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Guess What? For a limited time, you can get EVERY Tara Lain book published by Dreamspinner (which is almost all of them) BEFORE 2018 for 50% OFF! HERE is the link to my Page at Dreamspinner where you can pick your books!! This means the Love in Laguna series, most of the Balls to the Wall series, the Aloysius Tales, the Pennymaker Tales, the Long Pass Chronicles, Tales of the Harker Pack, and on and on.

And while you’re at Dreamspinner, you can pre-order Trex or Treat, my Halloween short novella — s fun story of the shy professor’s sexy Halloween surprise.

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Fabulous 30% OFF Sale at Dreamspinner! Grab “Love You So Special” by Tara Lain.

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I wanted to let you know that there’s a great sale going on at Dreamspinner Press on every book in the store! That includes my new release, Love You So Special that’s been a bestseller at both Dreamspinner and Amazon, and my upcoming short romance for Halloween, Trex or Treat. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the blurb from Love You So Special.

Can a man’s secret yearnings be revealed in a tank full of fish?

Artie Haynes knows he’s nothing special, with just-your-regular-brown hair, a solid plumber’s job, not much education, and a family that can barely get off the couch. But Artie has quirks—like his love of tropical fish, a landlord who’s a professor of existentialism, a passion for the amazing piano music he hears at a concert hall while he’s fixing the bathrooms—and the fact that he’s never come out as gay and probably never will. But when he’s hired to build a guesthouse for the pianist whose music enchanted him, Artie is swept up into an unimaginable world.

François Desmarais may be famous, rich, and revered as one of the world’s great classical composers and pianists, but he’s soothed and challenged by the inquisitive, stalwart, protective man in his back yard. When François’s terrible fear of crowds turns into a dangerous plot, Artie can stay in the closet or prove just how special he is.

All the great Dreamspinner authors are on sale, so be sure to check out the site. : )

Things Adults Notice in Dirty Dancing — #PatrickSwayze

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You may have read that Patrick Swayze’s birthday was this week — yes we do miss him — and i thought it would be fun to check out this video on things we might notice about Dirty Dancing when we’re adults that we missed when we were breathless kids watching the movie for the first (or tenth) time. See if you agree.

If you love Beautiful Boys, here are some new books to check out —
my first ever cozy mystery, The Case of the Sexy Shakespearean,
my upcoming romance, Love You So Special — 







and the 99 cent SALE on Knave of Broken Hearts. 

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Video — Knave of Broken Hearts Only 99 Cents! Limited Time!

Who doesn’t love a great sale? In case you missed it, Knave of Broken Hearts is currently on sale for only 99cents for a limited time! Check out another great video from Enchantress Design and Promo!! LOVE it!!!

If you’d like more information on the book, check out this Page.

SALE! Knave of Broken Hearts only 99 Cents for a limited time!!

KnaveofBrokenHearts-400x600Woohooo KNAVE OF BROKEN HEARTS is on SALE for only 99 Cents!! This is the second book in the Love In Laguna Series, but completely standalone.

The sale is only for a limited time so grab your copy now!!

Kindle | Dreamspinner Press | Nook | Kobo | Amazon UK 

If you haven’t read KNAVE OF BROKEN HEARTS, below is the blurb and a nibble for you!


Jim Carney has a full time job—running from himself. Since he walked out on his wealthy family at sixteen because he’d wrecked his best friend’s life over some yaoi graphic novels, Jim has lived a macho, blue-collar existence of too much booze and too little responsibility. Then Billy Ballew, the man Jim most admires, gives Jim a chance to come through as his construction supervisor. For once, Jim is determined to make someone proud. Then Jim goes in for a physical for his new job and his yaoi dream comes to life in the form of cardiologist Ken Tanaka. Jim discovers he has two heart problems—a wonky mitral valve and a serious attraction to his doctor. But Ken is a major player, and Jim might be just a notch on the doc’s stethoscope. To Ken, Jim is unforgettable—but the living embodiment of his traditional family’s worst nightmares. 

How come the minute Jim decides to be responsible, he finds himself taking care of his kid brother, getting a proposal from a wealthy woman, making a deal with the devil, and winding up in the hospital—when all he really wants is the Knave of Broken Hearts?


Teaser #2 - Knave Of Broken Hearts

The door opened and Anderson came first, hopping straight onto the bed and settling on Jim’s pillow before Ian even made it fully inside. He smiled. “Hey, Jim, how was the date?”

