Boys Kissing Boys — Sigh

One of my most popular posts ever was the “Ode to Kissing”. Just to rest our eyes, i offer  a little variation on that theme. Once, when asked what it was like to be in intimate situations with Antonio Banderas in Philadelphia, Tom Hanks answered, “I now know what it’s like to be the envy of all the woman and half the men in the world.” Here’s a little more kiss envy.

Watching Adam Lambert kiss is always a treat — and he does so much of it. Above is one of the photos that outed him as gay during American Idol.  The photo below, is Adam doing his kissing thing with his bass guitarist, Tommy, who is reported to be straight. They kiss every night on stage during Adam’s GlamNation Tour and the audience goes nuts. 

Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr had no corner on the kissing-in-the-surf market. 

Have you ever seen My Beautiful Laundrette? It’s one of the films that put the brilliant Daniel Day Lewis on the map. In it are some truly steamy gay sex scenes that stand up even today as groundbreaking (and temperature raising.). :  )