Get Ready for Magic, Shifters, and the Coolest Cat Ever! #CataclysmicShift

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I’m so excited to tell you that the re-release of Cataclysmic Shift is only 3 days away. This is a book in my paranormal series called The Aloysius Tales, and the first time it released, some mix ups in categorization meant a lot of people missed the book. If you’ve read either of the other Aloysius Tales — Spell Cat or Brush with Catastrophe — and enjoyed them then you’re not going to want to miss Cataclysmic Shift. But you don’t have to have read those books to enjoy this one.

This story includes not only witches like the other books, but also a shifter, and the coolest cat ever, Aloysius.

Here is the blurb —

Aloysius, the magical black cat and powerful witch’s familiar, isn’t afraid to go into battle to protect his master, but the outcome of the fight turns his feline world upside down. A direct hit of magic steals not only his memories and power, but even the body he’s lived in for several centuries. When he wakes up naked on the floor of a veterinarian’s office, it isn’t as the cat Aloysius, but as the sixteenth-century French gentleman Alain Bellarose. And when Alain sees sexy and enigmatic veterinarian Luke Elliott, he decides he’ll make the best of his time as a human.

Luke is a man with secrets who generally prefers the company of animals—though the flamboyant boy who washes his face with the side of his hand and tries to lick his own privates might prove an exception.

Meanwhile, Witch Master Killian Barth and his secret weapon, Sammy, struggle without Aloysius’s power to draw on. Two evil females are circling, and seeing the coven’s weakness, they’re about to move in for the kill. When Alain’s memories return, he’s faced with the ultimate dilemma: protect his community or stay with the man he loves.

If you’d like to read a full excerpt, click HERE. 

You can buy it at HERE. The release is September 13th and there will be a blog tour with a nice prize, so be sure to visit!  : )


The Battle of Cats and Dogs!

Hi everyone–
Many of you know that i recently wrote a book called The Pack or the Panther. It’s my first werewolf paranormal, but as the name implies, it has more than wolfies going on. So in honor of the book which i hope will be out sometime this year, here are some meditations on wolves and panthers and how those felines always WIN! LOL

 Not much is going on in this next video, but what happens is all CUTE!

How About a Little Brush with Catastrophe? And a 21st Birthday!

Hi everyone–

I have some great guests joining me this week — Ciaran Dwynvil tomorrow and Malia Mallory on Thursday. Be sure to stop by and read their wonderful posts and enter to win some books! On top of that, TODAY i’m a guest blogger at Sharing Links and Wisdom to kickoff the month-long birthday celebration of my friend, Emily Wells. It’s Emily’s 21st birthday at the end of the month. I’m giving away a book on my post, plus there’s a $50 GC up for grabs. So come over and enter HERE. 

A very happy thing that happened this week was a lovely new review for my paranormal, MM romance, Brush with Catastrophe. Elise at Sensual Reads said:

Brush With Catastrophe is Tara Lain’s second book in the Aloysius Tales. It is just as much a delight to read as Spell Cat.  Sammy feels as if there is something wrong with him.  His magic is pitiful and he cannot seem to find a boyfriend.  Then everything changes.  Ryder’s appearance keeps changing and Sammy’s angel may not be an angel at all.  Sammy is not sure what to make of the changes, but he has no choice but to go with them.  Brush With Catastrophe has the right balance of humor and seriousness, the perfect heroes, an amazing cat, and an intriguing plot.  Brush With Catastrophe by Tara Lain is one book you do not want to miss.

So just to help you do “not miss it”  LOL, here is an excerpt between my hero and the villain!

Excerpt Adult: Brush with Catastrophe by Tara Lain; MM Paranormal with Witches!
Available from Loose Id   Amazon
College art student Sammy Raphael is a crappy witch. And he can’t get a boyfriend. Sammy’s had a

passion for his BFF, Ryder McMasters, for years, but Ryder is straight and human. Talk about hopeless causes! And where other supernaturals can bring down lightning and manifest wealth, all Sammy can do is paint. True, the “prophetic” paintings he does at night always come true, but they never predict anything important — until he paints a picture of a gorgeous man who turns out to be Ryder but so changed he’s barely recognizable. Then Sammy paints an angel –who turns out to be a devil that threatens Sammy’s community and the man he loves. With the black cat familiar, Aloysius, at his side Sammy steps up to save the world–with a paint brush.

