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First, i should say i’m not a book reviewer, i’m a writer. I won’t be keeping up on all the new releases and giving you a balanced critique. Instead, from time-to-time i’ll share one of my favorite books (or maybe one i don’t like and think you could skip). Many of my favorites will be m/m contemporary because that’s what i like to write and read, but some paranormal will slip in and an occasional historical. So these are just a writer’s comments.

A couple months ago, i read More by Sloan Parker, a contemporary m/m/m menage. This, my friends, is a tough genre to carry off. Sloan, a woman, has to get into the head, heart and voice of not just two, but three men and keep them separate, unique and believable. She succeeds brilliantly. In fact, More has something for every reader. Luke is the tortured, repressed and angst-ridden central character. The book is written in first person so we’re locked into his point-of-view. His conflict with his father, a prominent conservative politician who will do anything to keep his gay son hidden from the press, is the driving action of the story. Richard is the alpha male with a heart, balanced and strong. And Matthew — well clearly, Sloan has a special place in her heart for him (or maybe it was just me.) Gentle, sensitive, young and pretty, Matthew reveals wisdom beyond his years and is the emotional glue of the trio.
While the book is character-centered, there is a lot of plot. While i tend to like simple stories and so am just as happy without much complexity, More has huge conflict and page-turner qualities that will make readers very happy. When conflict gets too intense i have to pause in my reading, and Sloan did that to me on more than one page. There’s also some mild kink for those that like a little BDSM in their romance.
But most of all, the emotional elements of the story ring true. The men have their own conflicts and the reader believes both the path and resolution of each story. If Matthew stands out, it’s appropriate since Sloan gives him the heart of the story to carry.
I would tell you that More is Sloan Parker’s first book but there’s actually no reason because if i don’t say anything you will never know. The book has the polish, depth and sparkle of an accomplished writer. Imagine how good she’ll get with experience.
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