If you like thrillers and/or mysteries, I got something for you!!

An anthology of stories to thrill and chill. Written by 22 authors. Narrated by 22 performers. 

Coming to audio, ebook, and paperback on Nov. 15, 2018!
Wrong Turn: An Anthology

It’s dark…

You’re tired. Not thinking straight. It’s the worst time of all for you to make decisions, and maybe that’s why you take a…WRONG  TURN.

In this new anthology offered by Blunder Woman Productions, you’ll take a trip down twisty roads into forests, back alleys, and even across the border between life and death. Together these tales are funny, creepy, weird, contemplative, traditional, and speculative. This is a perfect collection for dark nights when the wind is howling and you’re curled up in front of a crackling fire, or listening to while you’re taking a long walk.  The characters in these stories might take a wrong turn, but it’s the right move for any fan of thrillers and mysteries.

Edited by Tanya Eby
Foreword by Bernard Schaffer
Published by Blunder Woman Productions

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Anthology Includes


By Michele Reed
Performed by Megan Tusing

A wrong turn right into the past.

By Jim Shaffer
Performed by Peter Berkrot

  An investigator looks into the reported suicide of his best friend, why it happened, what went wrong and if, in the end, it really was a suicide.

By Heidi Hunter
Performed by Sarah Mollo-Christensen

A wrong turn takes a couple to a ghost town haunted by an entity more terrifying than the resident spirits.

By Molly Thynes
Performed by Amy Landon

 When Jehovah’s Witnesses, Valerie and Ana, finally find someone at home, the young women tells them the reason why everything is so quiet on her street…but shouldn’t they already know this?

By Chris Martin
Performed by PJ Ochlan

When a daughter loses her way, a father’s worst fears are brought to light.

By J.R. Hayslett
Performed by Dawn Harvey

 When Greg and Janet embark on a 500-mile trip to save Janet’s recently widowed dad from making a disastrous wrong turn in his life, they find themselves in a bizarre déjà vu world that keeps them from making a fateful wrong turn in their own lives.

By Laura Jennings
Performed by Andi Arndt

Finally forced to choose between obligations or obsession, Charles makes his decision.

By Laird Long
Performed by Renee Chamblis and Julie McKay

Glowing bright fireflies are a delight at night; but a green and blue luminescent fairy with dragonfly wings is a sight to enrapture and capture.

By Rosemary Hayes
Performed by Erin Mallon

Halloween. Scary creatures, blood, and screams. Murder. Can Detective Ron Taylor and his wife Val catch the real monster?

By Kelley Ernst
Performed by Bailey Carr

A young woman, dissatisfied with love and life in modern times, comes face to face with the flesh and blood incarnation of all her romanticized notions of days gone by. But are things as they seem?

By Elena Sichrovsky
Performed by Jeffrey Kafer

Most people just want to make it through their day, but Christopher Joseph Brent wakes up every day hoping some disaster will strike so that he won’t even have to see the sun rise tomorrow.

By Robb White
Performed by Tim Campbell

Four friends, recent college graduates, are traveling through Utah’s canyon country on their way to tech jobs in California when their lives are changed forever—and only one of them knows exactly what happened in those missing twenty-four hours.

Written and performed by JOHNNY HELLER

 A noir tale about a guy who makes a wrong turn on a hot New York day and finds some hapless thugs, a kidnapped pooch, a dame and a new purpose.

By Sharon Hart Addy
Performed by Andrea Emmes

Picking Josh up after his mom’s car broke through the barrier and ended up in the river that dark, rainy night was natural, but what happened afterward was anything but.

by Chris Rodriguez
Performed by Chris Cuilla

Small time gambler, Lucky Loo’s luck runs out – permanently.

By Alexander Shearer
Performed by Suzanne Freeman

A package thief prompts a San Francisco mom to dust off some skills from her old career.

By M. Regan
Performed by Vikas Adam

It’s okay if you’ve never been in love before, because CareKeion cares about you.

