Top 10 Most Romantic Movie Couples plus Merle and Tom! #romance #TaraLain

Hi! You know i love movies — and i love writing romance. On Monday (less than 2 days as i write this) one of my favorite books is releasing. It’s called Fool of Main Beach and it includes a very romantic couple — Merle and Tom. I say about these guys — the unlikeliest of lovers. The sweetest of loves. You can buy the book most anywhere. Here’s the Book Page Link where you’ll find all the buy links and read an excerpt.

Thinking about Fool of Main Beach got me thinking about my favorite movie couples and i went looking for a list. I think this Top 10 list is pretty darned good. See if you agree.

Thank you for stopping by. Remember, you can have your own copy of Fool of Main Beach at midnight tomorrow (Sunday). Plus, there will be a Blog Tour with a gift card prize, so be sure to stop by.

5 Fun Facts About FOOL OF MAIN BEACH by Tara Lain #bluecollarromance #dogs

Hi — In only a few days, you’ll have your copy of FOOL OF MAIN BEACH in your hands. You can preorder it now HERE. I thought you might enjoy a few random facts related to this book —

  1. 1. Main Beach is the central beach in Laguna Beach, CA. On the seawall beside the sand, years who, someone painted “The Handmaid’s Tale Was Right”. I never pass the beach without thinking of that sign.
  2. 2. The title of the book, Fool of Main Beach, helped suggest the story. I liked the idea of including Fool in my naming convention, which includes Knight, Knave, Prince, and Lord. When i thought of Fool it suggested a character that people might underestimate and think was slow or even stupid. My hero Tom grew out of that idea.
  3. I knew i wanted a story for Merle Justice who was a secondary character in Prince of the Playhouse. In that book there was another character who people loved and thought might end up with Merle, but when it came time to write the story, another lover stepped up.
  4. The location of Merle’s new home that Tom is helping to build in Fool of Main Beach is just a few blocks from where i lived for 28 years.
  5. If you read many of my books, you know that a lot of them include pets, most often cats. In this Love in Laguna Series, there are cats in Knight of Ocean Avenue, Prince of the Playhouse, and Lord of a Thousand Steps. In real life, however, i have a dog and i decided it was time that the canines got their due. Tom and his beloved dogs more than make up for any previous underrepresentation by man’s best friend.

Fool of Main Beach is a favorite book of mine — and i hope it will be of yours also. Read an except HERE. And you can preorder now.

A Nibble from FOOL OF MAIN BEACH by Tara Lain #LoveinLaguna #Dreamspinner

Hi —

I’m so delighted that so many people seem to be excited about the upcoming release of Fool of Main Beach, the new book in the Love in Laguna series. You can check out some details of the book HERE, Here is the Universal Link —

I thought i’d share an exclusive excerpt from the book that gives you a view of my very unique hero, Tom Henry.  First, check out the blurb, and then this excerpt —

Merle Justice wants to reach for the stars, but it’s tough to get respect when playing a teenybopper vampire on TV. Then he meets a famous director anxious to give him all he thinks he wants—and maybe a bit more. Everything’s looking up until a life-threatening encounter with some homophobes on Main Beach puts Merle face-to-face with a Sasquatch-sized hero in a pink puffer coat.

Tom Henry defies description. As unsophisticated and simple as an angel, he walks through life content with who he is and asking for very little except to care for his sister, Lily, and the dogs he loves. Then he meets Merle, the embodiment of dreams he barely knows he has. Merle knows the people who hold his future in their hands might love Tom—but they’ll never understand Merle and Tom together. Tom knows it too. With lives this far apart, who’s really the fool of Main Beach?

Standing on top of a tall ladder that stretched all the way to the room’s vaulted ceiling was a man—a huge man—bare to the waist and showing off rippling muscles on a mouth-watering, awe-inspiring, sweat-producing back, which the guy had turned to Merle. He was reaching up, apparently installing an electrical outlet for the modern chandelier that would eventually go there, a posture that accentuated his narrow waist and round, bulging buttocks. A hard hat covered his head, and he wore a tool belt jangling with equipment. The smell of leather and steel in the morning.

“Do you like the room?”

Oh right, Billy’s still here. Quickly Merle glanced around at the huge window facing the ocean, the barnwood installed on the feature wall that would go behind the bed, and the, uh, almost chandelier. “It’s fantastic, Billy. I love it.”