Heat. Bubbling, boiling. Hells, what kind of dream was this? Turn over. Reset. Sammy shifted but couldn’t move from his back. Wait. Breathing in his ear. Not Al’s. Shit, his cock was on fire! Sammy shot to the edge of his bed and sat up. His cock throbbed. “Hells. What the fuck is going on?”
Lucien beamed at him, lying on his side on the bed, fully clothed. Had the guy been jerking Sammy off? “Ah, my dear. I knew you regretted our not having sex, so I thought I’d do something to relax you.”
“What the fuck? How did you get in here? What is this?”
Lucien laughed as he reached out his hand and grabbed Sammy’s cock. “Don’t pretend you don’t want it, darling. This hard-as-a-spike penis of yours tells a different story.”
Gods, his rubbing felt good. But somehow not in a good way. Sammy’s body wanted to surrender, but his brain screamed at him. He hadn’t asked for this. He summoned what will he could and pulled his body back against the headboard. “Look, I get that you might think I want sex. But that doesn’t mean you can break into my place and force yourself on me. Go home and call me tomorrow, like you said.”
Lucien sat up, and his eyes narrowed. “Perhaps I made a mistake. But since I am here now, with cock at the ready, why don’t we just fuck?” He dived toward Sammy, who skittered off the edge of the bed and hit the wall hard with his back.
“Have you lost your mind? Get away from me.” His heart beat fast, and his cock had definitely given up any desires and was in full-flight mode with the rest of Sammy’s body.
Lucien came up on his knees. “You need more persuasion, little witch?”
“No!” Was Lucien being cute? Maybe he was turned on by violence like that other witch who had come from Europe and tried to seduce Killian.
Lucien began a low, mumbling chant. Then Sammy heard a shriek from the bathroom. Aloysius.“Al!” The damned witch had locked the familiar away. Shit, how much power did that take?
The chanting got stronger. Sammy felt like energy flowed out of his fingertips and formed a puddle on the floor. Soon he’d be that puddle. He inched away from Lucien, his naked back still to the wall in the narrow space behind the bed.
Lucien gazed at him, and his blue eyes shone. “Stop being silly, Samlyn. Let’s just have sex and get it over with.”
“If you’re trying to woo me, asshole, you sure have a funny way of showing it.” But his knees felt like rubber.
“Merrrrrwaorrrr.” The shriek echoed through the room. Sammy’s neighbors were pretty private, but somebody had to hear that cat. Surely they’d report it.
Lucien walked on his knees across the bed toward Sammy. Sammy wanted to run, but no body part was cooperating. The angel beamed. “Let me get that lovely penis back in action. I can make you come until you black out from pleasure. You know I can.” He mumbled the chant.
“No, Lucien, no!”
Lucien’s brilliant beauty darkened. “Now you’re just being silly, aren’t you? Say you’re being silly.”
Lucien spat, “Shut up, you fucking cat.”
The caterwauling shrieked through the room; Sammy’s ears hurt, and Lucien cringed like it pained him too.
Lucien raised the decibels on his chanting, and Sammy flowed to the floor like his bones had dissolved. The witch leaned over him, grasped Sammy’s hair, and pulled his head back. “Time to fuck, little witch.”
Had to fight. Had to. This witch would not force him. No!
“Merwaooooowrrr. Merrrwaoooorrrr. Merwaowrrrrr.”
Lucien unfastened his fly and pulled out that unfurled cobra cock.
Sammy’s brain screamed. Shit, no. Not in me!
Lucien shoved Sammy until he fell sideways with his ass twisted toward Lucien. The strange dick that got scarier looking by the second pushed against his ass. Sammy took a deep breath and managed to raise a leg high enough to slam Lucien hard back on the side of the bed. Lucien’s golden head cracked on the footboard.
“How dare you?” Lucien rose back up. “It’s time to stop playing.”
Playing? Was the guy nuts? Sammy scooted along the wall until Lucien grabbed his hair. Ouch! Hells.
Lucien’s chanting got louder, and that cock reptile came straight at Sammy’s mouth.
Were the walls shaking? Gods, blackness. Couldn’t fight. Going under. Felt good to give up. Give up.
Thank you so much for coming by. Be sure and drop by Emily’s place and come visit my guests this week. :  )

Cat’s Cat! Paws With a Cause and Goodie for You!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Day 2 of the Paws with a Cause Donation Event! Today, my guest is Cat Cavendish! 

