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We all love romance, so i was interested in what this list of the Top 10 Chick Flicks of All Time would include. I was happy to find some of my favorite films of all time on the list. I’ll confess, i might not have put them in this order, and i’d have left some out, but it’s not a bad list. See what you think —

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Excerpt One: The Long Con by Lori Toland

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“You’re moving too fast,” Brent warned as Tony gestured for me to follow him. “Remember you need him to stay here to make contact with Amanda and Derek.”

If I had been able to, I would have screamed at Brent to make up his fucking mind. His constant chattering in my ear could make me blow this.

He was right, though. The last thing I needed was the con artists clinging to my ankles as we left. “I came with a friend. I should say good-bye to her,” I said, hoping he would want to stick around.

He stopped in his tracks and caught my arm. He appeared to be as unsettled as I felt. “You’re right. I’d need to give my thanks to the museum’s staff for inviting me.”

My cock ached, pressing against my pants. I let out a shaky sigh as Tony bit his lip, apparently thinking. It occurred to me I had been willing to leave this party with him for a quick fuck. It wasn’t unusual for me to have a one-night stand, quite the opposite. I never committed to a second date.

What worried me was that my mind hadn’t even been on the egg. I had been so intent on seduction, I couldn’t see past getting my cock in his ass. I never put pleasure before business, but Tony set my blood on fire. I couldn’t wait to fuck him hard.

Suddenly he smiled. “Follow me.”

“Don’t follow him,” Brent warned. “He’s dangerous. You never know what he’ll do to you once you two are alone.”

I wanted to shake him and yell at him I could take care of myself. I’d been a top SOCA agent for eight years. “Where are we going?” I asked as we strolled through the crowd.

“There’s a private bathroom for staff only, just over here to the left. We can talk there.”

Once we were alone, I asked, “Do you want to just talk?”

He glanced at me. “Not really.” His eyes gleamed with a need that rivaled mine.

“Don’t do this,” Brent yelled. “None of this is part of the plan. Stay right where you are. Amanda and Derek are on their way.”

We rounded the corner. As Tony took a step in front of me, I yanked out my earbud. The earpiece vibrated with Brent’s scream as I flipped it off. I dropped it in my pocket and followed Tony inside the tiny restroom.

The moment I pushed the door closed and hit the lock, Tony was all over me. He pushed his hand into my hair as I roughly grabbed the back of his neck. It had been a while for me, and I was just as hungry for release as he was.

I kissed him hard, thrusting my tongue inside his mouth, and he met it eagerly. He grabbed my ass with his other hand and squeezed. I arched against him, shoving my hard cock against his abs.

QUESTION ONE: What does Brent warn against?

Excerpt Two: Stowaway  by Becky  Black.

“Raine has just cornered stowaway Kit in an elevator.”

“I’m chief of security of the Light of Dawn,” Raine said. “I’m arresting you for boarding this ship without authorization. Turn around and put your hands on the wall, please.”

His tone had softened from when he’d first burst into the elevator. He’d clearly decided Kit wasn’t a threat, which made Kit bristle. Okay, so this guy could probably snap him in two, but Kit wasn’t harmless, he could…

“Turn around.” Some of the snap came back.

He could turn around and assume the position — that’s what he could do. He turned to face the wall, laying his hands flat on it. His heart thudded in his ears, and he started breathing fast. Caught. Fucking caught. Screwed.

“Are you carrying any weapons?” Raine asked.

“No.” Which was stupid. He could have picked something up. A kitchen knife. Anything. And he’d do what? Stab Raine to death? Ridiculous.

“Warner,” Raine said, speaking on the comms, Kit realized. “I’ve got him in an elevator car, and we’re on our way to section ten. Send a squad to meet us there.”

“Right, Boss,” a woman’s voice replied. Kit glanced back at Raine but got a scowl that made him turn away again quickly.

“Stand still,” Raine ordered. He wore gloves, leather ones, and took them off before he began to pat Kit down. As he ran his large hands over Kit’s body, Kit’s stomach knotted with instinctive fear. Raine didn’t do anything to hurt him, but he could feel the strength in those hands. They swept down his legs — nothing hidden there, the pants he wore too tight-fitting to conceal much. They swept up again, brushed Kit’s ass, making him sigh. Kit might be scared, but those big strong hands touching his ass could only feel good. Raine paused but then moved again and checked the pants pockets, quickly sweeping his fingers around, close to…

“Sorry,” Raine said softly.

