Dream Team


Join the Feet on the Street

If you’re a fan of Tara Lain’s books, you might want to join Tara’s Beautiful Dream Team. Dream Teamers are both readers and writers who put the enthusiasm in erotic as members of Tara’s Street Team :

  • ​​Dream Teamers read, review, rate, talk about, tweet, like, tag, vote for and share Tara’s books and activities regularly
  • Dream Teamers receive free books and swag, meet in their own Facebook and Yahoo Groups where Tara tries out new WIP ideas and brings excerpts early
  • More special, secret Team Stuff

If you’d like to join the Dream Team, Just go to this Facebook Group and request to enter!


Some of our founding member Dream Teamers. Today the Team has more than 110 members. Join us!

  • A J Kelton (honorary)
  • Chris Bails
  • JoAnna B
  • Karen Richardson
  • Karin Anderson
  • Monica Stoner
  • Savannah Miller
  • Mortal SinN
  • Teresa Whaley
  • Tracey D​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Gabrielle​
  • Ashley Applebee​
  • Buffy Kennedy​
  • Emily Wells​
  • Sheri Vidal
  • Tawania Etheridge
  • Yvonne Bressani
  • Jessica Adkins
  • Elizabeth Gray
  • Iris Pross
  • Zee Hayat
  • Barbara Burdette
  • Trisha Baksh
  • Lea Goad
  • Tammy Thompson
  • Bethany Torres
  • Wendy Hoffman
  • Jennifer Wedmore
  • Jen CW
  • Beth Renee
  • Stephanie Fredrick
  • Lee Todd
  • Jennifer Sapa
  • Charlotte MacDonald
  • Melissa Derby

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