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Welcome everyone– Yes, this is a stop on the With Love Valentines Blog Hop! I’m Tara Lain, i write the Beautiful Boys of Romance. I love all my characters, but have a special place in my heart for my heroes. On the Blog Hop you can win fantastic prizes from…drumroll please… 263 authors!

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If you don’t want to run off immediately, her is an excerpt from my new release, Fire Balls, which has been in the top 5 Gay Romance bestsellers list on Amazon for a week and is the number one contemporary romance on ARe. 
Excerpt: Fire Balls by Tara Lain; MM Contemporary

Available at Amazon  B&N  ARe

Nothing had been the same since he’d met Rodney Mansfield. Hunter stared at the statues of strange round people on the fountain outside the stationhouse. He didn’t quite understand this artwork. But he did get Rodney’s. Rod was a genius. His art was masterful.

Hunter set his book on the side of the fountain. No use pretending he was reading. He’d just stare at the weird sculpture. Funny. Weirdis the way Rod described himself. Homo fag. Both were actually true. With his purple-tipped hair. Or blue. Or pink. The multiple earrings. His tiny-sized, bright clothes, and flamboyant manner. They all added up to the kind of gay guy Hunter ran from. But Rod wasn’t a “kind” of anything. He was himself—authentic, special.

Hunter knew if he could paint, he’d want to paint Rodney. That great face. Jerry called him adorable. The guy’s face was almost pretty. Big eyes and soft, girlish lips. That shock of bleached hair falling in front of those brown eyes, a great contrast to the slim, hard body and big cock. Yeah, Hunter knew up close and personal just how big that cock was.

He ran a hand through his hair. Couldn’t get the guy out of his mind. The idea of never seeing him again. Never having that cock in his ass. Shit, it made him crazy. He should be glad to be rid of him, but he wasn’t. And he’d screwed any chance of even having Rodney as a friend.

Deep breath. Hunter had to get his head on straight. Tomorrow was a big day. The call to Bill had been magic. The guy really wanted to help. If the meeting he set up panned out at all, maybe Hunter could grab the brass ring and become a teacher. God, the idea gave him goose bumps. He loved firefighting. But teaching? Wow. Teaching felt real to him.

Wonder what Rodney would say about him switching jobs?

Hunter shook his head. Get over it.

The alarm bell shocked him out of his stupor. His body jerked. No thinking, just response. He leaped up and cleared the few yards into the station in seconds, grabbed his gear, and had it on before the rest of the guys made it out of the ready room. “What is it?”

Cam was also dressed. “Building fire on Laguna Canyon Road. One of the art studios, they said. Tough one. Paint is really flammable.”

His mind locked on a picture of an old, struggling space heater on an ancient cord. Shit!  Rod. But no, he’d be at the Festival manning his stand. Safe. Oh God, please. He hoped. Strictly against protocol, but he fished his cell out of his pants and dialed.

The voice on the other end sounded worried. “Hunter?”

“Quick, Jerry. Do you know where Rodney is?”

“At the Festival. I just heard about the fire. Shit. Is it his studio?”

“Don’t know yet. All those beautiful paintings. I hope not.”

“No man, all the paintings are at the Festival. He said he cleaned out most all of his inventory because of the fight. People are crazy for his stuff.”

“Good. Gotta go.” He clicked off and jumped into the truck, taking his seat beside Cam. The engine raced down the Laguna Canyon Road.

Straight toward Rodney’s studio.

They turned into the drive, lookie loos scattering. Flames leaped out of the roof of the low structure where he had first learned what real orgasm meant. The sight hurt Hunter’s heart. If Jerry was right, maybe the real loss—the priceless art—would be avoided, thanks to the fight. Yeah, the fight he ought to feel grateful for instead of pissed off about.

The firefighters piled out onto the hard-packed dirt drive and hauled the hose toward the hydrant out by the highway. Shit, they were just going to make it…if they were lucky.

“Save him. Help, please, help,” one woman screamed, pointing toward the building.

Not a good thing. He gave his spot on the hose to another man and ran to the woman’s side. “Ma’am. What do you mean?”

The woman on the driveway was white as a cloud and pointing, her mouth working. “Rod. Rodney. He ran in. Do something.”

He gripped her arm. “Ran in? Rodney ran in there?” Ice froze his heart.

“Yes, yes. I came over to see, and suddenly he just ran past me and straight in the door. I don’t know where his car is…”

Hell no! He pulled on his respirator and ran toward the door of the studio. His heart beat way too fast. Had to get control. Why, why would Rod do it? What was worth his life? His life. He couldn’t die. Hell, no.