Oh, don’t be. The apology and the slight hoarseness of his voice could mean one of two things. Either embarrassment about rummaging around so close to another man’s goodies — or it meant Kit had the start of a plan. He forced the fear to the back of his mind, tried to relax. Wait for his moment.

Raine was thorough. He turned up the collar of Kit’s stolen jacket, then whipped the cap from his head. Aware that it made him memorable around here, surrounded by crop-haired spacers, Kit had pulled his hair up under the cap. It fell down, sweeping over his shoulders and back.

Raine’s breathing changed. Kit heard it speed up, and he smiled. The hair always worked. A glance back and he was sure. Raine had desire written all over his face. Lust burned in his eyes.

Kit turned, right into Raine’s arms, and knew instantly what he wanted. Knew he was lost in a moment when everything else had faded away. No elevator, no space freighter, just them, their bodies responding to each other’s heat. He pressed himself forward, straining against Raine’s body.

Kissing him.

QUESTION TWO: What are Raine’s gloves made out of?

Excerpt Three: A Flowerpot Christmas Tree by Brooklyn Wilde

My mind was racing, but my body was tingling with excitement. His tongue traced the curve of my earlobe. He reached up with his free hand, grabbed a fistful of hair, and pulled so I was facing him eye-to- eye. A breathless second passed as Noah moistened his lips and then planted them squarely on mine. Electricity jolted through my veins. Maybe it was temporary amnesia, but I suddenly couldn’t remember any of the reasons I’d been thinking this wasn’t a good idea.

Parting my lips, Noah tickled the tip of my tongue with his own. I haven’t been kissed properly in so many years, and damn if it wasn’t worth the wait. I melted into the long and lingering kiss. Noah’s masculine smell enveloped me, a mixture of his natural musk, expensive cologne, and oil paints. I breathed deeply and pulled that wonderful scent deep into my lungs. Slowly, he guided me backward until I was pinned up against the wall…”

QUESTION THREE: The smell of what kind of paint mingles with Noah’s sexy natural musk?

Excerpt Four: Star of Wonder by Angel Payne

“So you come from a long line of ass-kicking heroes.”

She laughed at that. Actually, truly laughed. His senses rejoiced in the husky sound of it.

“Something like that,” she said and lifted her gaze to fully meet his. The forests were now alive in her eyes again, though their depths now danced with something new. The verb itself was new. Yes, her stare danced for him. It moved and flowed across his face, as if rewriting the label she’d originally attached to him back at the party.

He scooted closer to her. Like his muscles were going to let him do anything else. “That’s pretty damn cool.”

The laugh softened to a smile. “Is that so?”

“Yeah.” He didn’t smile back. Clearly, she wrote his words off as smooth-talking bullshit. “It really is, Celina.”

“All right, all right.” She held up both hands, snatching the hairpin from him, then tossing it into a bowl with about fifteen others. “I believe you, fancy pants.”

He did a double take. She deliberately used the same nickname on him as the dick wad from the Blue Sax—again, an attempt on her part to lighten him up somehow. Dante didn’t back off. He didn’t feel so “light” right now, and he was damn determined she saw the same thing as he leaned forward, bringing their noses within inches of each other. “You didn’t like me very much when we met, did you?”

Her nostrils flared a little. But that was it in the way of tangible reaction. “Very observant, Mr. Tieri.”

“Anyone with a pulse would have noticed it, Lieutenant Kouris.”

She hitched a little shrug. “Let’s just say I usually don’t have a lot of patience for cavalier cash-tossers.”

Now he stepped back. Well, hell. That was one for the gut—in a breath-halting, not so fucking great kind of way. His jugular felt the force of it too, constricting as he brushed back by another foot.

“Wow. That one’s new. I have to admit, I’ve been prejudged as a lot of different things, but ‘cavalier cash-tosser?’ Hmm. That brings the game to a new low.” His mounting anger made his movements jerky as he yanked out his cell phone. “Sorry I’m still dirtying up your house here, Lieutenant. Just let me get Vincent on the line, and I’ll be out of your hair. Yeah, I have a driver. Sorry, but sometimes they come in handy for us cash-tossers.”

Stop.” With reflexes that shocked him, she snatched the phone from his hand. “I’m going to add ‘shitty listeners’ to the list too. Did you hear me? I said I usually don’t have patience for—”

“For what? People like me? Or just guys like me? I’m wealthy, Celina. So what? I also have earlobes that are way too long, an unnatural obsession with Christmas, and I snore the roof off my bedroom.” He grabbed the phone back. “But I’ve also worked hard for my money, so if I want to toss it around a little, then that’s my fucking prerogative.”

