

Super cat, Aloysius, may be the most powerful witch’s familiar in the world, but when he takes a blast at the hand of an evil witch he loses it all — power, memory, and his feline form — to become the ethereal human beauty, Alain Bellarose. When Alain wakes up naked on the floor surrounded by dogs and cats, his eyes first set upon Luke Elliott, the handsome and mysterious veterinarian.  Suddenly, the prospect of being human doesn’t seem so bad. Luke has a lot to hide and he likes animals way more than people, but he can’t resist the flamboyant boy who washes his face with the side of his hand and tries to lick his own privates!  The loss of Aloysius depletes the power of the Witch Master, Killian Barth, and that of his “secret weapon” Sammy and leaves their coven sitting ducks for two very nasty females. When Alain discovers that he’s really a powerful cat, he’s faced with the ultimate choice. To protect his community, or stay with the man he loves.

He walked around and got into the driver’s side, started up, and drove out onto the busy New York street.



“How long does it take to get home?”

“Usually about ten minutes, but the traffic’s a bitch.”

“Yes. I’m feeling very, what is your word, horny?”

Luke grinned. “Oh, really?”

“Yes. See?”

Luke glanced over to the passenger seat. Alain’s big cock stood up through his open fly like a light pole. Yeah, like the light poles shining down on their car on this jammed street. “Shit, kitten. We’re not exactly alone.”

“Hmm. But I think no one can see.” He ran his hands up and down his cock like he was shining it. “Is it pretty?”

“Hell yes. You know it is.”

“It doesn’t look funny to you because I am not circumcised like American men?”

Luke swallowed hard. “No. I love that little turtleneck. I like sticking my tongue under it.” Oh crap, his cock throbbed.

Alain kept stroking. “I’m so glad. I love your member too. Especially when you put it in my back door. That was so wonderful.”

“You…you liked that?”

“Yes. I want to do it again and again when we get home.”

“You keep talking about it, and I might not make it home.”

Alain giggled. “I rather hoped that would be so.” One slender hand reached over and pulled down Luke’s fly, then, with a dive over the console, Alain swallowed his cock.

“Holy shitfire!” Don’t close your eyes. Don’t close your eyes. Watch the road. Thank God they were moving at a glacial pace. But Alain was making up for it. He sucked, swallowed, then ran his tongue all around the head. Rinse and repeat, baby. Holy crap, the kid was good. Luke had been famous in his former profession for the head he gave. He could literally tie a knot in a straw with his tongue. But man, Alain was so good. Maybe it was the sheer enthusiasm, but this kid could suck like a New York street sweeper.

Driving while shoving your cock into another man’s mouth should be a test for coordination. But he couldn’t keep his hips still. Inch three feet. Hump. Hump. Crawl half a block. Humpity-hump. Oh man, that truck driver in the delivery van was getting an eyeful, and he couldn’t care less. The guy whistled and gave a little honk, but when Luke looked over, he got a thumbs-up. He grinned. The guy probably thought Alain was a woman. The traffic in the truck’s lane moved faster, and the driver had to pull ahead, but he looked really disappointed.

Luke’s balls were tight as rocks, and he wanted desperately to get them off. “Bab—kitten, I’m going to come if you don’t quit. But shit, it feels so good.”

That spurred the kid on. Luke’s cock disappeared into a hot throat that squeezed until every nerve flamed. Then that seeking tongue pressed into his slit. Shitfire. That was it—


That’s called a cliffhanger!  LOL Thank you for coming by. On Thursday, plan on being here for the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop where you might win a Kindle Fire or a $50 Amazon GC! And starting next Tuesday, join me for the Release Par-tay of Cataclysmic Shift. If you click on the Events page, you’ll see some of the tour stops. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter so you get notices of all the fun events. : )