BEACH BALLS Releases! Enemies to Lovers. Hotness Underwater #BallstotheWall

The wait is over! BEACH BALLS, book #3 in the Balls To The Wall series by Tara Lain is now available! 

 Hi and welcome to the re-release of my enemies to lovers story, BEACH BALLS. For those who have read it, know that this edition is the same story but with some additions — particularly from Sky. I hope you love it! Be sure to enter on the Rafflecopter!

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Beach Balls
(Balls to the Wall Series, #3)
By Tara Lain

Adam James is so far in the closet he could find Narnia. As an attorney for the homophobic WMA Development, he can’t come out without risking the million-dollar paycheck waiting for him once they push their big land development deal through the city council—money that will finally allow Adam to live according to his own terms. Then, on an early morning scuba dive, Adam meets a tall, lean rebreather diver named Sky who makes him want to hug a tree.
Sky Sea Mickeljohn stands for the environment, world peace, and being openly gay. He won’t compromise his principles for anyone—even the damned lying developer lawyer he can’t help lusting after. True, the WMA land development deal could put thousands of people at risk, but Sky still wants to risk his heart. In the fight between freedom and integrity, is there a place for love?
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Readers are 

“Ms Lain pens a thoughtful and sensual tale and I look forward to reading more in the series.”
~ Night Owl Reviews — 4 1/2 Stars! Reviewer Top Pick!

“The character growth they undergo during the story is phenomenal and adds a lot of zing, along with the ‘off the chart’ hotness of their sexual encounters.” ~ Rainbow Book Reviews



He tipped up
his chin and leaned in. If Sky didn’t want to, all he had to do was lean back,
but he didn’t.
Sweet. Sky’s lips were so soft. Like a girl’s, almost. But that tongue was
pure male, pushing hot and hard between Adam’s lips. Sky grabbed Adam’s head
with both hands. He almost toppled over backward, but Sky held him and
plundered his mouth. Man, his cock was throbbing again. On fire. He wanted to
climb into the back seat and ride Sky all the way to oblivion.
Sky ripped his
mouth away and looked at Adam fiercely. “Crap. I was so nice and satisfied, and
now I’m crazy to fuck you.”
“Don’t know
how I’m going to last until Friday, but I guess we gotta. My life’s not my own
for a few days.”
“How about the
middle of the night?” Adam was only half kidding.
“I can’t even
predict my nights until the weekend.”
“I understand.
I have a pretty busy week too.” That was an understatement.
“You in
“Lawyer.” His
heart was thumping. That’s the most he’d ever told any guy he fucked.
Sky grinned.
“Oh, like the ones at the bottom of the Mariana Trench?”
“Yeah, a good
Sky leaned
forward and gave him a quick peck on the lips, then pulled his legs into the
car. Adam stood, and Sky closed the door, pushed a button on the dash, and the
car hummed to life. Whir. Ping. Jesus, those cars made weird
Sky reached a
hand out the window. Adam touched his fingers to Sky’s, and Sky smiled. “See
you Friday.”
“I miss you
already.” He drove off, the Prius weirdly silent.
Adam could
barely catch his breath. Miss you already. Shit. That guy was the most dangerous combination of deadly
honest and completely irresistible.
Adam was about
to risk everything for a guy. That sounded way too much like high school. If he
had one ounce of fucking sense, he’d cancel the date and never see Sky again.
But that
feeling in Adam’s chest was not fear. That throbbing in his cock seemed
unlikely to stop any time soon. Chances of walking away from Sky? Zero.