Without taking his eyes off her, he punched in the speed dial for Vincent and the car. He remembered the moment, just hours ago, that he’d beheld her for the first time. He’d picked up on her discomfort. He’d pegged heras a certain kind of person too. A person who would be willing to put away her initial impressions, and would get to know what he was really like, and perhaps even like the person he was. But her dig—he was right. It was low. And it hinted at a mental wall against his status that ran miles high around her mind.

Her little wince almost did make him stop. But he didn’t. Not even when she glared at him and demanded, “Hang it up.”

“V? Yo, man, you get Meredith squared away? Thanks. Listen, I’m in Arlington Heights. The address is—”

He thought he was ready for her little lightning moves now. But the woman had the phone out of his hand, into hers, and at her ear with a move that made even her first frog tongue of a move seem slow. “He’s just kidding,” she told Vince. “Thanks for your time.”

In one move, she punched End Call and hurled the thing across the room, onto the couch.

Dante looked at her and, goddammit, actually fumed. “What the fu—”

“Are you going to listen to me now?”

He snorted. “Why? What good will—”

For the second time tonight, he was cut off from speaking by a kiss. But unlike Meredith’s embrace at the party, this interruption brought a cavalcade of sensation with it. An avalanche of sensations, violent and wonderful, incongruent to the soft, sweet, seeking lips that had brought it all with them. Celina’s lips. A mouth, he now realized, he’d been fantasizing about all night.

When her hand slipped up around his neck, he was officially buried by the slide. Suffocated. Cut off from the rest of reality. Lost.

As he pushed open her mouth with his, claiming her with every inch of his tongue and teeth, he prayed they didn’t find him for at least a week.

QUESTION FOUR: What does the hero have an unnatural obsession with?

Excerpt Five:  Catching Kit by Kay Berrisford

Kit rose onto tiptoes, lifted his chin, and it seemed electricity arced between them.

Delicately he brushed Denny’s mouth with his own. The elf tasted of wine, cheese sauce, and something heady and enticing that might have been the spices. Or might just have been Kit. Whatever it was, Denny needed more.

He grabbed Kit by the collar and kissed him hard.

The plates on the drainer behind them chinked. Kit parted his lips and slid his tongue into Denny’s mouth, deepening the kiss, apparently relishing the scrub of Denny’s stubble against his. In perfect rhythm, the elf rubbed his groin against Denny’s thigh until Denny felt the ultimate proof that elves were sexual beings. Kit’s raging erection told Denny they were both equally aroused.

And the elf read his every need like a book.

Through Denny’s tight T-shirt, Kit toyed with his nipple, flicking the ring, pressing the cool metal into his sweat-flecked skin. Currents of molten pleasure coursed from Denny’s chest to his cock.

Denny broke the kiss. “This is so bloody wrong.”

“Really?” Without warning, Kit shoved the tips of his fingers down the back of Denny’s trousers and tugged the waistband of the leather briefs. The elf yelped with delight. “Is it any more wrong than a gorgeous great alpha like you wearing theseto go out arresting folk in?”

Denny bit back a laugh. His current underpants were fairly restrained, by his standards. It would feel incorrect wearing anything more interesting to work. “You like ’em?”

“I love ’em.” Kit emphasized his words with a feral snarl. “God, I adore a man in leather.

So…nnnng. So damn sexy.”

Kit stroked Denny’s arse cheeks, pressing harder with every lust-ridden syllable and making his cock throb like hell. After a final squeeze of Denny’s backside, Kit threw his arms around Denny’s neck and leaped at him.

As Denny caught him, the crockery clunked even louder. Kit wrapped his legs around Denny’s hips, stretching the seams of those scruffy trousers to the limit. Denny cradled Kit’s arse in his hands, pressing his lips to the elf’s once more. He’d been mind-fucked, and he no longer cared. He needed to get laid, right here, right now, with this EB.

QUESTION FIVE: What underwear is Denny wearing?

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Excerpt One: Compulsion by Clare London

I FOLLOWED him, never more than a foot behind, as he cut his way through the gyrating bodies on the dance floor toward the back of the room. We still hadn’t touched in any way. I probably looked calm, but I felt like a lamb to the slaughter, and I knew in my heart that was exactly what I was. I told myself we were going to find a quieter room and talk, we were going to share a joint, or maybe I’d take him up on that offer of a drink. After all, we couldn’t do much of that over the noise and scramble in this place. And then I’d get that taxi, go home, make strong coffee, and write the whole damned evening off to a moment’s madness.