By Lawrence Allan Pontius
Performed by Andrew Eiden

Dumping a body in the lake was supposed to be easy, but, it turns out,  for Shane and Kevin, some favors are harder than others.

By Sharon L. Cook
Performed by Melissa Moran

When Arnold and his mistress sneak away to their hidden love nest, they have more to fear than an approaching blizzard . . .

By DJ Tyrer
Performed by Romy Nordlinger

Blindly following the satnav leads to more trouble than just a congestion charge when a family is caught up in a spreading wave of terror.

By Tom Mead
Performed by Gary Furlong

A respectable psychiatrist finds himself roped into a murder plot, but as events spiral out of control he begins to wonder if somewhere along the line he has taken a wrong turn.

By Jacqueline Seewald
Performed by Madeline Maby

A recluse mystery writer commits suicide, but is everything as it seems?

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Cover Reveal Blitz! Snow Balls #TaraLain #BallstotheWall

Hi and welcome! I’m so happy to get to reveal the cover of one of my favorite books. Snow Balls came out originally in 2012 and was one of the bestselling gay romances of that year. Now i get to reintroduce it to brand new readers. JJ is one of the heroes who most captures my heart. I hope you love him too. Don’t you love the new cover by the fabulous Reese Dante? Thanks for stopping by! : )

Is it always wrong to pretend to be Mr. Right?


Snow Balls
(Balls to the Wall Series, #4)
By Tara Lain
JJ LaRousse looks like a quarterback but acts like a queen. He’s trying to be proud of who he is—until a robbery at the famous Laguna Winter Fantasy brings JJ face-to-face with tough cop Ryan Star. JJ hears Ryan likes manly men, so he drops his voice an octave, colors his pink hair, and tries to pass as a football fan.
Ryan Star may be tough, but he keeps his sexuality to himself at work. He learned in New York that being a gay cop can be deadly. His attraction to JJ threatens his secret, but he’s finding it hard to back away from a guy who’s so totally his type. Then, during a ski trip and a confrontation with JJ’s biggest nemesis, all the façades come crashing down. In the aftermath, can Ryan love JJ for who he really is? More importantly, can JJ?



Available for pre-order at



Release Date: 
December 6, 2017




Carefully he placed the art objects into the scene. These dolls would
bring in the money during Winter Fantasy because people could afford to give
them as gifts. An original piece of art at a reasonable price. It was a great
find for shoppers. He nestled a lovely red-and-green doll into a forest of tiny
“That’s really pretty.”
“Oh.” JJ almost dropped the doll. He grabbed it firmly, placed it,
breathed, and turned toward the husky voice. Showtime.
The cop raised the corners of his mouth slightly. “Sorry. Didn’t mean
to startle you.”
Could he try out his own deep voice? JJ cleared his throat and dropped
his tone from the usual stratosphere. “Not a problem. I wasn’t paying
attention.” Blue. The guy’s eyes were a deep blue. Up close, his face had a
classic structure that looked like it had been wrecked a bit: a high-bridged
nose with a slight crook, as if somebody broke it once or twice, creamy skin
marred by a few orange-peel-like marks, a light scar from the upper part of his
neck that curved over his jaw. Scary. Ummmm… and sexy.
The policeman took out a small notebook—just like in the movies. “I’d
like to ask you a few questions about what you saw today.”
JJ took hold of the edges of the counter so he could keep his hands
still. “Okay.” He tried again, an octave lower. “Sure. Shoot.”
The guy flipped a page of the notebook. JJ stared at him and the
question burst out. “Uh, what’s your name?”
The guy looked embarrassed. “I’m so sorry. I should have identified
myself. I just… uh, I’m Detective Star.” He flashed his badge.
“What Star?”
“Excuse me?”
“What’s your first name?”
“Oh. Ryan.”
JJ smiled. “Nice name. I’m JJ LaRousse.”
The detective looked a little confused, but he wrote it down. “One S
or two?”
“Two. And the JJ stands for Jamison Jeremiah.”
“So, Mr. LaRousse—”
“JJ. Can you tell me where you were this morning at nine forty-five?”
JJ’s eyes widened. “Do you think I did the robberies?” He held the
counter really tight.
“Mr.—uh, JJ—I was told that you saw the thieves, and I’m just trying
to determine the chain of events.”
JJ breathed out. Relax!
“Yes, uh, I was right here in this booth.”
“Can you describe what you saw?”
“I saw Santa Claus and his elf walking past really fast.” He looked
into the blue eyes. “I guess I should say I saw two men dressed as those
“Can you describe them?”
“The Santa guy was kind of tall. A little taller than you, but not as
tall as me.”
Star wrote. “So, about six feet one or so?”
“Probably, yes. The other guy was little. That’s one reason why I
didn’t think anything strange. The elf was really small—like, he fit the
costume. I figured they were just rehearsing for the Winter Fantasy Santa’s
“How small.”
JJ held out his hand at the middle of his chest.
“About five foot four?”
“Yeah, or maybe smaller.”
“But it was definitely a man?”
JJ cocked his head. “Good question.”
Again, that gaze speared him. “Close your eyes and picture the two of
them and see if you remember anything that would indicate if the person might
have been female.”
JJ closed his eyes. Wow. The
detective smelled good. Like citrus with some honey in it. A soft smell, not
overpowering at all. Maybe he could just snuggle his head against Ryan’s neck
and inhale deeply. “Ummm.”