“Come see the closet and the bathroom.”

“Can’t wait.” His eyes crept up the ladder; then he turned to follow Billy.

“Hey, Merle.”

What? He glanced toward the voice. Billy stopped behind him.

“Hey. Up here.”

Merle’s gaze rose up the ladder rung by rung, muscle by muscle, until be looked into the grinning face of Tom Henry. For a second the whole scene felt out of context. “Hi, Tom.”

“How come you came? I would have talked to Ru if I needed anything.”

Billy said from behind him, “Merle? You know Tom?”

Merle glanced over his shoulder, then back up the ladder. “Yes. Remember I told you a guy intervened last night and saved me? It was Tom.”

“No shit. Hey, Tom, good job saving my friend, Merle.”

For a second Tom looked confused, and then a slow grin spread across his face. “Merle’s your friend too? That’s so cool. Do you have dogs?”

Merle glanced at Billy, who gazed at Tom with the obvious patience of a man who didn’t mind dealing with him. “No, no dogs. I have cats, Tom.”

He clambered down a couple of rungs. “You do? Can I see them?”

“Sure. We’ll work that out. They live at my house with me and Shaz.”

“I’ll bet they love Shaz. Who wouldn’t?”

“I agree.”

Tom shifted focus to Merle. “So we’re both friends with Billy.”

Merle’s heart beat oddly hard. “Yes, we are.”

“How did you know?”

“I didn’t.”

“But you’re here.”

“This is my house, Tom.”


“This house is mine. Billy’s renovating it for me, and I’ll be moving in to it.”

He smiled. “Wow. This is so pretty.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Oddly true.

“That means I’m working on your house?” It didn’t seem like Tom’s face could have lit up any more, but it did—crinkles and dimples and bright blue eyes.

“Yes. That’s really great, since Billy only uses the best people.”

A crease popped between his brows. “Oh right. I better get back to work so you have a good outlet.”

Tom reclimbed the ladder and balanced himself, the massive muscles in his back and shoulders flexing in the bright morning light.

Autism Awareness Blog Hop and Animals! Plus a Prize for You!

Hi —

I’m happy to be participating in RJ Scott’s Autism Awareness Blog Hop this month. First, let me mention if you leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win your choice of any of my ebooks that include an animal. That’s MOST of my books. So if you win, you can put in your request for which book you’d like to have.

Here is the link to the main post at RJ’s. Be sure to check that out.

Here are some startling facts about autism —

1 in 42 boys are diagnosed with autism

1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism.

Over 3.5 million individuals in the United States have autism.

These statistics alone tell you how essential it is to understand and advocate for autism awareness and education. We likely all know someone with autism.

RJ chose animals as a theme for the blog hop and i’m happy to pick up that thread. First, how about some pictures of my girl Jolie, my papillon. She’s my girl and one of these days i’m going to write a book about a papillon.

I also want to tell you about my newest rerelease which has a very prominent animal character. The book is Brush with Catastrophe and the character is Aloysius, the black cat who is also the world’s most powerful witch’s familiar.  If you’d like to read an excerpt click HERE. 

Now be sure to leave me a comment about your favorite animal. I’ll choose one person at random and you can have any of my books that feature any kind of animal. That might be a cat, dog, bulls, horses, and there might even be some others. You can glance through my books on the Book pages.

Thank you so much for coming by!


Total Nonsense! Dogs Won’t Take a Bath

Hi — My new book VOLLEY BALLS releases in 2 days and i’ll share some great scenes and a contest with you, but until then, laugh at some Total Nonsense! Dogs Won’t Take a Bath. I have a papillon who runs into my office and huddles whenever my honey tries to bath her. She only weighs 91/2 lbs but i can only imagine  what it would be like if she weighed 100 like some of these dogs!

Okay, wipe your eyes and i’ll see you on the 11th for the release of Volley Balls! : )

Reigning Cat. And Dog with Henri

photo[6]Hi! Sometimes i post things just because they’re so ridiculously fun. I love cats and dogs. I have a dog who acts a lot like a cat. I love all the misadventures of Henri, the Existential Cat. This one is especially fun. Enjoy. I’m working on my WIP, a new contemporary, fairy tale romance called Driven Snow. Back to the writing cave. :  )

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