The guys
nearest the beach started laughing and pointing. What’s going on?
He looked at
Gary, who shrugged.
Adam pointed
toward the commotion. “I’m going to go see.” He walked out onto the grassy
verge that led to the sand where he’d been sitting earlier with Sky. The guys
were still laughing. One asked, “What’s he gonna do?”
Adam pushed
into the line of men all facing the ocean and pointing. “What’s happening?”
Ian said,
“This crazy guy is standing there in the water like he’s headed for us, but
he’s not moving. Looks like the
Creature from the Black Lagoon.”
One of the
other men asked, “What’s he wearing?”
Carly smiled
at Adam. “It’s called a dry suit, and it looks to me like he’s waiting for
someone. Wonder who that could be?” He laughed.
Waist-deep in
the water stood a tall man in a full dry suit complete with hood and mask, his
mouthpiece dangling. He had a little bottle of what must be oxygen on his
I’ve got a funny feeling about this. When Adam stepped off the lawn onto the
sand, the figure in the suit began to pace out of the water with a slow and
deliberate stride.
The “creature”
analogy was dead-on.
When the
creature got out of the surf, he stopped to peel off the mask and hood,
revealing curly hair.
Adam smiled.
He’d know those curls anywhere.
Sky came a few
feet closer. Even in the fading light, Adam imagined he could just make out the
blue-gray eyes.
Sky stopped
again and began to unfasten the dry suit. What kind of show were they in for?
Slowly the
puffy dry suit peeled down the tall body, fully dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and
cargo shorts. A patter of applause started, and Sky kicked off the suit to
reveal flip-flops. Jesus, he must think he was James Bond or something. By this
time everyone was clapping, and Sky gave a little bow.
Son of a bitch, the guy has a sense of
. He’d rigged this
whole elaborate entrance just to get a laugh. But looking at that lean, hard
body in those shorts made another part of Adam’s anatomy very happy.
Sky picked up
the dry suit and walked the ten feet to Adam. “Hi. I believe I was invited for
No recourse.
He just laughed. “You do know how to make an entrance.”



Sky sat on the
edge of the bed and stared down at James. James’s dark hair shone in the soft
light from the bathroom. Man, he looks
. He’d hate that, being called pretty. Handsome was better.
Lover. Odd word to pick. Hell, he should be long gone. Nothing about James
appeared to be his type, but there was something about this guy.
Sky leaned
down and kissed the side of the softly open mouth. Sweet. They hadn’t kissed much in that mad fucking session. Yeah,
mad was the word. He pressed his tongue gently against the full lower lip,
saying good-bye.
He spied his
clothes in the heap he’d left them in on the floor.
James moaned
softly. Oh baby, he’d moaned plenty when he was getting fucked. Sky had been
with a lot of bottoms because he liked to top, but no one had ever loved to
take his cock like James. Those lips were so sweet too. He kissed James’s soft
mouth again with just a little pressure. Loved those little prickles of a day’s
growth of beard around his lips.
James clutched
Sky’s hair and crushed his lips against Sky’s. His tongue surged deep into
Sky’s mouth. Whoa. The devil had been
playing possum.
His turn. He
slipped his arms around James’s broad shoulders and pulled him upright, still
kissing like mad. Sky pulled his mouth away, kissed along the stubbly jaw, and
around to James’s ear. “Hi.”
“Hi. Been
awake long? What time is it?”
He flicked a
tongue into James’s ear and appreciated the little gasp. A quick glance
revealed morning wood. Of course, that matched his own. Yeah, they had the
makings of a bonfire. He should go, but…. “It’s about five thirty. I went to
the bathroom. Need to go?”
“Where the
hell would I put that?” He pointed at his hard-on.
“I know how to
get rid of it.” Sky flicked the tongue into James’s ear again.
Another little
gasp. “You do?”
“Hell, yeah.”


The Balls to the Wall Series
Volley Balls
Bk #1
Available at
Fire Balls 
Bk #2
Available to purchase
About the Author

Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 32. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog near the sea in California where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!
You can find Tara at Lain


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A Little Nibble of Beach Balls by Tara Lain #beachromance #enemiestolovers

Hi —  On May 8th, my next book in the Balls to the wall series will re-release. It’s called Beach Balls and it’s a lovers to enemies to lovers story of mortal enemies, a developer lawyer and an environmentalist, who meet  and fall in love without knowing anything about each other. Oops! The book is available for pre-order now —

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Here are some graphics that tell you a little about the story and the mood of this sexy beach romance!