JJ stuck out his fist. Ryan looked a little
startled, then bumped it. “So maybe I’ll see you Sunday.”
Ryan nodded. “Yeah. Yeah.”
Star turned and walked a couple of steps. He
stopped and looked over his shoulder. “Hope so.” And he walked away toward the
entrance to the grounds.
O. M. G. JJ wanted to sit down in the middle of
the sawdust. Did he really see that look in Ryan Star’s eyes when the guy said
those two words “Hope so”? Something that looked like he cared if he saw JJ
JJ certainly cared if he saw Ryan again. But what
the hell? A Chargers game? How could he ever fake his way through that?
He took off at a run and made it to the booth in
seconds. Rodney was talking to a few customers and David was on his cell,
fingering the twinkle lights in JJ’s display. JJ took a deep breath. Finally,
David hung up and JJ pounced. “Oh my god of the last kid chosen for kickball,
Ryan Star asked me out.”
David grinned. “Of course, I’m a champion
But what if…. “Actually, I’m not sure it’s a
date. I mean, he asked me to go with him, but it could be just a guy thing, you
“Tell me what he said.”
“He said he could pick me up, or we could meet
David screwed up his smooth forehead. “Hmm.
That’s too neutral to tell. What else? Where’s he taking you?”
JJ’s grin defined sheepish. “A Chargers game.” JJ
grinned anxiously. “That’s football, right?”
“You’re joking, darling?”
“It’s not football?”
“Yes, it’s football, but you’re seriously
considering going to a football game?”
“Yes.” JJ’s hands started to flutter. “Oh God,
David, what am I going to do? I don’t know anything about it at all.”
“About what?” Rodney stepped up next to David.
David glanced at his miniature friend. “Football.
Somehow JJ has managed to get himself invited to a football game.”
JJ wailed. “And I don’t know the first thing!”
Rodney shrugged. “Simple.”
JJ frowned. “What’s simple?”
“Just ask Jerry. He’s the magical knower of all
things boringly athletic. He will be your guru of football. Mick might help
Of course, their good friends Jerry and Mick
could cram some facts into JJ’s head.
David threw an arm around Rodney’s shoulder.
“Brilliant. You’re brilliant, my dear.”
Rod smiled, then looked up at JJ’s head. “And speaking
of football, where on earth did you get that ridiculous cap?”
JJ shrugged. “Ryan Star bought it for me.”
David whooped. “That’s it. In answer to your
question, Detective Star is taking you on a date.”
The Balls to the Wall Series
Volley Balls
Bk #1
Available to purchase at 
Fire Balls 
Bk #2
Available to purchase at
Beach Balls
Bk #3
Available to purchase at


FAST Balls
Bk #5
Available to purchase at
High Balls
Bk #6
Available for purchase at


Prefer paperback?
The first and second book are now available in paperback! 


