Sexy Androgyny! KAZAKY.


Hope your holidays are still going wonderfully. I’m delighted to say that people seem to be enjoying my new release, CANNING THE CENTER. As you may already know, one of my heroes in the book is a drag queen who is so beautiful and convincing that he can pass as a woman up close on the street as well as on the stage. This fact is a source of a lot of trouble for my lovers in the book! But it underscores a theme i often use in my books — the power of androgyny. Men with strong female characteristics as well as male, and vice versa, are often very attractive to us. Like the dots of the opposite color inside the Yin/Yang symbol, that embodiment of qualities of the opposite sex gives a special power and attraction. As an example, look at this video of the amazing dance group, KAZAKY. These men are gorgeous and extemely attractive strutting in their sneakers, but i doubt they would be nearly so famous if they hadn’t chosen to dance in high heels. Enjoy this video showing many images of both powerful male and powerful female stimuli from these men. See if it doesn’t conjure for you!

Continue to enjoy your holidays! : )

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