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post and if you didn’t see it, just scroll down when you’re done here and enter to win some more prizes! Then hop over to all the other blogs for even more fun and games. There  are 59 Blogs most of which have multiple bloggers, so for eight great days, you can hop around and read stories about pets, discover books about pets, and generally have a great time. On this blog, I blogged yesterday, Cat is today, and tomorrow is the wonderful PG Forte.

Today my wonderful Guest Blogger is Cat Cavendish. Cat’s books are so scary i can barely read the blurbs but she has devoted readers worldwide who swear by her chills! Cat is going to give away a copy of her new book, The Second Wife! Horror fans, do not miss leaving a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL on this blog. 

But first, Cat has the most wonderful story to share:
Penny – The Little Black Cat Who Beat The Odds

She was a tiny little scrap. Just two weeks old, one of a litter of six semi-feral farm kittens who had been orphaned when their mother was run over by a tractor.

I was a shy, six year old child with no siblings and a burning desire to have a kitten of my own to love. So, when my mother handed me a shoe box, punched full of holes to let the air in, I felt a movement inside and couldn’t wait to get her home. All the way home on the bus, I cuddled that shoe box while other passengers looked on, some a little perplexed and others smiling, as they heard the sound of a very young kitten’s mewls. Meanwhile, I clutched my little box with its precious treasure and beamed. I had my kitten. She was mine. I would never be bored or lonely again.

Finally, we arrived home. I laid the box down, ever so carefully on the floor and removed the lid. My mother looked on, ready to step in if needed. Sitting with her tail curled around her, eyes still blue and round as saucers, the tiniest kitten I had ever seen turned a bewildered gaze on her new world and opened her mouth.

“Me! Me!” Her mew was unformed, little more than a squeak. And she was no bigger than a hamster.

At this point, I should mention that this was September 1960, in an industrial town in the heart of the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. The pet food companies had not invented kitten food or any means of nurturing orphaned unweaned kittens. Mum had taken advice from the local vet, and feeding time consisted of warm milk and glucose poured into one of my dolls’ feeding bottles, complete with teat. Mum would sit down with her and hold her while she fed. When Penny had drunk enough, she would pat the bottle away. She would then scramble off Mum’s lap and trot off, her little tummy distended.

Over the next couple of weeks, Penny learned how to wash herself. This took a little practice. Face, tummy and back presented no problem, but when it came to washing her paws or nether regions, life took a very different turn. She would tentatively lift a paw, wobble and then fall over, providing me with hours of harmless entertainment, until the day she managed it. Needless to say, her expression at achieving this wondrous feat was one of, ‘I could do it all the time really. Nothing to it.’ Then off she galloped, tail poker-straight, with just a hint of a kink at the tip. Happy kitten mode.

Purpose made kitten and cat toys were also in short supply in those days, but Penny had hours of fun batting a small, squashy ball across the living room where it would inevitably roll under the sideboard. Quick as a flash, she would dive over to the other end and grab it as it emerged.

Mum had the job of weaning Penny and, one day she decided that now was the right time. She placed a saucer of milk down on the kitchen floor and waited. The little black kitten turned beseeching eyes upwards at Mum, then down at the saucer. She repeated this a few times, while Mum made encouraging noises and hoped for the best.

Then, slowly, Penny inched forward until she was almost touching the saucer. She lowered her head, stuck out her little pink tongue and attempted a rather ineffectual lap. Then, to Mum’s great amusement, she hopped into the saucer, splashing milk over the floor, and began to lap all around her until the saucer was empty. Then, satisfied, she stepped daintily out, shook her paws and trotted off to give herself a bath.

From then on, she never looked back. Her milk diet was increasingly supplemented by Kit-E-Cat which, in those days, was all one flavour. I remember it was bright pink and, as ingredients weren’t listed, I have no idea what was in it, but Penny certainly loved it.