About the Author


Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 32. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog near the sea in California where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!


You can find Tara at Lain


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Cover Reveal – Never by Tara Lain #PeterPan


When your dreams come to life, do you fall in love — or send them back to Neverland?

Hi and welcome! Earlier this year, readers were asking me if I was going to write any more Pennymaker Tales. In fact, they were saying puh-leeeez write some more (thank you!). So i went to my Beautiful Dream Team and asked what fairy tales or stories they’d like to see retold as MM contemporary romances. One of my Team suggested Peter Pan. A light went on in my brain, and i had to create the tale of how the clash between the forever young Peter and the forever responsible Wendy would look if those two became two grownup guys named Peter and Wendall.I hope you’ll love the newest excursion of Mr. Pennymaker into love sweet love!

(The Pennymaker Tales, #4)
By Tara Lain




Wendell “Wen” Darling lives in a world of shoulds and musts. Left to care for his brother and sister by his dull drudge of a father and wacko irresponsible mother, he suppresses his creativity, slaving in an ad agency seventy hours a week, letting his no-talent supervisor take the credit.
Then his bosses blow the campaign for their biggest client and Wen gets a chance to shine—but only if he can find the artist who painted a wild, glorious wall of graffiti in the subway. Hiding behind a pillar at 2:00 a.m., Wen comes face-to-face with the scarlet-haired, elven-faced embodiment of his divergent opposite—Peter Panachek, the flighty, live-for-today painter, singer, and leader of the rock group the Lost Boys. Everything Wen takes seriously, Peter laughs off, but opposites attract, even if their kisses always lead to battles. Peter’s devil-may-care persona hides a world of secrets, self-protection, and hidden fears, until the day a drug dealer, Vadon Hooker, threatens everything Wen holds dear. Guided by the mysterious Mr. Pennymaker, Peter has to choose between facing responsibility or burrowing even deeper into Neverland.



Release Date:


November 3, 2017


Available for Pre-Order at
Also available in paperback!




Descending the stairs like a
flaming Baryshnikov came a guy as big as a sumo wrestler, wearing tight black
jeans and a T-shirt that strained over the vast expanse of his chest and belly.
Amazing, yes, but who could see him, because above his head, in a position like
some flying ballerina, he held —a guy. What a guy. The boy—he looked to be in
his teens, but then so did Wen, so who knew?—stretched out in the air with his
legs raised and arms in Superman position. He wore black jeans, just as tight
as Sumo Guy’s, and a brilliant green T-shirt that made Wen look at his shock of
hair, so red it could have been painted, and his startling, captivating face.
This had to be a leprechaun or an elf come to life. His wide eyes turned up at
the corners like a cat laughing eternally, and they were so heavily lashed they
looked enhanced with guyliner. His nose turned up, his cheekbones stuck out,
there might be a cleft in his chin, and his mouth curved in a bow. Nothing on
that face should go together—but it came out a frigging masterpiece.
Trouping down behind this
Flying Wallenda act came three more guys, all dressed in black and managing to
represent the ethnic mix of the entire world in their small group. One guy’s
skin was black, and he was so handsome he barely looked real. One of them
appeared to be a mix of African and Asian and something Middle-Eastern
mysterious. One shorter dude must be a variety of Hispanic. Plus Parasol Girl
seemed to be a member of the club.
Sumo Guy carried the elf in a
wide circle as the boy flapped his arms. Then Sumo gave him a little toss,
which made Wen catch his breath. The elf flew up and landed gracefully in Sumo
Guy’s massive arms. He threw back his head, scarlet hair flying, and yelled,
Back on his feet, the elf
proved to be maybe five foot eight or nine of compact perfection—wide shoulders
for his small size, slim hips, and long legs. He bowed low to the applause of
his band of merry weirdos and turned in a circle. Wen sucked a small breath. Look at that butt. High, round, and
hard—definitely supernatural.


