Help Literacy Worldwide! #OCCRWA #Pleasehelp


Will you help teach people to read?  A member of my RWA chapter who used to teach English as a second language said this. “If one thinks about this only superficially, supporting literacy could be thought of as merely creating new customers for your books, but it’s much more than that. One of our longtime tutors said ‘When you teach somebody to read, you’re not just teaching them to read: you’re fighting poverty, ignorance, and disease’, and I cannot recount this without getting choked up with the memories of the people whose lives have been lifted by literacy.Please be as generous as your circumstances allow.”

Our RWA chapter, OCCRWA, has a team going to raise money for the National Book Fund! Would you contribute? Even if it’s just a few dollars, it could help immensely. Here’s the Link —

Your help is so appreciated by me, my chapter, by romance writers worldwide and by all the people who will benefit from your assistance. Thank you in advance! Let’s teach the world to read. : )



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Winter's_Wolf_FinalHi —

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