Have Sex! The LGBT Pep Talk for All People!

Hi — I recently saw this great video of an LGBT activist advising people what to do in the face of our current government. I think his advice is terrific! Take a listen.

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Cowboy! Fireman! Chippendales at the Rio.

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First, a quick mention that you can grab my new novel, Prince of the Playhouse, most everywhere. Click Here to read an excerpt and see the links. I happened upon this YouTube video by my guy, Davey Wavey, and he was at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas — which happens to be where I’ll be attending RT in a few days!! I didn’t realize that the male strip show, Chippendales, is at the Rio! Oh boy are they in for fun with thousands of screaming romance readers and writers coming to town! The fun thing in this video is the guys dress up in their costumes — a fireman, a cowboy and a military man — three of our favorite and most popular romance tropes. So the fun will extend both ways!  Here’s a peek at the Chippendales boys and the adorable Davey Wavey. Chippendales at the Rio.

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Is Bisexuality Real? Ask Davey!

Canning 28-02Hi — Is Bisexuality Real? As you know if you’ve read my books, i’ve written a number of bisexual characters, like Jamal Jones in Canning the Center and Outing the Quarterback. These characters are different than my gay men who have sex with women (or try to) because they’re hiding their true orientation (like Will in Outing the Quarterback). My bisexual guys are attracted to both men and woman (sometimes equally, sometimes not) but happen to fall in love with a man and therefore end up in a same-sex relationship. But i’ve heard and read people say that bisexuality doesn’t exist. They claim that bisexuals are just gay people who haven’t ‘fessed up and come out. Now i’m het, aka straight, therefore i can’t claim personal knowledge on the topic, but i do have bisexual friends and they have no intention of suddenly claiming, “Oops I made a mistake, I’m gay”. So i was happy to see this post from Davey Wavey on the topic. Before i go, let me remind you that my new book , Taylor Maid, comes out March 1st and you can order it NOW most anywhere. Click HERE for links. Here’s Davey.

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16 Things a Gay Guy Wishes He Knew at 16

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As you may know, one of the main themes of my books is living an authentic life. I enjoyed this video from Davey Wavey because it emphasizes that truth. Gay or straight, i think Davey’s advice here resonates. Enjoy! And i hope you’re also enjoying my new book. Here are 16 Things a Gay Guy Wishes He Knew at 16.

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Sex with Virgins?

DrivenSnow-400x600Hi! As you may know, my new novel, DRIVEN SNOW, releases Nov 25th — the day before Thanksgiving for those on the US. AKA a few days from now. The title of the book has a few meanings. My heroes name is Snow and he is driven to harsh realities and enormous dangers in this story. Also, you’ve heard the expression “pure as the driven snow”? Well, Snow is. He’s a nerdy physicist chess champion who is also a virgin. He’s quite anxious to surrender his virginity to the man of his dreams, Riley Prince, but his virginity is a central issue and question of the book. So i thought i’d share this video from Davey Wavey in the etiquette of Sex with Virgins.  Enjoy, and if you’d like to know where you can buy DRIVEN SNOW, check out the book page HERE.



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Straight Guys Answer (Dumb) Questions Gay Guys Get Asked

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You know i love Davey Wavey and this one is a classic. Davey asks straight guys some of the idiotic questions frequently addressed to gay men. The looks on these guy’s faces are priceless. Hope you enjoy it!! Here are Straight Guys answering (Dumb) Questions Gay Guys Get Asked.

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Gay Boy Problems! With Davey.

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I have another wonderful video from Davey Wavey. He has a great way of mixing the serious with the funny and this one does that beautifully. Enjoy! Gay Boy Problems!

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Is the Rose Gold iPhone Gay? Davey Sounds Off.

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I’m working on a new book and getting ready for the release of 5 more books between now and April 5th. It’s going to be a busy winter! But i always have time for Davey Wavey. I recently bought an iPhone 6 Plus but the lovely new 6 PlusS in rose gold wasn’t available to me at the time–sadly, since i might have chosen it. But apparently, some prospective buyers have an attitude about the phone — and Davey has an attitude toward them. Give ’em hell, baby!

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“You Come Out For Yourself.” Sir Ian McKellen

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You know how i love Davey Wavey. Well, now i love him more because at Manchester Pride he interviewed Sir Ian McKellen, one of the greatest actors of this or any generation! Whether you’re gay or straight, Sir Ian’s message has to strike home. Enjoy! And thank you Davey.

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Straight Guys Have to Answer Gay Questions

Hi!. If you think about it, you’ll realize that gay people have to answer questions about their innate beings all the time that no one would consider asking straight people. If you want to understand just how weird these questions are, watch this brilliant piece of table turning from the inimitable Davey Wavey. Straight guys answer gay questions.

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