Gay Ads for Fun!

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As you may know, i have two jobs and one of them is in marketing and advertising. So from time to time, i love to post ads, specifically gay ads, that i think are fun.Before i plunge in, a reminder that my new release Return of the Chauffeur’s Son comes out June 2nd and is available right now for pre-order everywhere. Here’s the link on Amazon.
This one’s funny.

This one’s lovely. Dare you not to cry.

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Six Ads Based On LIES!

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You may know that my background is in advertising and public relations, so i’m always interested in  ads i see today. I found this post and thought you’d enjoy it. Six ads based on LIES! I’ve worked a fair amount in medical advertising so i know how stringent it can be. These are consumer products that tried to get away with murder — promotionally speaking! What ads do you hate? Love? I adore the Chrysler ads starring Matthew McConaughey  — especially the ones with the bull and the dogs in the back. Brilliant! I really dislike — the ones below:

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Some of My Favorite Ads — Gay and Straight

Hi. As you know, i have a background in advertising, so from time to time, i like to share some of my favorite ads with you. This first one i saw in a collection of some of the week’s best advertising. It is a Middle Eastern ad and i’ll let it speak for itself.

This next ad from Wells Fargo represents a delightful new category of ads in which the characters just happen to be gay. This will bring a tear to your eye, i imagine.

And this one absolutely cracks me up! Maybe you’ve seen it. I just think it’s so clever, i can’t help but share. But then, i’m a Verizon user, so i don’t mind doing a little promo for them. Honk. Honk.I love that they chose to use this elegant British announcer. I’ll never look a goose in the eye again without thinking of it’s little bird phone.

Hope you enjoyed them! Come back soon. Oh, BTW, you can preorder my new book, coming August 3rd, by clicking HERE. It’s called KNAVE OF BROKEN HEARTS. :  )

Androgyny in Advertising

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Yes, the Thankfully Naughty Blog Hop is still going on. You can enter to win some very fun prizes by clicking HERE!

You know how i love androgyny! And i love great advertising. This is the epitome of both. I hope you’re having a fun weekend. Lots of exciting things will be going on here next week, so be sure you stop by. Enjoy.

Best Gay Ads: Travelocity! You Will Love It!

Hi — You may know that my day job is in advertising and PR. I love great ads, and when i combine my day job with my writing, i LOVE great gay ads. This one from Travelocity has such a terrific sense of humor. Enjoy. And watch for other great gay ads here from time to time. (A release party is coming July 23rd. You might want to subscribe to my posts by email.)  : )