That might have seemed like an easy, polite question, but it was a total minefield. “Fine. I gather you and Rico have struck up a friendship.”

His cheeks turned pink. “Yeah. He’s a great guy and has been all the places I want to go—like architecture school.”

That felt like a blow to the head. Jim stared at his feet. “Doesn’t that make him too old for you?”

“Thanks there, Mom.” He laughed.

Dammit, Ian needed more of a mom than the one he’d had. “Sorry.”

“Actually he’s only four years older. He’s this prodigy who started college at sixteen and finished architecture school in five years.”

“Talented guy.”

“I think so too.” Sappy smile redux.

Jim crossed his legs and gave his brother’s hair a swipe. “Not as talented as you.”

“He agrees with you.” Ian’s giggle reminded Jim of the guys outside the bathroom stall, and his cock gave a little jerk. Ian flopped on his back on the end of the bed, not distressing Anderson at all. “So tell me more about your date.”

“I’m gay.”

Ian sat straight up like a zombie. “What the fuck? You told me you weren’t.”

Jim caught his breath and tried to get his brain to catch up with his mouth. “I know. And maybe I’m not, but—shit, I don’t know.” That moment in the bathroom stall when he’d come into Ken’s hot, endless throat— “I just don’t like sex with women as much as I like sex with men.” How was that for the understatement of the century?

“Hang on. You’ve had sex with men?” Ian mirrored Jim’s position and stared at him like the head of the Inquisition.

“Uh, yeah. Sort of. No, I mean, once, and some other—sort of.”

“I think we better talk about this.”

“Now who’s being the mother?”

Stern gaze. “You need guidance when it comes to this. Talk.”

“I had sex with Ken Tanaka.”

“Sex sex?”

“Yeah and a couple of blow jobs.” Jesus, that did not begin to do justice to the situation.

“When he was here?”

“Uh, not exactly. Since then.”

“That may not make you gay.”


Ian cocked a half smile. “That guy’s so gorgeous, he could seduce Pastor Rick.”

“I know, and I kind of agree with you. I don’t generally get hard-ons for guys, except for Ken.”

“It’s a ‘gay for you’ situation, then.”

“What’s that mean?”

“A straight man who falls for one guy and never gets tempted by any others. Some people believe in it. Mostly in romance novels.” He smiled.

Jim stared at the faded bedspread. “Except I can’t get it up for women anymore.”


“I was never Don Juan, okay? But I’ve had some orgasms with females. Just not lately.”

“What about when you were in puberty? I was little, but I remember you hanging out with girls and shit.”

Jim sighed. “Yeah.”

“Were you attracted to them? I mean, were you trying to get to first base and all that boy/girl drama?”


“Bad sign. For your future heterosexuality, I mean.”

Size Matters Sale! Tara’s Novels 40% OFF! #DreamspinnerPress

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There’s a fantastic sale at Dreamspinner through the 18th. It’s called the Size Matters Sale and all different length books are a different percentage off. My new novella, Love You So Madly, is 30% off. What’s really unique is all novels are 40% OFF!!  That means if you haven’t read my Love in Laguna series or my Cowboys Don’t series or the Long Pass Chronicles or many more books, you can get them at an amazing 40% off. Here is a link to all my books at Dreamspinner so you can see these special prices. HERE But act fast. The 18th is coming right up!  : )

Driven Snow by Tara Lain is 99 Cents! Act Fast! #SnowWhite #NewAdult

Hi — I have no idea how long this will last, but my new adult romance that pays homage to Snow White — Driven Snow — is 99 cents right now at Amazon and Dreamspinner. Also at Kobo and everywhere else. This is part of my Pennymaker Tales, but all the books are completely stand alone so they can be read in any order.

Excerpt — 

Snow nodded. “Now, this is pretty basic, but we can get a lot more sophisticated.” He scratched out a slightly more complex set of calculations, and Riley seemed absorbed.

“Man, this is so dope.”

“Glad you like it.”

“Wish Jenkins could make physics so interesting.”

“You have to create the excitement for yourself. See the potential.”

Riley looked up. “You make it exciting.” He smiled slowly. “You make everything exciting.”

“M-me?” Snow’s brain froze.

“Yeah. Why do you think I come see you play all the time? It’s like plugging into the solar system and catching the stars in my hand.”

“S-stars are gas.”