The years went by and Penny grew into a beautiful jet black cat with gleaming coat and eyes like emerald pools. She was my constant companion through childhood illnesses and teenage angst . She had almost infinite patience, enduring being wheeled around in my doll’s pram, dressed in a bonnet and shawl. On seeing her, Mum said, “Poor Penny,” and laughed while the ‘poor’ cat in question gave her a longsuffering look.

Penny was the one I would go to when I was upset and she allowed me to drench her fur in my tears before going off and washing herself from ears to tail tip.

Penny never perfected her miaou but her purrs were wondrous and she maintained a full set of pearly white teeth her whole life. She never had a single illness in her long life, but, in 1979, Mum realised she had become stone deaf. Not that my little cat appeared unduly phased by her disability

In late September 1979, I was staying at my parents’ house near Liverpool(where they had moved in the late sixties). I was due to leave shortly to catch the train back to Leeds where I then lived, but I wanted a little more time with Penny, so I followed her up the path in the back garden. She suddenly stopped, turned and gazed at me with those beautiful clear eyes. “Me-ah-ah-ah-ow”, she mewed a couple of times, (her version of a ‘miaou’). Something passed between us at that moment and I knew, somehow, that I would never see her again.

Penny died of renal failure two weeks later, on October 1st,  The vet administered the merciful injection and, as those amazing eyes closed for the last time, she died in my mother’s arms. She was 19 years old.

That should be the end of the story but, for me, there has been a postscript. A couple of years after she died, I was staying once again in my parent’s house and, as I took some plates from the dining table out to the kitchen, I saw Penny jump out through the closed door of the cupboard under the stairs. It was like watching an old black and white film and the whole experience lasted no more than a second or two. I stood stock still in disbelief as a sudden feeling of euphoria washed over me. That feeling stayed with me for days afterwards.

Was she saying a final, ‘goodbye’? Or just letting me know she was still around, in spirit if not in body? I’ll never know. My mother still lives in that house and I live in hope that one day, Penny will pay a return visit. Although quite what my present cat, Mimi, would make of it, I can’t imagine!

Blurb for The Second Wife:

Emily Marchant died on Valentine’s Day. If only she’d stayed dead…

When Chrissie Marchant first sets eyes on Barton Grove, she feels as if the house doesn’t want her. But it’s her new husband’s home, so now it’s her home as well. Sumptuous and exquisitely appointed, the house is filled with treasures that had belonged to Joe’s first wife, the perfect Emily, whom the villagers still consider the real mistress of Barton Grove.

A stunning photograph of the first Mrs. Marchant hangs in the living room, an unblemished rose in her hand. There’s something unnerving and impossibly alive about that portrait, but it’s not the only piece of Emily still in the house. And as Chrissie’s marriage unravels around her, she learns that Emily never intended for Joe to take a second wife…

The Second Wife is available now from:


You can find Cat here:!/cat_cavendish

Thank you so much, Cat. I’m still sniffling. Now everyone, leave a comment with your email to win a copy of The Second Wife and here is what you need to know about the wonderful Paws With a Cause .

Paws With A Cause® enhances the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained Assistance Dogs. 

PAWS® increases awareness of the rights and roles of Assistance Dog teams through education and advocacy.  Founded in 1979, Paws With A Cause is dedicated to helping its clients who are challenged by many disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Seizure Disorders, and Hearing Disorders to name just some.  Each of our dogs are trained to meet the specific needs of our clients. Tasks may include opening and closing doors, picking up objects, pulling a wheelchair, turning lights on and off, and alerting a person to particular sounds like a telephone, doorbell, smoke detector and many others. Our dogs change lives by enhancing the independence of our clients. By just opening a door, a dog opens up the world for a person with a disability and your donations will go to making that happen.  PAWS thanks you so much for your donation and allowing us to open more doors.

Paws With A Cause

4646 South Division

Wayland, MI 49348

How to donate:

2. Click on “Make a Donation”
Comment with your email to win Cat’s prize.

Thank You for Your Gifts! Here’s Some Cute!

Thank you. 

Thank you friends who have come to show support and enthusiasm for all my guests and my own posts this whole year. You are great!