He got up off the couch, padded in the dark down the
narrow hall to John’s room, opened the door softly, and listened. Just soft
snuffling snores. Good. He closed the
door again, listened at Michaela’s as he walked past but heard no sounds of
anguish or illness.  Maybe just a siren
or a truck woke him. Of course, they were all so used to the traffic sounds of
Brooklyn that seemed unlikely. Collapsing on the couch again with a sigh, he
closed his eyes. Need some sleep.
Do I hear someone breathing?
He listened harder. So soft, but still breathing.
What the hell
should I do?
Someone might be behind the curtains with a gun. No, his
curtains wouldn’t hide a three-year-old. God knew, John had tried.
The breath kind of stuttered, like a little laugh. What the hell? It came from behind his
head, closer to the front door. Damn, I
wish I had a weapon.
Without moving his head, he turned his eyes toward the
coffee table. A lazy Susan that Michaela used to help serve sat in the middle.
It was made of some kind of heavy ceramic. That would have to do.
With a huge sweep of his covers, Wen sat up, sprang to
his feet, grabbed the lazy Susan in two hands and leaped forward—
—to see Peter’s eyes widen as he flattened himself
against the wall with his hands lifted to fend off his attacker.
Wen stared at his elf face and hissed, “What the hell are
you doing here?” No, wait, wrong
“How the hell did you get in here?”
Peter pointed at the slightly open window.
Uh, wait. Wen
walked over and looked out at the four-story drop—and the old rusty fire escape
that ran beside the window. What the
He stalked back to Peter, grabbed his arm, and pulled him to the
couch. “Sit.”
Peter sat.
Wen turned on a small lamp, went into the kitchenette,
grabbed their filter pitcher of water and poured two glasses, then carried them
back to the couch. He handed one to Peter. “I figure you need it after your
adventures. How the hell did you get up that fire escape without falling or
ripping the thing off the wall? Fly?”
He grinned. “I’m a good climber.”
Wen wanted to scream, and only biting his tongue kept it
at bay. “Why did you do it? I’ve asked you to help me. You’ve said no. We have
nothing else to talk about. You put yourself at risk, and you broke into my
house where my kids sleep!”
“Kids?” His cat eyes widened. “You have children?”
“Yes, they’re my younger brother and sister. I’m
responsible for them. I have to leave them alone sometimes, and now I find out
that any criminal can waltz up that fire escape and threaten them.”
“Well, not any criminal.” He gave a half grin.
“It’s not funny.”
“No. I get that. But honestly, most people would rip that
thing off the wall. I really am a good climber and it’s very high. I think you
and your kids are safe.”
Wen planted a hand on his hip. “From everyone but you.”
“Yeah.” He giggled, which despite being shocked and
furious, kind of made Wen want to smile.



The Pennymaker Tales Series


Sinders and Ash
(The Pennymaker Tales Series, #1)
by Tara Lain
Available for order at
Kindle | AudibleNook | Kobo | iTunes | Dreamspinner Press



Driven Snow
(The Pennymaker Tales, #2)
by Tara Lain
Available for purchase at



Beauty, Inc.
(The Pennymaker Tales #3) 

Available for purchase at


Want to get these lovelies in paperback? 

Sinders and Ash and Beauty, Inc. (Pennymaker Tales)

Available for purchase at
Amazon | Barnes & Noble


About the Author


Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 32. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog near the sea in California where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!


You can find Tara at Lain



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Cover Reveal: High Balls #BallstotheWall #NewBook

Hi and welcome — I’m really excited to give you a nibble of the first totally new book in the Balls to the Wall Series in years. High Balls was so fun to write and i hope you’ll love reading it. BTW, another completely new Balls book will be coming in Jan 2018, so when you’ve read High Balls, you’re not done! Enjoy the excerpt.

A brand new story in the BALLS TO THE WALL Series!