He stopped at the far wall in front of a door. It was flush against the dark paintwork and wouldn’t have been noticed by most of the clients there tonight. There were no signs on it, nor a strip handle like the usual fire exit. A member of security stood nearby, and as we approached, she turned as if to stop us. But she stepped back when the man from the bar made a slight gesture with his hand. Then he pushed the door as if he knew it’d be open, it slid outward easily, and I followed him through.

It closed behind us with a heavy clunk, and the sudden drop in noise was a shock. I could only hear the beat of the music now, a regular throbbing bass that seemed to make the whole wall shudder. We’d stepped right outside of the building, and the chilly night air sent goose bumps along my skin after the heat of the dance floor. I took a quick glance around, wondering if this had been the most deceptive throwing-out I’d ever encountered, but I wasn’t back out on the street. It was an enclosed space like a backyard, with brick walls of head height and rubbish bins full of plastic bags and packaging over in one corner. A couple of security bulbs were placed high on the back wall of the club, giving a pale, misty arc of light across the area in front of the doorway. Something moved behind the bins—maybe an urban fox. I heard the sudden rustle of dislodged cardboard and saw tiny eyes glinting warily in case we threatened its territory.

And then a hand landed heavily on my shoulder, I was spun around so my back hit the cold bricks of the nearest wall, and the mystery guy’s mouth was on mine. Not a word, not a request, just hard, wet lips crushing mine and a fierce tongue pushing for admittance. My palms were flat against the wall, but he didn’t try to hold me there. It was enough that his mouth claimed me. I surrendered immediately and willingly and damn, damn eagerly!

I could genuinely say I’d rarely felt this rush of consuming, desperate lust—not since I was a teenager, first discovering I liked men and all their strong, sweaty, solid sexuality.

Tonight I felt swamped by a terrible need, just like this guy had said. A purely physical reaction that made my head spin and my heart tighten in my chest. A deep desire to touch—to grab—to possess. I didn’t know if the urgency was coming from him or from inside myself. His hands roamed over me as greedily and fiercely as if he were afraid I’d escape, so it seemed he felt the same way. Harsh breaths escaped him like gasps, as if he was startled or angry about it. I was too consumed by my own desire to ask which it was.

How long had it been since I’d had a fuck? I genuinely couldn’t remember. Something strange had happened tonight, from the minute I saw him. Something had loosened all my bonds.

We never spoke a word, though I’d have found it difficult with his probing tongue inside my mouth. I opened up even faster than he asked of me and I sucked him in, rolling my own tongue against him, tasting the hot skin and the cool taint of iced vodka in his mouth. He was panting, and I knew damn well that I was.

We broke apart from the kiss and his hands landed back on my shoulders like a blow, pressing me down the wall. I struggled for a minute, not sure what game we were playing. I clapped my hands onto his shoulders, acting instinctively, seeking to restrain him in return. I tried the same pressure myself, seeing if he would buckle instead. To see who’d surrender first.

Something flared in his eyes, but they were too close to me and he was too much of a stranger for me to understand it. But there was excitement there, and a challenge that I’d never had before.

“Get down,” he growled. Out here in the fresh air, his voice reverberated in my ear. It was richer than I’d heard in the club, a match to his dark good looks. I slid, less than elegantly, down onto my arse.

When I glanced back up, I saw tall, shadowed buildings looming above my head from over the wall. Nothing but the featureless rear view of converted flats, where no one would venture out again until the brighter morning. This yard was obviously private. It was quiet except for the beat from the club behind us and the occasional wailing siren from the direction of the marina. It was a pregnant quiet, as we waited for each other’s next move. I was fleetingly thankful the night was dry; I knew we weren’t going back inside for a while yet.

QUESTION ONE:  When the narrator rolls his tongue against his lover, what does he taste?

Excerpt Two:  The Scientist and the Supermodel by Tara Lain

A soft sound made him look up.

His beauty was wearing only a towel; the black hair clung to his forehead and neck, wet from the shower. Clear green eyes stared at Jake with some intense but indescribable emotion. Jake knew for certain he’d never seen anything so beautiful. A fully clothed guy — really big — stood behind Roan. The model looked over his shoulder. “It’s okay, Jimmy. He’s a friend. Give us a minute, okay?” The big man disappeared around the lockers.