VOLLEY BALLS Released! Doubled in Length #BallstotheWall #AlphaMales

Hi and welcome! I’m so delighted to be re-releasing VOLLEY BALLS, the first book in my Balls to the Wall series. I always felt Volley Balls was too short and didn’t fully explore the romance, so i’ve expanded the book by nearly double. even if you read the original, you’ll find new things here to love — I hope!  LOL. Volley Balls is a MMM menage and is the only book in the series that is. I hope you enjoy it sooo much. Watch for Fire Balls on Feb 8th and the re-release of the entire series with some new books added throughout 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Time to get your Balls on!  : )

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Volley Balls

(Balls to the Wall Series, Bk #1)
By Tara Lain

A double dose of alpha male might be better than one. Tara Lain’s popular novella, Volley Balls, is now expanded and revised. 
Despite just getting out of an abusive relationship with an asshole alpha, David Underwood’s wandering glance lands on two hot members of the Australian volleyball team on Laguna Beach and gets him harassed again. Still, when the delicious Gareth Marshall proves his interest by coming out to his team, David succumbs to his attraction. But Gareth’s volleyball partner, Edge, who’s equally hot, makes the lovers’ lives miserable.
For Gareth, a lifetime of hiding his orientation—and his attraction—from his best friend, Edge, as well as everyone else around him, adds up to hurt and frustration. David’s the first man to ever compete with Edge for Gareth’s passion. But Edge has secrets of his own, and David’s ex-lover will never be happy without David under his fist. With everything stacked against him, can a gay Laguna man find happiness with an alpha male–or two?
Available at




Leaning against the wall by the door, blocking his
exit, was “the friend.” The delicious, terrifying, dark-haired beach guy,
sporting an inscrutable expression—part grin and part grimace.
Holy shit. This could
not be another accidental meeting.
Scared and pissed—an adrenaline-intensive combo. His
heart beat like a bass drum and goose bumps covered his arms—and his dick.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” he shouted. Best defense and all that.
The dark-haired guy shrugged and kind of ducked. “I
hate to admit it, but I followed you.”
“You’re kidding.”
“No. I went to your store to see you and saw you
walking over here, so—” He shrugged again. “—I followed you.”
David’s stomach turned. “Shit! Jesus, get away from
me.” But he couldn’t force his leaden legs to pass the man. In fact, he fell
back a couple of feet.
The guy pushed off from the wall and stepped toward
him. “Is that guy your boyfriend?”
“None of your business.” David put up his hands. “You
can’t get away with beating up gay men in Laguna. This isn’t some Neanderthal
country. You’ll get arrested,”
The guy paused and frowned. “Who said anything about
beating you up?”
“How about your fucking friend?”
The guy took another step toward David. “He’s not me.
Understand?” It sounded like understend.
“I mean you no harm, mate. Honest.”
David pressed back against the wall. Trapped. Maybe he
could slip to the side. “Then what do you want? Why are you following me?”
The guy stopped. “I don’t usually act this way. All
“Thanks a fuck for reserving it for me.”
“It’s just I saw you three times and—I guess three’s a
charm like they say. I want to take you out—like to dinner.”
David gasped. “What?” He turned only his eyes toward
the Aussie. The guy was gazing at David’s face like some painting in his
“I saw you last night. At that art thingy. I thought
you were perfect. Those cheekbones, that ass. Sorry. I’d like to take you out.”
“Out? As in on a date out?”
“Yeh, that’s the idea.”
Of all the fucking
shoved off the wall, hands firmly planted on his hips. “Are you trying to tell
me that you’re gay? Running around harassing innocent people with that band of
delinquents, and you’re a closet case? Give me a break! Haven’t you heard? It’s
chic to be gay. We can get married and everything. Get into this decade.”
“Sorry. It’s just I’m a volleyballer. And Australian,
at least currently. We don’t come out. But I’d really like to take you out.”
“As your pal? Right.” David flipped his hair. “No,
asshole. Get away from me. I do not do this. I don’t go with men who aren’t
proud of who and what they are. Not anymore. Never again. Go back to your
closet and play with your volleyballs.”