Thank you to my fellow authors who share their wisdom and support so generously. You teach me wonderful new things every day!

Thank you to my publishers and the great editors, proofers, cover artists, and administrative people who make writing fun and push me to always get better.

And thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to the people who read my books. Wow. There are no words to say what a thrill that is.

Peace, love and joy to you and yours! Now and always.

Love you–


P.S. — Here are some of my favorite pictures of the year. You’ll notice a theme.  : )

Anticipation of all good things–

 Ridiculously cute — a baby fennec fox.

 How i’ve been feeling the last few days. Nap anyone?

 My own baby girl — my papillon, Jolie.

 May we all get lots of rest with loved ones around us!

For those who would tell us we can’t do it! My fave–

Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Kitty and the Octopus get 5 Stars!

Hi everyone–

LL won the Wet T-shirt contest! I’m waiting to hear if she wants a Fire Balls, Volley Balls or Spell Cat T-shirt.

Thought i’d share some good review news. Spell Cat was selected as a Recommended Read by Joyfully Reviewed! Here’s a little nibble of Jo’s wonderful review:

“Spell Cat is filled with magic and passion with just that right touch of humor and suspense to keep you surging ahead in the story.  I loved some characters and hated some characters, got angry and then cheered as the events unfolded before me.  When you finish a book and then immediately want to start from page one again, that tells me it is a book that has to be Joyfully Recommended.”

To read the entire review, Click HERE!

In case you didn’t see the wonderful review of Beach Balls from Lena Grey at QMO Books,

With each ‘Balls’ story, I fall totally in love with Tara’s men and can’t imagine her coming up with better ones, but then she introduces new guys and I fall in love all over again. Adam and Sky are wonderful, sexy, handsome, gay, and good at what they do. The character growth they undergo during the story is phenomenal and adds a lot of zing, along with the ‘off the chart’ hotness of their sexual encounters. It’s not only a great story, but it’s also a reminder to never forget who we really are, because true happiness lies in being true to oneself. I highly recommend this story to any of you romantics out there who, like me, love a good, sexy story, full of angst, which has a happy ending. Thanks, Tara, for another fabulous story.”

Here’s the whole 5-star review! 

Thank you so much to Jo and Lena for reading my books! I so appreciate it. If you would like to meet the kitty and the octopus you can find them at Amazon, ARe, and B&N as well as other retailers.  Thank you for visiting the blog. I love blog followers.  : )

Blog Tour Second Week! Sinders and Ash is Coming!

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who has entered the Magic at Midnight Blog Tour Contest! We have our first winner! Jessica won the first of two $10 Gift Cards. Congratulations! But there are many more prizes to come. Remember, there are three ways to win!

First, Spell Cat is HERE! It released March 20 and has been a bestseller at Amazon and ARe since it released. You can also find it  from Loose Id .  Sinders and Ash is coming April 1st from Amber Allure. It is an LGBT contemporary romance with a touch of fantasy! 
So this is our transition week!   As i said, there are THREE ways to win so check them out below. In addition, there will be separate prizes at all of the Blog Hops going on during the tour. There is one going on RIGHT Now through Wednesday March 28th on my AUTHOR Blog. 
 Here is the first WAY TO WIN!       
     Leave a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL here on the Blog AND FOLLOW the Blog and you will be entered to WIN a $10. GC. that will be awarded in a drawing on April 9th. IF you have already entered, you do not have to enter again! You only need to enter this first part of the contest once!

 Here is the SECOND WAY TO WIN!    
      In addition to the GCs you can win lots of cool SWAG. Want a poster of the Spell Cat cover? I’m giving two away. Want a Volley Balls T-Shirt? A Golden Dancer drawstring backpack? A Tara Lain mirror compact (two of those will be awarded.) Here’s how you can win these goodies. (You don’t have to enter this part of the contest. It’s for the true gamesters!  LOL And for US only, sorry.)

Below are posted some questions. You can find the answers in the blog posts I am doing for the tour. If you are just entering here’s what you do–go to the post below this one and see the list of blog spots. All the answers to the questions are in some of the blogs i posted or will post. So they will be in the blogs from last week, this week or next week! Sometimes the answers will be in the blog, sometimes in the excerpt. One or two of the questions you can also answer on my website. I’m not going to give you a lot of hints. The answers are there somewhere. You can also Google them. When you think you know all the answers, email them to me at tara at taralain dot com. I will pick the winners from the entries. You may not have to get them all right to win. 