A friend? Oh shit, yeah.

Maybe a stop-action camera could have shown who moved first, but Jake couldn’t describe how he was one moment standing by the lockers and the next locked in Roan’s arms, his mouth crushed against those full, soft lips. He’d never kissed a man before, but this wasn’t “a man,” it was Roan, and Jake couldn’t suck his tongue far enough into his throat.

The model moaned and whimpered as Jake’s arms pulled him tighter. It was like the boy softened in his arms, the curved lips opening to receive him. And Jake somehow understood that when Roan said he was a bottom, he meant it. Despite the audacious beauty and aura of confidence, the man was deeply submissive. The very idea raged straight to Jake’s cock like he’d been struck by lightning. 

QUESTION TWO: What is Roan wearing in this scene?
Excerpt Three: Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle

He asked the first question that came to him. “Why do you look like me?”

“I don’t,” it corrected. “You look like me.”

He stood on shaking legs and glowered at the calm, still smiling thing.

“That isn’t possible. Why would I look like you?!”

“Good question. Think hard.”

Daniel had no idea what he was meant to think of.


“I’m not broken!” he growled bravely but tensed and tried to back away when it moved to


It rose in a flowing motion, so smooth it almost didn’t look as if it were really moving. More like it simply had always been standing, and Daniel had only seen things incorrectly to think otherwise. The overall affect was disconcerting. When it began to walk closer, he noticed that the birdlike features were brought out by the light of the moon through the trees, giving it the ever changing effect from before. Daniel wondered which image was real, or if they both were. Would it be able to exist in daylight, or was it like a vampire, and harmed by the sun’s clarity? His musings caused him to lose focus, which was brought back to him in a rush when that face, that strange, shifting countenance, was only a breath from his own. He threw himself backward, but the hands caught him, human hands, no matter if they were scaled and tipped with talons, they were still human, somehow. “Taking it back,” the thing insisted.

“Taking what back?”

It studied him as it spoke, “My life, my face. I’ll take you, too. Bonus, for being a slave to your kind for so long.”

Daniel’s lips parted, though whatever he’d been about to say was instantly stolen, along with his breath. The moment before he spoke, the creature was there, slick tongue slipping past Daniel’s chapped lips and into his unguarded mouth. He gasped and tried to fight its hold, but it was too strong, too sure. He gradually felt his will to run slipping away, as if the creature were sucking it from him by way of his own captive tongue.

It was surreal. He couldn’t understand what was happening, let alone why. He was aware of the odd fact here and there, but his mind refused to put things together in any kind of rational order.

The monster smelled nice. Like the smell of the spring woods at dawn. He tried to blink and only then did he realize that he’d closed his eyes. They opened again, quickly, he needed to watch it. No telling what it would try if he didn’t.

It was obviously trying to suck his face off through his mouth.

I am going insane.

There was a faint taste of wood smoke, black licorice, and cloves.

Daniel clenched his teeth shut in desperation, but missed the thing’s tongue.

It licked him! Licked against his cheek and nipped at his nose before laving the crease of his lips.

“Stop!” He swung his fist, wincing when he connected solidly against where an ear might have been hiding beneath the feathers. Its head snapped hard to the side then struck back around with the force of a cobra, latching onto Daniel’s neck. The fangs hooked in solidly, and he realized they were barbed, like tiny fishhooks.

He curled his fingers into fists, only noticing afterward that they had been resting, one against the beast’s chest and one against the side of its face. Daniel found himself clenching it closer to him. The longer they stayed locked in that unmoving tableau, the more confused Daniel became. He couldn’t quite recall what he was doing there, why he was fighting, if he was fighting. The teeth were motionless, and the ache from them a dull, echoing throb.

Then it pulled back.

He screamed.

QUESTION THREE: What does the monster smell of?

Excerpt Four:  Snow  by Pelaam 


He dived beneath the water and emerged, his arms around Snow’s hips, lifting the younger man into the air. As he gently let Snow slide through his arms, he could see something had changed. The younger man slipped a hand into his and led him back to shore. He was urged onto a thick covering of maroon moss and Snow lay beside him.

“Why do I feel I’ve known you all my life? Why do I feel I was waiting for you?” Snow asked him.

Snow’s eyes were full of anguish and confusion as Nolen gazed into them. I was waiting for you, too, he thought to himself. The realisation hit him full-force and he knew it with every cell of his being. No one could ever replace Snow in his heart.

