Christina’s Wonderful Video Review on Return of the Chauffeur’s Son #5Stars

Hi — Like all writers, i get a lot of wonderful reviews that i’d love to have preserved in gold! One I particularly love, is this video review from Christina’s Bookshelf for Return of the Chauffeur’s Son. She was so excited about the book and it comes across so wonderfully. Check it out. It’s a fun review – and you might want to try the book. Lots of people tell me they’re enjoying it.

You can check out an excerpt from Return of the Chauffeur’s Son HERE. And please take a look at FAST Balls, my new re-release. Thanks for coming by!


LordOfAThousandSteps400Hi —

My upcoming release, LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS, just received a pre-release review from Lelyana’s Book Blog. Lelyana said, “I finished this book with a happy smile on my face. What a relief! Along with Billy and Shaz’s book, this one has become my favorite in the series.”

I left a message on her site thanking her for reading the book and saying, “I’m so happy you liked it.”

Her reply was so cute. She said, “That’s an understatement. I freakin’ LOVED it!”

If you would like to review this book, please contact me and let me know where you review and what format you need. You can email tara at taralain dot com.

I’m with Lelyana. I also loved writing this book. It’s a story about family, kids, loyalty, love, a giant cat and, of course, some hawt sex! Here are a couple little nibbles of the upcoming book. You can pre-order it NOW at Dreamspinner Press. It will go on pre-order on Amazon and ARe soon. The book releases on August 31st.#1 - Teaser Graphics - Lord of a Thousand Steps

#4 - Teaser Graphics - Lord of a Thousand Steps