“Fallon, wait. Don’t go in alone.” Cam screamed behind him.

Hell, no. No time to wait. Rod was in there.

The screen door, the damned squeaky screen door, hung half off its hinges. He tore it away and, hunched against the heat, moved into the studio. Smoke. Embers raining down. The heat pushed like a wall through his gear. The flames crawled along the half-missing roof like a snake slinking along a branch, hissing.

Stop. Think. The part of the structure closest to the door remained most intact. He dropped to the floor and scooted along a few feet. Not much in here. Beside him, the old desk had burned nearly to ash. His heart hammered. Breathe slowly. Don’t panic.

Where is he? Can’t be too late. No, hell, no. Never too late. He crawled another couple feet and pressed his head down by the floor, squinting through the smoke…
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A Memory of Romance and Kindle Fire!!

Welcome Blog Hoppers! For those who haven’t met me, i’m Tara Lain and i write The Beautiful Boys of Romance. My books are erotic, mostly M/M and menage and are always distinguished by my memorable heroes (though i think my heroines are pretty special too.) Before i plunge into my memory of New Year’s here are the details you need for today’s blog hop.

Today is the one year anniversary of my first published book. Genetic Attraction came out last Jan 4th. So today to celebrate the winner on my blog will receive:

  • a choice of any of my books
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Everyone who enters on this blog will be entered to win A KINDLE FIRE and an AMAZON GC for $80.00 So be sure to enter here and then move on to all the other Blogs listed below.
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 So today all us bloggers are sharing our New Year’s memories. New Years tends to be a blur for me because i go to bed early, but two New Years really stand out. Last year and this year! Last New Years i was anxiously waiting for the release of my first published work of fiction. Though i’ve been a writer of nonfiction for decades, this was my first book all my own. It was an amazing feeling. Nervous, ecstatic, knowing i had so much to learn.  And this year, only one year later, i am celebrating having received two CAPA Award nominations (from the Romance Studio) for Best Contemporary Romance and Favorite Author, and two LRC nominations for the Best Author of 2011 and Best Series of 2011. These nominations amaze me and honor me. I can barely believe them and, at the same time, feel a little extra push that says “keep going, you still have so much to learn”. Most of all, these nominations are the property of the wonderful people who have encouraged and supported me throughout this year! Thank you to all the other authors who have helped me in every way. Above all, thank you readers soooo much. You are my New Years celebration!!

Now, here is your HOP LIST. Visit all these blogs and enter the contests. But remember to COMMENT with your EMAIL here! Each one is another chance at the Kindle Fire!! Thank you sooo much for visiting and Happy New Year!! :  )

Hot Guests and Blogging. Get More Entries!

Did you see it, did you, did you? My new cover for Mistletowed is by the incredible PL Nunn. I’m so thrilled. Just a little over a week before it releases — Dec 13 from Loose Id — so you can amass a bunch of entries in the contest before the first drawing on Dec 16 even gets here. How you ask? Just leave a comment here with your EMAIL and FOLLOW this blog. That earns one point in the drawing for a copy of Mistletowed and a copy of Deceptive Attraction. Then come over to all the sites where events are going on this week and leave comments. You will get an extra entry for each site you visit. Okay, here are the week’s activities:

  • Right NOW and tomorrow, Monday, Dec 5 (my 30th wedding anniversary) Tristram LaRoche is visiting the Author Blog with his new book The Hun and the General . Hot historical M/M romance about Attila the Hun! Leave a comment and you will be entered to WIN Tris’s book and you’ll also receive an entry in the Dec 16 drawing. Deal?
  • Tuesday, Dec 6, i am blogging at Cassandra Carr’s site. Come over and comment with Email!
  • Wednesday, Dec 7, Drea Becraft visits the Author Blog and brings her hot new short, The Real St. Nic, to the blog. Plus, you’ll get a link to a new free read. Leave your comments for an entry on Dec 16.
  • Wednesday, Dec 7, i’ll be chatting with the Wayward Wastrels at Love Romances Cafe from 4PM to 7PM EST. Stop by and lave a message for me and you’ll get an entry.
  • Saturday, Dec 10, i’ll be blogging at Rochelle Weber’s Blog talking about what i’ve learned in this eventful year. Come say hi and you get an entry.
  • Saturday, Dec 10, 6PM to 9PM EST — i’ll be chatting with Selena Illyria at Whipped Cream. Come visit. 
  • Sunday Dec 11 is Gay Day at Ethan Day’s Yahoo Group. Leave me a comment or two and another entry. 
And that will lead us right into RELEASE WEEK!. BTW, Mistletowed is already posted at Goodreads Come over and let me know if you plan to read it! 
Don’t miss the chance to win Tris’s book and to get Drea’s Free Read. I’m celebrating 30 years of blissfully happy marriage tomorrow with a massage and facial and lovely dinner holding hands. Thank you all so much for visiting the blog.  :  )

Golden Dancer Blog Tour BEGINS!! Cover!!