It explained why his early romances were arm’s-length dances, and why his choices over the last couple of years were ones he knew deep in his soul were never going to lead anywhere; for example, his relationship with Terrian. They had been wrong for each other on so many levels it was almost unreal. He cupped a too-thin cheek in his hand. He couldn’t do this while Snow was oblivious to who they were. He felt as if he was taking some kind of unfair advantage.

I want to. Dear God in Heaven, I want to with every cell of my being, but Snow doesn’t know me. He doesn’t even know himself. I can’t take advantage of him, a man who has amnesia and will have to re-learn everything about himself. Perhaps when we’re back home…

“Snow, you’re just—” he began.

“I’m not a child! I’m not a child!” Snow shouted angrily.

The outburst was completely unexpected and so were the cool lips pressing urgently on his. Nolen heard the low rumble that emanated from deep in his chest. It was as much a sound of defeat as it was victory. He could feel Snow’s erection. Its heat branded Nolan’s naked thigh. He thrust his tongue deep into the warm recesses of Snow’s mouth, crushing the slighter form against his bare chest, determined to possess the younger man. To ensure that Snow would never look at or want another again, even with his memories restored.

Snow rubbed desperately against his thigh and Nolen knew what Snow wanted—no, needed. He pressed Snow downwards, the thick moss creating a soft cushion for the thin body of his soon-to-be lover. Kissing his way down Snow’s writhing body, Nolen fed greedily at his large, dark areolas, nipping and sucking at the peaked nipples.

QUESTION FOUR: What was completely unexpected? 

Excerpt five: Something to Believe In by Sloan Parker

He opened his mouth to speak, hesitated, licked his lips as he kept his focus on mine. Finally, he met my stare. “I love you, Sean.” He held on to me and flipped us around until my back was pressing into the mattress, his body molded to mine. “I fucking love you. Always have.” He ran a palm along my cheek and caressed my lower lip with the pad of his thumb. “Just once I want something real. Something beautiful with you.”

Was I still asleep, dreaming while he showered?

He cupped the back of my head and leaned down, then paused with our mouths an inch apart. “Tell me to stop.”

Right. I’d get right on that.

I wasn’t sure I could breathe much less say something utterly ridiculous like stop. No matter what I’d been picturing for the past year, I hadn’t hoped for anything even close to this moment, to hear those words from him.

He came the rest of the way and brushed his lips against mine. The soft kiss had a tender quality to it I’d never known possible, so different from the intimacy—or lack of—I’d had in my life.

He swept his lips over mine again. Then the kiss—and the moment—was about so much more as he opened his mouth and his tongue came out to caress my bottom lip. Instinctively, I followed suit. Our tongues met and the kiss deepened. We were wrapped up in each other, his scent and touch were all over me, all around me, like the air I breathed.

QUESTION FIVE: What does Sean’s lover ask him to tell him?

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New Years First Kisses from 50+ Authors. Goodies for You!

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Excerpt one: The Forester by Blaine D. Arden

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The door opened immediately when I knocked, and, without a word, the Forester let me in and led me up to his bedroom. No, not the Forester. Taruif. His name was Taruif.

Ianys sat on the bed, dressed only in his trousers. His eyes lit up when he saw me. “He told me you’d come,” Ianys said as he stood to greet me. “I wasn’t so sure.”

“Neither was I,” I whispered, stepping into his embrace and kissing him as if it was the most natural thing to do.

I shuddered when fingers brushed along the ridges of my wings, trailed the edges, followed by Taruif’s deep voice. “I always admired your wings, so graceful when you open them before taking flight.”

My wings were no different than anyone else’s, but the fact he noticed mine—noticed me—warmed me. I opened them just a bit, giving Taruif access to the more sensitive parts while Ianys brushed his lips against mine again.

I’d never done this, been with more than one lover at the same time, but it felt right, felt good to stand between these two. I brushed my hands across Ianys’ stubbly chest, his shoulders, and grabbed hold of his hair as he deepened the kiss, shuddering against him as Taruif’s touches became bolder, lighter, more teasing. I moaned into Ianys’ mouth and felt my knees buckle. Taruif’s arm snaked around me, and I was pulled against his naked chest, carefully, mindful of my wings. When had Taruif undressed himself?

