Gay Ads for Fun!

Hi —

As you may know, i have two jobs and one of them is in marketing and advertising. So from time to time, i love to post ads, specifically gay ads, that i think are fun.Before i plunge in, a reminder that my new release Return of the Chauffeur’s Son comes out June 2nd and is available right now for pre-order everywhere. Here’s the link on Amazon.
This one’s funny.

This one’s lovely. Dare you not to cry.

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Happppppy Thanksgiving! And a Great Gay Ad

cattailHi everyone–

Remember, you can still enter the Thankfully Naughty Hop if you Click HERE! Some fun prizes for you. To all my friends in the US, I hope this is a great and satisfying Thanksgiving! Enjoy every moment. I included a picture of a kitten that somehow reminds me of me. Tail upright and looking forward with interest and eagerness. It’s a world view for which i am grateful. Thankful, you might say.

And while i’m at it, I thought i’d just share something else frivolous. One of the things i really enjoy is my Kindle Paperwhite. Small, easy to use, bright, and perfect for reading, i’m thankful to have such a great tool. So here is a delightful ad for the Paperwhite that fits my favorite genre as well. Happy day everyone.

Fun Gay Ads.

Hi —

You may know that my day job is in advertising and PR. So from time to time i love to post ads — gay ads usually — on the blog for your enjoyment. Some are really good and some just show that “gay” advertising is really just advertising. This Kindle ad is one of those.

Some are very funny!

And some make you go “Awww”.

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Best Gay Ads: Travelocity! You Will Love It!

Hi — You may know that my day job is in advertising and PR. I love great ads, and when i combine my day job with my writing, i LOVE great gay ads. This one from Travelocity has such a terrific sense of humor. Enjoy. And watch for other great gay ads here from time to time. (A release party is coming July 23rd. You might want to subscribe to my posts by email.)  : )