If you’ve looked at any of Tara’s book pages, you know that every page features quotes from some of her favorite reviews. Still, great reviews come in all the time (thanks to all the wonderful, talented reviewers in our profession) and this page features some of the latest with links to the sources. Thanks to all these hard-working people for reading Tara’s books!

Beauty,Inc-400x600Beauty, Inc.

Reviewed by Alan at Sinfully Gay Book Reviews

Well-written with vivid, empathetic characters (the kind you root for), “Beauty Inc.” is a feel-good book. Triumphing over adversity is a good thing, good people getting their well-deserved rewards is an even better thing, and gorgeous gay people who are smart and accomplished, the best of all.

Looking for a fun time? Read “Beauty Inc.” and find yourself falling under the magical spell of the amazing Tara Lain. Honestly, what a way to go!”

PrinceOfThePlayhousePrince of the Playhouse

Reviewed by Lucile at L’Encre des Livres (translated by Google from the French)

“The present emotion takes us into the story. It is difficult to stop because Tara Lain we just balance in there and the tension crackling above our heads makes us want to continue to read until the end. Some surprises as may be surprising and important both. Details that make the difference. What can I add else I have not mentioned in my previous reviews on Tara Lain? Maybe the fact that it is so surprising in this novel. It simply lets the story unfold and even if it’s darker, it appears a divine and addictive result . ”


WintersWolfFSWinter’s Wolf

Reviewed by The Kimi-chan Experience

“Overall a great book I highly recommend. But… you MUST read all three books to really appreciate it, which only makes sense because they are all awesome! 6 of 5 hearts! AMAZING!

WintersWolfFSWinter’s Wolf

Reviewed by Love Bytes

“I have read Tara’s Tales of the Harker Pack from the very beginning and I have LOVED each book that has come out and this newest installment delivers… This book was a really wonderful addition to the Tales of the Harker Pack series and I can’t wait for the next installment. Great Job, Tara!! 5 Stars!”


WintersWolfFSWinter’s Wolf

Reviewed by Sinfully Addicted to MM Romance

“Tara has brought her trademark beautiful boys into the world of the paranormal, and each book has just left me with a big goofy grin on my face. I loved this. The characters are engaging and slightly larger than life and their stories embrace that. Who wants wishy washy wolves anyway?!? Give me some underhanded pack politics, scheming baddies, reluctant mates. Throw in a few surprises and some hands on action/adventure, then mix it up with the sort of toe curling sexual tension that sparks in every scene the MC’s feature, and some deliciously scorching horizontal action (or sometimes vertical!) that will have you reaching for a cold flannel… and there you have it, pure enjoyment and unadulterated entertainment! And that’s why these books tend to get top stars from me. Hot fun, hot wolves, hot read…I’m just hoping that this isn’t the last tale we get from the Harker Pack so more please Tara!”


OutingTheQuarterbackLGOuting the Quarterback

Reviewed by Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews — Macky

“So thank you Tara for surprising me and making me do some emoting. I still came away feeling satisfied, but definitely wanting more, especially after reading the teaser for Jamal’s upcoming story, who, alongside Evangeline, was one of my favourite characters. I’m really chomping at the bit for more of these American Footballer’s and their struggles to find themselves, and their lovers, in such an unforgiving domain. Nice one Tara!” Full review HERE.

OutingTheQuarterbackLGOuting the Quarterback

Reviewed by Rainbow Book Reviews — Lena Grey

Tara has done a wonderful job of contrasting and comparing Noah and Will’s lives. Whether poor little rich boy or self-made man, inside, they want and need the same things—love, independence, and freedom to pursue what makes them happy. It’s not often that I am equally impressed by both main characters, but Noah and Will have certainly endeared themselves to me. I was really rooting for these two young men who are met with seemingly insurmountable challenges, and overcome them all. I recommend this story to everyone who loves football, painting, hot men, hotter sex, and truthfulness. Thanks, Tara, for the inspiring story.” Full review HERE.


OutingTheQuarterbackLGOuting the Quarterback

Reviewed by MM Good Book Reviews — Reviewer Pixie

“I would definitely recommend this to anyone because it’s fun, it’s fast paced, the sex is very hot, and the storyline flows effortlessly. This is not my first book from Ms. Lane and this story only cements her works even further into my psyche that says to me, Get this, must read.” Full review HERE.


TaraLain_FastBalls_453F.A.S.T. Balls

Reviewed by MM Good Book Reviews — reviewer Thommie

“Anyway, Mick was this total jerk who wouldn’t stop saying the most hateful slurs at gay people, so it kind of makes you think he’s in the deep, deep closet, but you don’t actually expect him to ever get out of there, or actually be a nice person underneath. So when he makes an appearance in this book I’m shaking my head in bewilderment, because let’s face it people, Balls to the Wall series are fun and joyful, not deep and heavy. How could you take such a disturbed character and make him fun? Well *bows to the Mistress of fun-character making* if there is one person who can achieve that, it’s Tara Lain. She even made the virgin-naïve Mick make sense for crying out loud. Amazing! ….. Yes, I wanted to read Jerry’s story and not only was I not disappointed, but I totally loved it. I adored this couple as much as the others before them.”  Read the full review HERE.


LoveYouSoHard_432Love You So Hard

Reviewed by The Watch and Word Society — reviewer Danielle

“This short, fun read made me smile through each page.  Jessie is wonderfully lovable, and Craig is endearing and dorky.  I loved Jessie’s compassion and ability to lift Craig’s view of himself.  Though Craig feels more on top of the world once he becomes a top, I loved that this didn’t boil down to an oversimplification where Craig’s masculinity was found in his ability to top other people.  Jessie’s confidence and outgoing personality made it clear that this was about Craig becoming comfortable with Craig, and being true to what he wanted and not just living the life others wanted for him.  For such a short, light story, I really respected how that was handled, and more than anything else, this book was fun, sexy and made me smile. Highly Recommended!” Read the full review HERE.


PackorthePanther[The]LGThe Pack or the Panther

Reviewed by Gay List Book Reviews — reviewer Nina

“There are strong themes of family, loyalty, friendship, community, sacrifice, obsession, and love. Things aren’t simple for anyone involved. Everyone wants to survive and maintain their pack. They might not all make the best decision every time, but except for the bad guys, they are doing the best they can.

This has a nice cast and a good storyline with a lot of room left for more stories. I can’t wait to read the next book.”  For the full review Click HERE

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