“The planets, then. I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while. I think you’re—”

The sound of a key in the lock brought both their heads up.


Like some cosmic joke, the apartment door opened and beautiful, perky, perfect Courtney Taylor walked in. “Oh, hi. Are you two still studying? Oh my gosh, Snow, you must be magic or something. No one could ever get him to study physics before. I told him, ‘You have to do it, baby. The team can’t do without you. Find a way to learn this shit.’ And what do you know? He found you. Amazing.” She walked over, pushed Riley’s head back, kissed him on the lips, and plopped down in his lap. “Did you learn a lot, baby?”

Her knee bumped Snow’s thigh, and he leaped up like he’d been shot. “Oh gosh, look at the time. Better get back to work myself. Have to study for the tournament and all.” Sweet God, he had to get out of there.

Riley stood Courtney on her feet and stepped over beside Snow. “When can you help me again? I’ve only got two weeks. I made so much progress today. I know you’re busy, and I hate to ask, but could you please—”

“Yes, of course. Just text me, okay?” He ripped out the pages they’d been working on, shoved the notebooks into his backpack, and headed for the door. He seemed to be running from everyone these days. “Bye. Bye, uh, Courtney.”

Outside the door, he clambered down the steep staircase and stopped at the bottom just to breathe.

What were you thinking, you idiot? That somehow his girlfriend had magically transformed into a teapot?

He started to tell me something. He said he’s wanted to tell me for a long time.

What are you dreaming? That he suddenly quit being straight and is attracted to a wimpy little queen like you? Spare me.

Okay. Okay.

The door to Eudora’s apartment flew open, and a hand emerged, holding a glass. “Hey, cutie. Have some water.”

Like it was perfectly normal to accept water while standing in hallways, he grasped the glass and drank the liquid down. Amazing how much better he felt.

She took the empty glass. “Lessons for the day. Don’t sell yourself short. And don’t believe everything you see. Got it?”

“I… I guess so.”

“Good.” She patted his cheek, and then the door closed behind her. If a caterpillar suddenly appeared saying “Who are you?”, he wouldn’t be even slightly surprised.


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Like Contemporary & Paranormal Romance? 35% OFF at #DreamspinnerPress #TaraLain

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Another great Sale at Dreamspinner!  All Contemporary and Paranormal romances are 35% off through May 13th. So if you happen to like my books, you can get most of them in this sale. That includes the pre-order of Love You So Madly, my new love story releasing May 29th. Grab it HERE on SALE!

On all my books, here is the Link —


Two of my most popular series are the Love in Laguna Series (5 books) and the Balls to the Wall Series (7 books). Both of these are contemporary, so are in the sale.

If you are a paranormal fan, I’m currently writing a new book in the same world as the Tales of the Harker Pack. You can get the first three books in that series in the sale. Or the Aloysius Tales that are all about witches in New York!

Of course, all of Dreamspinner’s great authors are on sale, so be sure to check them out.

Also, if you don’t have a copy of my Sample Book, you can download it for free HERE.

Celebrate Community with 35% OFF! #DreamspinnerPress #Contemporary #Western #Suspense

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Like i tell you often, Dreamspinner Press has amazing Sales and right now they’re offering 35% Off on all Westerns, Contemporary (that’s a lot of books), and Suspense!! So hop over quick and check it out! A lot of my books are included since i write mostly contemporary, so HERE is a link to all my Dreamspinner Books.

My brand new book that’s right now available for preorder — Love You so Madly — is available for only $3.24! Great time to grab it. and my recent release, Love You So Hard, is only $2.59. My westerns are on sale too if you haven’t read them yet — Cowboys Don’t Come Out and Cowboys Don’t Ride Unicorns. You can also get the whole Love in Laguna series and the Balls to the Wall series, and the Long Pass Chronicles, and lots more.

There’s tons of great Dreamspinner authors whose books are on sale for 35% off but act fast. I’m not sure how long it lasts! : )

30% Off at #DreamspinnerPress for World Book Day! #LoveYouSoHard

Hi — Here’s a quick announcement of a great sale going on now at Dreamspinner Press in honor of World Book Day. There are so many great authors at Dreamspinner, and this is a terrific time to snap up their books. If you’ve missed some of my recent titles like Love You So Hard, Rome and Jules, Hearts and Flour, and the new print anthology of High Balls and Snow Balls, you can grab them HERE.