Get Ready for Magic, Shifters, and the Coolest Cat Ever! #CataclysmicShift

Hi — 

I’m so excited to tell you that the re-release of Cataclysmic Shift is only 3 days away. This is a book in my paranormal series called The Aloysius Tales, and the first time it released, some mix ups in categorization meant a lot of people missed the book. If you’ve read either of the other Aloysius Tales — Spell Cat or Brush with Catastrophe — and enjoyed them then you’re not going to want to miss Cataclysmic Shift. But you don’t have to have read those books to enjoy this one.

This story includes not only witches like the other books, but also a shifter, and the coolest cat ever, Aloysius.

Here is the blurb —

Aloysius, the magical black cat and powerful witch’s familiar, isn’t afraid to go into battle to protect his master, but the outcome of the fight turns his feline world upside down. A direct hit of magic steals not only his memories and power, but even the body he’s lived in for several centuries. When he wakes up naked on the floor of a veterinarian’s office, it isn’t as the cat Aloysius, but as the sixteenth-century French gentleman Alain Bellarose. And when Alain sees sexy and enigmatic veterinarian Luke Elliott, he decides he’ll make the best of his time as a human.

Luke is a man with secrets who generally prefers the company of animals—though the flamboyant boy who washes his face with the side of his hand and tries to lick his own privates might prove an exception.

Meanwhile, Witch Master Killian Barth and his secret weapon, Sammy, struggle without Aloysius’s power to draw on. Two evil females are circling, and seeing the coven’s weakness, they’re about to move in for the kill. When Alain’s memories return, he’s faced with the ultimate dilemma: protect his community or stay with the man he loves.

If you’d like to read a full excerpt, click HERE. 

You can buy it at HERE. The release is September 13th and there will be a blog tour with a nice prize, so be sure to visit!  : )


“Best Author of 2012” Nominee Happy Dance Edition!

Hi everyone–

Recently, i told you that two of my books — Genetic Celebrity and Brush with Catastrophe — were nominated for CAPA Awards and i was dancin’. Well, now i’m into aerobics! This week i learned that i’m nominated for Best Author of 2012 in the LRC Best of Awards! Wow! There are sooo many great authors in this category and i’m honored to even be named among them.

Unlike the CAPAs, the LRC Awards are voted on by — everyone! You have to be a member of Love Romances Cafe to Vote.The link to join is listed below. 

Here are all the instructions. NOTE– You Can’t Vote Until January 10th at noon EST!

Here’s what Dawn says about voting:

Voting begins on January 10th at NOON PM EST (USA) and goes to January 18th, 2013 on the LR Café yahoo group.
Voting will be on the LR Café’s Poll page. The link to that main page is at
No Early Voting will be allowed! Anyone who votes early before Noon EST on Jan. 20th will have their vote uncounted.
One vote for each person and you must be a member of the LR Café Yahoo Group to vote.
There are so many great authors nominated, it’s going to be hard to pick. But i’m sure you’ll find some of your favorites on the lists!
Thank you so much Dawn Roberto and LRC for nominating me! I am honored and delighted. : )

The Fire Balls Blog Tour BEGINS! Lot’s of Possibilities.

Hi everyone–

We’re OFF! Fire Balls releases on Friday Feb 3 but in fact it is already available on Amazon and B&N and will be available at ARe later on Friday.  On Thursday it got as high as #3 on the Amazon Gay Romance Bestseller List! And now we are going to celebrate!

There will be 2 drawings — one on Feb 10 and one on Feb 17. At each drawing there will be 2 Winners. One receives a $10. Amazon GC and one receives a copy of Fire Balls! If the winner of Fire Balls shows me they have purchased the book they will also win a $10. Amazon GC.

Here’s how you play Fire Balls Blog Tour! FIRST you want to enter HERE on this blog because it enters you in BOTH drawings with one comment. Here’s what you do:

And that enters you in Both Drawings. You don’t have to do anything else. BUT there are MANY more ways to get additional entries. Go to any of the events listed below and leave a comment with your email and you will get an additional entry for EVERY ONE in this Friday’s drawing. (Next week you’ll have more chances.) 
Here is the HUGE list of events where you can earn extra entries:
The Drawing is on Friday!! And be sure you check HERE on Friday for the new schedule because there will be a HUGE weekend of Party and Blog Hop with a ton of prizes. 
Okay everyone! I hope you have FUN! And there will be extra chances to win at some of these events so check them out. And don’t forget to check out Fire Balls. If you buy it now i’ll give you a GC instead if you win and you can buy more stuff!  :  )