I didn’t want Ianys to stop kissing me, but I had a sudden desire to watch Taruif, to see his vines, to trace them down to…

Taruif stepped back, giving me the space to refold my wings and do as I was imagining. I ran my tongue across Ianys’ lips one more time and turned around. Taruif was beautiful, all sleek, lean muscle and wiry, hidden strength, and not an ounce of fat. A narrow waist and the most beautiful trail of vine leaves from his neck to… My breath hitched as I noticed how close to his cock the leaves went. One seemed to disappear below as the vines curled along the inside of his leg, all the way down to his ankle.

Fingers brushed underneath my tunic, across my stomach and up to my chest.
“He is beautiful, isn’t he?” Ianys whispered in my ear.

“Yes.” I gasped as he brushed across my nipples at the same time as Taruif raised his head and looked at me with his piercing blue eyes.

Taruif’s lips parted as he caught my expression. He seemed shocked and pleased at the same time. No blank expression at all. I had never seen emotion so clear in his face, and I couldn’t help but smile. “You are beautiful.” I had to say it. How could I not? He deserved it mentioned.

Taruif seemed almost bashful now, a slight red blush adorning his cheeks as he smiled, too. He was beautiful, more than I could have ever imagined.

Ianys lifted the back of my tunic over my folded wings before grabbing the hem. I raised my hands to let him take it off. He dropped it to the floor next to me and pulled me back against him. “He couldn’t stop talking about inviting you to complete us.”

My jaw dropped. I had a hard time imagining Taruif as talkative as that. But, I didn’t really know him, did I? How could I?

Taruif stepped closer and reached out, placing one hand flat against my sternum. “I knew you belonged to us even before Ianys first told me about you.”

I swallowed away the jealousy at their bond, their closeness. Swallowed against the emotion of knowing they were together when I was dreaming of them, separately. “I…” I couldn’t say a word apparently, couldn’t express what I was feeling, but as Taruif brushed his lips against mine, I found that words weren’t needed at all.

Taruif’s lips were warm, softer than Ianys’ but no less forceful as he ran his tongue across my lower lip, demanding instant access. I parted my lips, and his tongue slipped inside, brushing against my teeth, my tongue. He stepped closer, pushed his body against mine, and I felt overwhelmed by the warmth of his skin against mine. It should have felt claustrophobic, being pressed between the two, but all I could do was sigh into Taruif’s mouth as I reveled in their presence.

QUESTION ONE: Had the narrator ever been with more than one lover before?

Excerpt Two: His and Hers and Hers by Nona Raines.

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Without stopping to think, Cassie lifted both hands to Kyla’s face and placed her lips softly on that lovely full mouth. Ky’s lips were just as soft and delicious as she imagined.

When she pulled back, Kyla gave her a baffled smile, her expression asking What just happened? Then she touched her tongue to her lips, as though tasting a new flavor of ice cream and trying to decide if she liked it.

Jordan stared at them. He’d picked up her phone from the floor and held it in his hand. All three of them were frozen.

Kyla broke the spell. She closed the gap between them and hungrily returned the kiss. It was soft, sensuous but insistent. Like Kyla. Ky used her tongue to tickle Cassie’s lips, urging them to open. Cassie flung her arms around Kyla, crushing her close, pressing their fronts together. This is how she kisses Jordan. Her pussy flooded.

Their tongues played, sometimes sliding together sinuously, sometimes dueling teasingly. Cassie could have gone on forever, but Kyla broke off the kiss, just as she’d initiated it. She pushed her hair back, licked her lips, and at looked at Jordan. “You good?”

He was as motionless as the Tin Man when Dorothy found him. “Wow,” was all he could say.

“You okay with this, babe?” Kyla focused on her man. She wouldn’t go on without his consent. A barb of jealousy pricked Cassie. No, it wasn’t jealousy. It was loneliness, knowing they came first with each other and she was only the add-on.

They waited, the room so quiet that Cassie heard him swallow. “Yeah.” Jordan’s voice was something between a purr and a growl. “Hell, yeah. You girls knock yourselves out.”

QUESTION TWO: Who was Jordan as motionless as?

Excerpt three: Sins of Lust by Viki Lyn

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Sadness lingered in Uri-el’s eyes, but also desire, turning their color a thunderous blue. Uri-el wanted him. A Protector. Izar didn’t understand why, unless Uri-el’s gaze only saw Razi-el. No matter the reason, he couldn’t stop what was about to happen. He couldn’t speak, too shocked, too excited, too aroused.