Remember there are a lot of prizes. Here are the questions:

#1: What does Bishonin mean in Japanese?

#2: Who designed the Sinders and Ash cover?

#3: What was the literary inspiration for Fire Balls?

#4: Killian Barth falls in love with a human professor. What does that professor teach?

#5: What does the term “warlock” mean in Old English?

#6: Why must Killian Barth actually produce children on his own? Why can’t he use artificial insemination?

#7: Who wrote Ye Xian, one of the earliest Cinderella stories?

#8: Name one reason that Tara gives for loving nerds.

#9: Who is credited with writing down the story of Cinderella in his Tales of Mother Goose?

#10: When Killian and Blaine have sex in Spell Cat something momentous happens. What is it? 

Here are the first week’s blog posts. People who comment on these posts are also entered to win the Gift Card. But you can only enter once. Of course, I would love your comments anyway when you stop in to find answers.  :  )
Third Way to WIN!  
 There will be a special Prize for the Blog Tour Bestie. The winners choice of a copy of Spell Cat or a Copy of Sinders and Ash will go to the person who attends the most blog spots and special events. Just leave a comment wherever you visit. I’ll keep track and all the top Blog Tour Besties will be entered to win the prize. We have a bunch of folks in hot contention! If you are just entering, you’ll have to go back to previous blog visits and post comments, but i do check back. You can also tell me you entered by email or post here on the blog.

Saturday March 24th through Tuesday March 27th: Reading Romances Blog Hop There is a separate prize in this Blog Hop. Another GC and a copy of Volley Balls so go over and ENTER! 
Monday March 26th — Kay Berrisford’s Blog
Tuesday March 27th — Blogging with Amber Skyze
Wednesday March 28th — Blog at UrbanSilver
Wednesday March 28th — I am a brand new Dirty Birdie and today i am blogging with the Dirty Birdies

Thursday March 29th — Blogging with Michael Mandrake 

Saturday April 1st– Release of Sinders and Ash from Amber Allure!!!!

There’s a lot of fun here, but to be entered to win the $10 GC just leave your name, email and follow the blog!  I will post the last week’s events next weekend.  Thank you for playing.    : ) 

Drinking and Fun! GC and Book for YOU! Come Play.

Welcome to the Drinking and Winning Blog Hop! I’m Tara Lain. I write the Beautiful Boys of Romance– MM and menage romances with particularly wonderful heroes.

On the hop, we are all celebrating the blogiversary of Reading Romances and i am celebrating the release of my new paranormal contemporary romance, Spell Cat, and the soon to be released contemporary fantasy, Sinders and Ash, which comes out on April 1. Here on my blog you can WIN:

  • A $10 GC from Amazon 
  • And, if you go to Twitter and follow @readingromances, you can also win a copy of my bestselling contemporary MM romance, Volley Balls. (please say in your comment if you followed )
Here’s how you win: :  )
  • Leave a comment 
  • Include your email so i can find you if you win
  • Follow this blog
  • Option–if you feel like it, Like me on Facebook
  • Option– if you are a fan, become my fan on Goodreads

Okay, that is the winning part. Here is the drinking part. What drink goes with my books? Since i love really beautiful men, sometimes even androgynous, i think something with champagne. How about a Kir Royale. A little ruby red, a little sweet, a little girlie, but can seriously put you under the table–just like my heroes. It’s easy to make:

  • one part creme de cassis
  • 5 parts champagne
Pour the creme de cassis into a champagne glass and gently pour the chilled champagne on top of it. Sip while looking into the eyes of someone you find beautiful!
Down at the bottom of this post you will find a link to all the participants so you can go and enter everyone’s contests. This should be a winning long weekend! But first, here is an excerpt from Spell Cat, the number one bestselling paranormal romance on ARe right now. This is my hero, Killian Barth. 
Available from Loose Id   Amazon   ARe

When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But sadly, Killian walks away because he doesn’t do physics professors. In fact, he doesn’t do humans; Killian is the most powerful male witch in 10 generations and, though gay, he’s expected to save his declining race by reproducing. Sex with humans depletes his power – or so he’s been taught. Then why can young human, Jimmy Janx, dissolve spoons with a thought? Somebody’s a lying witch. With his powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

Blaine stood at the end of the counter a few feet away, staring at Killian.  How long could a witch live with his heart no longer beating?