David buried his head in Gareth’s broad chest and,
much to his disgust, started to cry. The feelings didn’t even make sense.
Anger, jealousy, lust, and—yes, fear. At the heart of it all. He started to
shake. Gareth pulled him tighter, but it wouldn’t stop. Phil’s angry face
stared at him. Screamed at him. His fist descended—again and again. Pain and
anger and shame. “Oh God!”
“What, love?” Gareth kissed his hair.
“I was so afraid.”
“Nothing to fear, love.”
“Phil. Oh God. He said he wanted to kill me. I think
he would have if Edge hadn’t come.” He burrowed into Gareth’s arms.
“We’re here now, love. Nothing more to fear. You took
care of that bastard. He won’t bother you again.”
Edge’s deep voice came from behind him. “If he comes
near you, I’ll kill the asshole.”
David sucked in breath and turned in Gareth’s arms. He
saw Gareth shake his head, warning Edge. “David took care of him, Edge. He got
the police and had him thrown in jail.”
David wiped at his eyes. “Thank you, Gareth. I know I
said I could take care of myself, but I lied. I’ve been alone so long. I only
got involved with Phil because I was lonely and wanted someone to care about
me. Instead, he hit me and abused me. I’m so grateful to Edge for saving me
today. I’m so grateful to both of you for not being the kind of man that Phil
is. So grateful.” The tears ran down his cheeks again and dripped off his chin.
Edge stepped closer and tipped up David’s chin with
his finger. He did something David hardly ever saw him do. He smiled. “I know
I’m a big Neanderthal with no fucking manners, but sometimes that’s a handy
kind of guy to have around.” Funny how David hadn’t noticed those dimples in
Edge’s cheeks before. Like you could sharpen pencils in them.
David stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Edge
in a huge hug. “Thank you. I’m so glad you were there. I’m so grateful.”
Edge chuckled, and the vibration zipped straight to
David’s cock. Down, boy.
Another pair of strong arms wrapped around him from
behind and made it a group hug.


David giggled. “I’m the filling in an Aussie sandwich.
If I’d known, it would have been my lifetime aspiration.”





About the Author


Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 32. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog near the sea in California where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!


You can find Tara at Lain
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B is for BALLS! #BallstotheWall #VolleyBalls #FireBalls

volleyballs400x600Hi! Welcome to our spelling lesson. B is for Balls!

If you’ve read my books at all, you may know that the series for which i was first known was my Balls to the Wall series. People used to call me the Balls girl! These books were my first stories to be set in Laguna Beach, CA. and they were my first bestsellers. But for those who may have just heard of my novels, you might not have been able to buy this series. Most of the books have been off the market for the better part of a year. That’s about to change!

On June 11th, I’ll be re-releasing the first book in the series, Volley Balls. This was a story i always felt was too short and didn’t explore the full potential of the relationship between 3 — yes 3!  –hot men. So i have rewritten Volley Balls and almost doubled its original length. For those who have read it, and that’s a lot of people, you’ll find this is a whole new take on the story.

The best known book in the series is Fire Balls, the story of feisty artist Rodney Mansfield and his seemingly hopeless love for firefighter Hunter Fallon. I’m happy to say that you’ll get to see the new cover for Fire Balls in just two  days, on Jan. 6th. You can pre-order the book then and it will release on Feb 8th.

All the rest of the books will also release this year — Beach Balls, FAST Balls, and Snow Balls. PLUS, there will be two NEW additions to the series — High Balls and Bleu Balls  — that will release at the end of this year and the beginning of 2018.

Whether you’re new to my Balls books or an old timer, i hope you enjoy these re-releases and new releases! These are a great bunch of guys who inspired me to write my Love in Laguna series as well. I’ll unveil Fire Balls for you soon!

Released! LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS by Tara Lain. Prizes!

Hi and thank you for joining me for the Blog tour for my new release, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS. This book is a great favorite of mine for many reasons, one of which is that it takes place on and near Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. where my husband proposed to me!

Here is IMPORTANT INFORMATION for you — 2 Special Deals gong on now, if you act fast  — 

1.  To celebrate the new release, EVERY Tara Lain Backlist Book at Dreamspinner Press is yours for 30% OFF until September 4th. BUT you must use the code THOUSAND. Okay. Remember to use the code when you check out. You can see all my books HERE.

2. And you can purchase KNAVE OF BROKEN HEARTS for 99 cents! Just Click HERE.

Remember, these are limited time offers, so be sure to take advantage of them soon. Now, on with the blog tour!

