Top 10 Eddie Redmayne Performances #Actors #Nerds

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I hope you got to enter to win the $10 Amazon GC in the Hearts and Flour Blog Blast. If not, click Here and pop over to see my new release. Speaking of adorable nerds, here’s a fun video on one of my favorite guys, Eddie Redmayne.  A cover artist recently asked me for inspiration on how my hero in an upcoming book looks. I said he was an Eddie Redmayne lookalike. I adore Eddie’s quirky looks and think he’s a brilliant actor. I watch Fantastic Beasts again and again even though i don’t like much about the plot partly because of the charm he brings to Newt Scamander. Eddie is my nominee for human most likely to be an elf.

Chances are, you like I have not seen many of his performances. Check out this video and it may enhance your To Watch list.

Thank you so much for coming by. My next release is a paranormal, my first in a couple years. called Rome and Jules. You can preorder it now everywhere. : )

My Thanksgiving Wish for You — Fantastic Beasts!

4776Hi and to those in the US, Happiest Thanksgiving! I recently got to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and i strongly suggest that watching it is a perfect way to spend the day before, the evening of or the day after Thanksgiving.

What a grand story! I love Harry Potter and all its permutations, but Fantastic Beasts seems to me to be at least as good. It’s sort of a prequel to Harry, showing us the author of the Hogwarts text, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander. Newt comes to 1920s America with a suitcase full of fantastic critters and the fun begins. There’s also a marvelously evil villain and lots of great characters to keep this new franchise going. I just adored every minute of it. Here is the final preview of it in case you haven’t seen it 17 times —

I hope you get to see the movie soon and, above all, i wish you joy and happiness. Please accept my sincerest thanks for visiting me. Happy Thanksgiving.  : )