If I Had — Adam

Anyone who reads the blog is going to have to endure (or enjoy) hearing about Adam Lambert. I think the young pop/rock star is sexy, gorgeous, bright and very talented. Love of Adam dragged me out to buy the first CD i’d purchased in ages and my iPod is stuffed with Lambert music.

His new single is If I Had You, a delightful and utterly idealistic ditty dedicated to the idea that all the glitz, glam and money are worth nothing without love. Some might find it callow, but the young, gay man with his glitter and black eyeliner makes a pretty convincing case for the value of diversity in its myriad forms, and, best of all, he has millions of young people and not-so-young people listening to that embedded message. He just released a new video and if you will pardon the valleyspeak, it’s awesome. Check it out for yourself at MTV —