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Love Bytes
Lord of a Thousand Steps
(Love in Laguna #4)
By Tara Lain

To architecture student Ian Carney, family means everything. Taken in by his brother, Jim, when his father threw him out at eighteen for being gay, Ian yearns to create his own family with his boyfriend, Rico. But Rico’s in Mexico caring for a sick father, Ian hasn’t had sex in a month and a half, and his gorgeous boss, Braden Lord, CEO of the architectural firm Ian interns for, is looking better and better.

Braden’s life is chaos. Just out of the closet and going through an ugly divorce from his wife of fifteen years who’s trying to take custody of his two children, he desperately resolves not to succumb to a completely inappropriate attraction to Ian—even though his kids adore both the man and his crazy cat.

When Rico proves to be a snake in the grass and Ian exercises his powers of seduction, what starts as a “friends with benefits” fling turns into real life real fast. Can Ian give up his romantic dreams for an “old guy” who didn’t come out until he carried a mountain of baggage? It’ll only take a thousand steps.

Available for purchase at 


Also in paperback


“Daddy! Daddy! Look at the kitty.”
The high-pitched squeal cut through Ian’s foggy brain.
Anderson shifted on his belly, then started to vibrate.
Ian opened an eye and met two gigantic blue ones only a
couple of feet away. The little girl squatted down beside him on the sand in
her Frozen bathing suit, gently
petting Anderson’s head and getting the motorcycle response. Ian grinned. “Hi.”
She eyed him with a grain of suspicion, but the allure of
the purr proved too great and she kept petting. “Hello. What’s his name?”
“That’s a most unusual name for a cat.”
He snorted, and one of her little brows rose in an
expression so far beyond her years—which appeared to be somewhere around five
or six—that Ian almost snorted again. Almost. One didn’t face such disdain
lightly. “Yes. I suppose it is. Have you ever heard of Anderson Cooper?”
“Uh, I believe so.” She raised her head, looking behind Ian,
and said, “Have I heard of Anderson Cooper, Daddy?”
Daddy? Okay, he
hadn’t moved so as not to disturb the petting frenzy. Now he scrambled to
sitting, getting a yowl from Anderson, and looked behind him. Well, holy shit.
Braden Lord leaned against the rocks, one hip cocked
slightly, and Ian knew that because he wore very little on those hips. Just a
pair of slim-fitting board shorts that cupped an ass on its way to legend and
thighs Ian could only imagine in X-rated postures.
“Hi. I mean, I didn’t see you there. Sorry.” Ian brushed
sand from his legs and tried to find some moderately respectable posture that
wouldn’t show his half-masted cock.
“Providing a resting place for fifty-pound felines does tend
to keep you in one place.” Lord laughed. “Don’t see mountain lions much on the
“Never know when you might need protection from small angels
in Frozen bathing suits.”
The little girl had flopped on her butt and now proceeded to
pile sand on top of Anderson, who cooperated by stretching to his full, massive
length. She gave Ian that eyebrow again. “Are you referring to me?”
Best sidestep that
Ian extended a hand. “How do you do. I’m Ian Carney. I work for your—”
He glanced up at Braden. “—daddy.”
She took his hand and shook it seriously. “I’m Mireille
Lord. And I really like your cat.”
“What a pretty name.” It sounded like Mir-ray. “I’m sure
Anderson likes it too.”
“Thank you. My daddy picked it out.” She glanced up at
Braden as she piled more sand on the cat. “Have I heard of Anderson Cooper, Daddy?”
Braden replied very seriously, “He’s a news reporter,
Mireille. You might remember him because his hair is the same color as the