We’re OFF and Running! The Blog Tour for Golden Dancer is getting underway. Here is my new cover by artist Anne Cain. What do you think? I’m looking forward to posting it everywhere.

Okay, first drawing in the Golden Giveaway Blog Tour is Sept 27 — Release Day!!! We will draw names to win:

  • an e-copy of Golden Dancer — M/M/M romantic suspense
  • an e-copy of Volley Balls — M/M/M summer romance novella
  • a Golden Dancer drawstring backpack — this won’t be mailed until i get back from GayRomLit in mid- October
Special Guest Sneak –– You can win an entry in the drawing this week by leaving a comment with your email on the posts of my special guests on the Author Blog
  • Mina Carter is on the blog right now — get over there and leave a comment before she draws a winner of her book. Regardless, you’ll still get an entry in the Sept 27 drawing if you comment
  • Sunday evening/Monday — Kay Berrisford brings Bound for the Forest – -a yummy M/M paranormal historical. Comment to win her book and to enter the Blog Contest
  • Tuesday evening/Wednesday — Tristram LaRoche, a favorite visitor of everyone’s, brings his new M/M, Fixed. Comment to win and to enter
  • Thursday and Friday AM– Jessica Freely brings Broken, an intense M/M dealing with issues of human trafficking (Hmm. Is it significant that we get Fixed before we get Broken?  LOL)
The official beginning of the Tour is this Thursday Sept 22 — 

  • Thursday, Sept 22TRS Release Party — We kick off at the  TRS Party. Expect to see excerpts from Golden Dancer as well as my other books. Leave a comment on any of my posts and you will get an entry in the Sept 27 drawing. http://theromancestudio.com/party/ 
  • Saturday, Sept 24Wicked Wastrels Chat at Love Romances Cafe — 3-7PM eastern Come say hi and post a comment and you’ll get an entry. The theme is FALLing in love!
  • Sunday Sept 25SORRY GAY DAY WAS CANCELLED!!! ETHAN HAS BEEN SICK.  Poor baby  :  (
Ongoing Opportunity to Enter Drawings— Post a comment on THIS BLOG any time in the Blog Tour period and Follow the Blog. This will earn you one entry in ALL FOUR drawings! Do it now. Remember to leave your email address. You only have to do this once!
Next Saturday or Sunday, i’ll post the activities for the next week. Some of them will be for Monday and still a part of the Sept 27 Drawing so watch this Blog. 

Also, every day or so i will post new developments on my Tara Lain Facebook Page. This will include special opportunities to earn additional entries in the drawings so check in often (and please like the Page if you haven’t already.) 

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CONTEST: WIN Genetic Attraction or Book of Your Choice from LI

Hi everyone —
A number of folks have kindly offered to tell their friends about my books and blogs and i’d like to offer a prize for doing that very thing! This will be a drawing for a copy of Genetic Attraction, my M/M/F menage that was just rated Best Book at Whipped Cream Reviews. Or, if you’ve already read it, you can select a gift certificate to Loose Id for a book of your choice from all their great authors. Okay?

What i’d like is people to join my email list — that way they can receive updates on releases, special guests on the blog, contests and offers. Soooo –here’s how it works:

  • If you are not on my email list, please leave me your email addy by posting a comment here or email it to me at tara@taralain.com. That will count as 1 name in the contest drawing. If you are already on my email list, tell me so and that will still count as 1 name in the drawing when you send additional names.
  • Post here or send me via email (tara@taralain.com) the email addresses of anyone you know who would like to be on the list also (be sure they really want to be on it.  LOL) You get your name posted again for every name you send. So if you sign up and send me five names, your name goes in six times when we draw the winner)
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  • The drawing will occur next week, probably Wednesday, so you have a few days to send me names as you find folks who want to get my emails.   
Does that make sense?  Send me those email addresses and you may win. Regardless, you get to hear all kinds of fun stuff from MOI!  LOL. (BTW. You can also post names on my Book Blog, but duplicates don’t count.)
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