When the Sequel is Better Than the Original #moviesequels

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Have you ever read the second book in a series that’s better than the first book? Of course you have. Me too. The second book in my Balls to the Wall series, Fire Balls, is far more loved by readers than book one, Volley Balls, although in truth, it’s pretty popular too.

I thought this video on movie sequels that are better than the original film was very interesting. You’ll be amazed at how many of them are superhero movies. I agree with almost all of them. How about you?

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Top 10 “Opposites Attract” Films — Tara’s Fave! #tropes

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If you’ve read any of my books, you know i love the opposites attract trope and have used it in many, many books. Some of my most popular novels — Fire Balls, Knight of Ocean Avenue, Outing the Quarterback, The Pack or the Panther, Cowboy’s Don’t Ride Unicorns, and many others are based on this trope. I found this  video showing the Top 10 Opposites Attract films so i was interested. I really agree with a few of them and think some of them wouldn’t appear on my Top 10 list of anything, but i thought i’d share it and see if you agree.

What do you think? Are those the 10 opposites attract films you’d choose?

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8 Movies To See Before You Die. #films

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Thought i’d take a breather from books and post about movies. What films do you think say so much about life that everyone should see them at least once? Below is a list of 8. Some i agree with unconditionally — like Groundhog Day, a true masterpiece. Some i’m not so sure. What’s your thought? Anything you’d add to the list?

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Top 10 Meet Cute Movies! #fallinginlove

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As you probably know, i love movies and especially if they’re romantic. I enjoy these Top 10 movies lists and this one is great. What are your favorite Meet Cutes in a movie? A Meet Cute is a moment when boy meets girl for the first time and there’s an undeniable spark that leads to love. I think these 10 are pretty good. some of my favorites are on here. How about you. Check it out.

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Top Films That Got a Huge Backlash

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You know how much i love movies, so here is another fun movie post. Have you ever seen a film that initially overwhelmed you, but then you later thought better of your opinion? That’s what this video is about — Top Films That Got a Huge Backlash. I definitely agree with some of these. Some i never thought were all that great to begin with (I’m no Titanic fanatic or lover of Forest Gump) See what you think, okay?


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Top 10 Romantic Movies

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I love movies and i love romance so i thought it would be fun to check out some people’s ideas of the Top 10 Romantic Movies. Some of my favorites of all time are on this list, but not necessarily in the order in which they appear here. For example, i’d put Dirty Dancing or Moonstruck higher than Titanic (sacrilege, i know!) Probably The Notebook too, although i don’t love the older couple scenes which i find too Nicolas Sparks maudlin for me. Check out this list and see if you agree. BTW, i should mention that i have a new release coming that is already up for preorder at Dreamspinner Press. It’s called Tackling the Tight End and it’s a favorite story of mine. I hope it will be one of your fave Top 10 Romances too! Here are the movies:

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