“I see.” She gave Ian an approving grin. “How very clever of


Braden picked up his glass and turned it in his hands. He’d
been the recipient of a rebound blowjob. He slowly released his breath. Better than no blowjob at all, I guess.
“I’m so sorry this happened to you.”
“Yeah. Well, maybe it’ll help me grow up and stop looking
for romance on every street corner, you know? Just about the time I moved in
with my brother, he fell for Ken, and I think that warped my perspective.
They’re so happy. But I guess I haven’t kissed enough frogs yet.”
Braden sucked wine up his nose and gargled. “Mmft, I shall
cherish my new amphibian category.” Although it kind of stung.
“Oh, hell no. That’s not what I meant.” He shook his head
wildly. “Actually, you’re the antiamphibian.”
Braden laughed. “Okay, explain.”
“I mean, you’re the shoot-for-the-moon guy. The prince’s
prince. But you’re so far out of my league, you won’t tempt me to hope.” He
grinned. “I can be your secret blowjob guy, your fuck buddy, while you’re getting
yourself out of your marriage. You won’t have to worry about some random spy
photographer catching you in the throes with me. Hell, if they see us together,
you have a perfect reason to be with me. Combination design mentee and babysitter.”
Braden’s head spun. This made weird sense—and gave him a
bellyache. “What do you get out of it?”
“Are you kidding? Sex with the hottest dude on two feet—and
a break from fairy-tale romance.”
His mouth opened—and closed. Try again. “Uh, are you sure about this?”
Ian’s grin faded. “Okay, I’m more beat-up than I’m letting
on. But I really like you. If we go into this with eyes open and solemnly
promise that when one of us finds a realistic boyfriend we can still work
together, then I’m in. But seriously, I don’t want to jeopardize my job. I love
working for Lord and Kendrick. If you think I’m kidding myself, say so.”


Kidding? Fuck, they’d both lost their minds.






Love in Laguna Series



Available for purchase at


Paperback from Dreamspinner 
Available for purchase at 
Paperback from Dreamspinner
Available for purchase at


You can order the paperback here.



About the Author


Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 32. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog near the sea in California where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!


You can find Tara at Lain
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Love in Laguna Beach

Laguna_Beach_BuchtHi everyone–

This past weekend, the summer Art Festivals opened in Laguna Beach, CA, the official start of summer in my home town. Even though “June gloom” still prevails with fog cooling off the heat a lot of the mornings, the tourists pour into the town preparing for the Fourth of July fireworks and a huge helping of arts and crafts.

As you may know, i set a lot of my romance novels in Laguna — more than half — and these summertrolley events remind me of scenes that i’ve created. Like the real official icon of summer is the Laguna trolley. These open air vehicles transport people around the town all summer for free — which is essential since parking is impossible. I set a scene in Golden Dancer on the trolley where my billionaire art collector, Daniel, takes the beautiful ballet dancer, Trelain Medveyev, on a trolley trip to go to brunch at a favorite Laguna Mexican restaurant. All the tourists are staring at the gorgeous dancer — as is Daniel.

Volley Balls was the first book i set in Laguna Beach. In it, my hero David, poses nude as the statue of David in the famous Pageant of the Masters. The Pageant replicates works of art using real people. It’s an extraordinary thing to see. Even when you watch the “sample” where the people get into place in the frames in front of your eyes, you still can’t believe that the works of art are human! The people who pose nude are a special pageant-of-the-mastersbreed in the Pageant.

The Pageant actually takes place on the grounds of the Festival of the Arts which is a juried art show at which my hero, Rodney, from Fire Balls is an exhibitor. The Festival is where Rodney beats up Mick. The Sawdust Festival is the wildly popular arts and crafts show that features artists only from Laguna Beach. In the winter, the Sawdust grounds hold the Winter Festival and that’s the setting for Snow Balls, where JJ meets the tough cop, Ryan Star.

CrystalCove9-1-08-150.jpg.w560h423The beaches of Laguna are the biggest draw to the town, of course, and i’ve set many scenes on the beach. David first sees the men who will become his lovers, the handsome volleyball players, Gareth and Edge, on Main Beach. In Golden Dancer, Daniel and Trelain walk on the beach holding hands since Laguna is very gay friendly, and in Hearts and Flour, my heroes take a walk to one of the the gay beaches where the beautiful boys gather. An amazing beach called Crystal Cove is the setting for several scenes in Beach Balls. On the north end of Laguna, Crystal Cove is isolated and like a step back in time. Its beautiful curved beach is a favorite of artists. My heroes get into a lot of hanky-panky on that beach.

Altogether, i’m a lucky author to have such a fun and action-packed setting for my books. Some of my readers have come to visit Laguna just because of reading my stories. I hope you all find romance here! : )