10 Sexiest Men of All Time? #GorgeousGuys

Hi — Just for fun, i thought i’d share this video i found of the sexiest men of all time. Do you agree with the list? I don’t. I mean, all these guys are great but only a couple would make my Top 10 list. Johnny Depp in his prime for sure. Alexander Sharsgard, for sure. They only call him an Honorable Mention. Did they SEE Tarzan? Take a look and see how many they got right.

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Top 10 Best Dance Scenes Ever!

Hi — I’m writing a book (as always) and trying to get it done this weekend! So, i thought i’d follow up my movie review with more movies — the Top 10 Best Dance Scenes Ever.

This video celebrates two of my favorite things — movies and dance. Some of my top picks for best movie dances are inLordOfAThousandSteps400 here — your’s too, i bet. Plus, there may be scenes new to you that you’ll enjoy! Remember, my blog tour for LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS is still going, so be sure to enter! Here’s the Top 10 Best Dance Scenes Ever!

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Top 10 Movie Dance Scenes

Hi. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy President’s Day to all those in the US! As a little celebration, i thought we could enjoy some of the Top 10 Movies Dance Scenes of all time! Some of my absolute faves are on this list — what about you? Enjoy! Oh, and by the way, we’re only a couple weeks from the release of TAYLOR MAID, my “champagne cocktail” of a book full of mistaken identity, marriage of conveninence, cross-dressing, and other fun tropes. check it out HERE. You can pre-order Now!

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