Sometimes only the wrong guy can bring the 
right happy ever after.


High Balls
(Balls To The Wall Series #6 )
by Tara Lain
Though only twenty-six, single father Theodore Walters lives with his head in the clouds and his feet firmly planted in reality. At the center of his life is Andy, his seven-year-old son, with whom he shares no DNA, though nobody—including his religious-fanatic in-laws—knows that, and Theodore will do anything to keep them from finding out. Theodore works hard to get his PhD and the tenure and salary that might follow to make a better life for Andy—but the head of his department thinks his dissertation on Jane Austen and romance novels is frivolous.


Theodore’s carefully planned life goes off the rails when he walks into a popular Laguna Beach bar and meets the bartender, “Snake” Erasmo, a pierced and tattooed biker who sends Theodore’s imagination—and libido—soaring. Snake has even more secrets than Theodore and couldn’t be a less “appropriate” match, but he might be the only guy with the skills to show Theodore that happily-ever-after is for real.
Release Date:
Oct. 4, 2017


Available for pre-order at




He flipped
on some Chopin and let it seep into his bloodstream like antistress pills. Such
a weird feeling he got each month when Andy visited his grandparents. Kind of
lost. Aimless. Sure, he had hella studying to do, but he did that every night,
curled in his chair, sometimes with Andy sitting on his lap figuring out his
homework. When he sat for his orals, he’d probably start quoting second-grade
spelling instead of defending his dissertation on the modern romance novel as
the inheritor of the tradition of Jane Austen. But that was how life was
supposed to be. His life, anyway—all based on one decision made almost on the
spur of the moment when he was eighteen years old. A decision made possible by
an asshole named JP Rellico.
He stopped
at the light at Pacific Coast Highway. The traffic going north wasn’t too bad
yet, but the south lane toward Laguna already backed up to Ruby Ridge. The
drivers had that Friday afternoon look of combined relief and weariness.
A rumbling
roar sounded and Theodore jumped. Threading through traffic came a shiny
Harley, moving with more assurance than such a big machine should muster. But
the motorcycle definitely took second place to the rider. The guy stopped and
put his foot down just yards from where Theodore waited, the booted foot
attached to long, long legs with thigh muscles that challenged the black denim
covering them. Unlike a lot of Harley drivers, this man had no fat of any kind;
his long-sleeved T-shirt hugged a narrow waist and broad shoulders. Theodore
strained to see his face, but a dark-visored helmet hid it, although strands of
shaggy dark hair escaped the bottom. Most of all, Theodore noticed the tattoos
that crawled in beautiful winding patterns up the guy’s forearms where they
showed below his pushed-up sleeves. Whoa.
Just the energy of the rider screamed free.
One of those tats had to say, I don’t
give a shit
It was like
Theodore could feel the vibration of the bike all the way across the street and
deep in his balls. What would it be like to live so unrestrained? Go and do
what you want and not worry about anyone else? His cock rose like sunrise on a
summer day.
A beep
behind him woke him up. Shit. Quit
dreaming, idiot.
He stepped on the accelerator and pulled out into the
northbound lane just as the rider turned his head toward Theodore. Theodore’s
foot faltered, he craned his neck to see the guy’s face—just a glimpse—and got
the squeal of tires and another, more pissed-off beep for his trouble.
He stepped on it and sprang—to the extent the Toyota had any spring left—toward
the college.


