I WON NaNo!!

On November 26 at 1:30 pacific time, i wrote word 50, 285 and put a The End on the first, very rough draft of Androgynous Dreams. After a lot of editing, this book will be the sequel to Genetic Attraction which come out January 4th. This book tells the story of Caleb Martin, brother of Jake, who is struggling with what he wants to do in his life. Though a rising soccer star, he feels compelled to serve the world.

While trying to make his decision, he meets a beautiful man who is as pretty as a woman, and an adorable tomboy who, though he thinks of himself as gay, he just can’t resist. He doesn’t know how complicated his life choices can get until he meets his androgynous dreams.

January will be editing month and i’ll let you know how it’s going. Meanwhile, i’ll share the excitement about the release of Genetic Attraction. :  )

Great First NaNo Day!

I managed to crank over 2300 words by dinnertime my first day, mostly before work and at lunchtime. I’m excited since 1667 or so will do the job each day. I want to get ahead for those days i can’t meet the goal. 

I’ve gotten our two heroes to meet in the Blue Flamingo gay bar and they’re now on their way to a motel and — ah, fade to black. Until tomorrow anyway.BTW, one hero is a soccer player.      : )