Uri-el pressed his mouth against Izar’s, the tip of his tongue prying open Izar’s lips. Not that Izar needed encouragement. He wanted so badly to taste Uri-el. And when the tongue slipped in, it was more incredible than he’d imagined—lips soft but firm, demanding in intensity. Uri-el’s taste exploded inside of him, and the sweetness lingered in the back of his throat. He stroked Uri-el’s neck, savoring the kiss, hoping it’d last.

Uri-el caressed his cheek, pressing closer, his tongue exploring deeper while Izar held Uri-el’s shoulder, so afraid he would float away. Angels were ethereal, a whisper away from disappearing. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing Uri-el now.

The kiss intensified and he flushed from head to toe. Sex was for release, and he treated it as such, but what he felt for Uri-el changed the rules. His thoughts were too complex to sort out in the heat of sex. All he knew was he never wanted to let go.

QUESTION THREE: What was sex for?

Excerpt Four: Love the Sinner [Brooklyn Sinners #1] by Avril Ashton

Buy Link:

“Qué quieres, Gabe? What do you want?”

His name on Pagan’s lips sounded so good. So right. Gabe looked at him, trying but failing to find words.

“Damn it, Gabe.” Pagan wrenched out of his hold and grabbed his shoulders. “Tell me what you want.”

“To kiss you.” The words tumbled from his lips, harsher than he intended. “Just once. To know what it’s like. What you taste like.”

Pagan’s eyes darkened.

“Maybe then I’ll be able to forget you.”

Pagan arched an eyebrow and stepped forward. “You think it’s that simple?”

Gabe held his ground. “Yeah.”

“So do it.” They stood chest to chest. Pagan’s warm breath caressed Gabe’s forehead when he said softly, “Kiss me, cop. Then try to forget me.”

Gabe grabbed him by the neck, yanking him down. Their lips clashed, hard and hot. He thrust his tongue inside when Pagan opened. There was no describing the unique taste of man and need as Pagan growled into his mouth. Nothing feminine about the tongue parrying with his or the fingers gripping his ass.

Nothing repulsive either. Just right and…Angelo.

Between their bodies pressed so tightly together—when did that happen?—his cock lengthened and wept, aching. He grunted, fingers sliding into Pagan’s hair and anchoring as he rocked into the other man’s erection. He stroked his tongue over Pagan’s teeth and tongue, searching deep, needing more of that taste. That indescribable taste of Angelo Pagan he was quickly getting drunk on.

Their hips rocked into each other, cocks straining, rubbing as he inserted a thigh between Pagan’s legs. Pagan shuddered, his body arching as he moved on Gabe’s thigh, his movements fluid and sensual.

The panic Gabe thought would set in at the other man’s touch, his kiss, never did. Six weeks he’d dreamt of this, wondered if he was losing his mind, and nothing felt as natural as the slide of Pagan’s tongue over his or the sensation of his fingers sinking into his ass cheeks. All the pain and betrayal of the past six weeks faded to a dull memory in the background.
The friction of jeans and thighs against his cock felt so good. He deepened the kiss, teeth clinking, writhing on Pagan as his balls grew heavier and the base of his spine itched.
From a kiss.

Pagan tore his mouth away. “Fuck!” His chest heaved.

“Oh my God.” Gabe didn’t recognize the words falling from his lips. They sounded wrecked, ravaged. Like his insides. Staring at Pagan’s lips, red and glistening from his kisses, he couldn’t catch his breath. He curled his hands into fists and rocked back on his heels with his eyes squeezed shut.

Rough fingers palmed his throat. “Can you forget that, amante?” Soft kisses brushed his forehead, nose and eyes. “I can’t. I dare you to try.” Pagan moved away, taking his heat with him.

Gabe didn’t open his eyes until he heard his front door close.

QUESTION FOUR: what does Gabe get drunk on?

Excerpt five: Scarred Souls by T.T. Cove

Buy link:

Damian resolutely turned his focus on the black television when Josh sat down next to him on the sofa. He could feel Josh’s eyes on him though and it made him twitch. He finally couldn’t stand it and turned his head to meet those green eyes. “What?”

“Nothing. Just …” Josh bent forward and pressed his lips to Damian’s in a soft kiss.

Damian found himself paralyzed. Josh was kissing him! They’d met not even half and hour before and Josh was kissing him! It was weird being kissed … It was Damian’s first. He’d never been interested in anyone; both kissing and sex had always been so foreign to him. And now here he was, being kissed by some boy and he kind of liked it and his body was reacting to it.

QUESTION FIVE: Has Damian ever been kissed before?

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