Snake looked in the mirror again. That was Pink Hair talking.
Teddy stood beside the Greek statue and looked—scared? Anxious? Probably
embarrassed. Why did he come here? To
prance this beautiful man in front of me?
He sighed. As if I’m all that.
He turned, tried to smile, and failed. “Yeah. What can I get you?”
“Champagne cocktail for me, darling.” Pink Hair smiled and gazed
into Snake’s eyes. Did they know who he was?
Greek Statue asked for the same. Big, hunky, and handsome wanted a
beer and—that left Teddy. Snake nodded to him without meeting his eyes. “What
can I get you?”
“Beer, please. Uh, Snake, these are my friends.”
Startled at being addressed by name, he finally looked at Teddy.
“I gathered that.”
“Uh, that’s Rodney, uh, Rod, and his husband, Hunter. Rod’s a
famous painter and Hunter’s a college teacher like me.”
Snake still couldn’t get his smile muscles to move, but he stuck a
hand across the bar and shook with both men, although the one called Rod only
offered fingertips. Snake’s eyes fled back to Teddy.
Teddy glanced at the beauty next to him and said, “This is David.
He owns the Underwood Galley on Forest. He’s Rod’s bestie. His husbands are
away playing volleyball, so we’re keeping him company.”
Snake just stared. Too many words he didn’t quite grasp. Did he really say husbands? Like, plural? But bottom line—Snake’s
face broke out in a smile. “Hi, David, really pleased to meet you.” He shook
the handsome man’s slim hand as his brain repeated the mantra, Not his boyfriend. Not his boyfriend. Not
his boyfriend.
Rod said in his dancing, musical voice, “You thought David was
Theodore’s boyfriend, didn’t you?”
Snake felt the crease pop between his eyebrows and smoothed it
with intention. “Looked like it.”
Teddy really frowned. “So you assumed I lied to you?”
“Thought crossed my mind.” He glanced up at the scowling Teddy
Bear and almost laughed. “Sorry.”
Rod said, “Theodore, be reasonable. You two barely know each
other. Snake might think you would lie to him.”
Snake shook his head. “No, actually, I don’t. Teddy here’s not the
lying type. But….” He shrugged.
Rod grinned. “But you’re the jealous type.”
“Not usually. Let me get your drinks.” He turned away, but saw the
Greek god David look at Teddy with wide eyes and mouth the word Wow.
He swallowed his chuckle as he added the bitters to the champagne
and then pulled the beer from the cooler.
Rod had this funny wheedling voice. “So you call Theodore
Snake turned back with two of the drinks and flashed a smile. “Teddy
Bear, actually.”
Teddy sat back on his stool. “Snake!”
“I mean, who could call that pretty thing something so stodgy and
serious as Theodore?” He cast a sideways glance at Teddy.
David looked at Teddy too. “Uh, you better call him
Theodore—because that bear can bite.” He laughed.
“Nah.” Snake slid the other beer and champagne to David and Teddy.
“We need to get this boy to stop fighting what he is and work it.”
Rod shrieked. “Snake, I adore you! No one with an endless
vocabulary could have ever so perfectly expressed the life plan for Theodore
Snake looked at Teddy. “Walters. I didn’t know. Pleased to meet
you, Teddy Bear Walters.”
A wild giggle exploded through Teddy’s compressed lips. “You’re
all crazy!” He shook his head. “What’s your last name?”
“Snake Erasmo. Your mother did not name you Snake.”
David said, “Who did?”
“Some friends. Something to do with the walk.”
Teddy rested a cheek on his fist. So damned cute Snake wanted to
eat him. “What’s your real name?”
“If I told you, I might have to kill you.”
“It’s the only way to keep me from killing you for calling me
Teddy Bear. I mean, aren’t all Teddy Bears portly and hairy?”
“Well, my teddy bears always made me feel good, and warm, like I
had love curled up next to my belly.”
Rod sighed. “Oh my.”
Teddy blinked hard. “Okay, but you still have to tell me your real
name, or—else!”
man, I could drown in those wide eyes.
“Well, in that case, my name is
Streams. Crystal Streams, to be exact. My hippie mama was into Native culture
at the time I was born. Shit, it’s a good thing. The following year she might
have named me Frankincense or—Marjoram.”
All four men laughed, but Theodore cocked his head with a
quizzical expression. Hmm.
Snake held up a hand and walked over to the two guys who’d just
sat down at the bar, took their orders, filled them, and then slowly sidled
back to Teddy and company. Have to give
these guys time to size me up, because I think my future depends on it.


The Balls to the Wall Series



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Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 32. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog near the sea in California where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!


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