​Oh gods. He understood. Heat…no, fire! The way he felt this moment dwarfed every emotion he’d had with Moran by a thousand. A million. The chasm between indifference and…passion. His heart beat faster, his breath caught in his chest, and his eyes never wanted to look on another sight, just Blaine. He ought to run, but whether away or straight to Blaine, he wasn’t sure. 


​Blaine seemed to catch the welcome in that meow. He smiled and took a step closer. “Hi, Al. Good to see you, buddy.”

​Aloysius unwrapped himself from Killian’s neck, made one bound off the tabletop, and launched himself into Blaine’s waiting arms. Oh Powers, would that Killian could do the same! He actually had to hold himself still, or he knew he’d follow the cat. 

​Blaine petted Al as the cat did his imitation of a moving fur coat; purring so loudly that Killian could hear him, even a few feet away. “You seem happy to see me, anyway.” He looked up. “Are you happy to see me, Killian?”

​Killian nodded. Correction, his head nodded. He had no power over it. 

​Blaine moved even closer. “Could I have lunch with you? Talk to you?”

​The head nodded again. 

​The human slipped into the chair beside Killian. Sweet Powers, he smelled so wonderful. ​That sweet and spice together. Killian wanted to turn himself into Aloysius so he could rub all over the man’s body. 

​“This sure is one great cat. Where did you get him?”

​Killian cleared his throat. “Guh, uh, a gift from my mother.”

​Blaine chucked Al under the chin, and the cat let him. “My mother hates cats.” He looked up, and Killian swam in the pools of deep green. “Of course, my mother hates me, so she’s not likely to give me the time of day, much less a pet.” 

​“Surely not?”

​He grinned. “That she hates me? Oh yeah. I keep defying her by choosing to be gay when her preacher has clearly cleansed me of this delusion at least ten times, so she has washed her hands of me.”

​“But you didn’t choose… Oh, you’re joking.” 

​Blaine’s grin faded. “I wish it were a joke. Then a lot of beaten up, confused kids would have parents who loved and understood them.”

​Powers. There were worse things than having a manipulative witch for a mother. “I’m so sorry, Blaine. I didn’t mean it like that.”

Blaine smiled. “I never thought you were making fun. I just have a weird sense of humor sometimes.” 

​And then he did it. He put his hand on Killian’s arm. Such a simple gesture. Flash! Heat blazed in Killian’s head, and hot steel filled his cock. Blaine started and pulled his hand away. Those green eyes widened, and he stared at Killian like he was either the answer to a dream or a cobra, and Blaine wasn’t sure which. “Holy shit!”

​Killian tried to make sense of his brain synapses and grasped at the first thought. “Uh, food, did you want food?”

​Blaine leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I want to eat with you and talk to you and sleep with you and take you home with me. But right now, I want to make love to you so badly I’m having trouble focusing.”

​There was that head nod again. Where the fuck did that come from?

​“Does that mean you want to make love to me too?”

​Killian stared at Blaine, the human physics professor whose simplest touch could drain a witch’s power until his own mother didn’t know him and his people couldn’t benefit from his great sperm and — and all that dogma. The answer was “yes.” He did want to make love to Blaine. He wanted it more than anything. The evil witch voice piped up in his head. Yep, these humans are tempting. That’s how the witch race got so depleted. He was the strongest male witch in ten generations. That had to be worth something. He had never had a really satisfying relationship with a man, even for a short time. He wanted one. Didn’t he deserve just a little happiness before he gave his life for his people? He’d tried it the right way, the witch-stamp-of-approval way, and nearly got his back broken for his trouble. 

​Blaine was staring at Killian like he was in suspended animation; only the fingertips that scratched Al’s head moved. There. That was it. Blaine had the best possible credentials. Aloysius, who was no dumb cat, was crazy about the human…and so was Killian. Just that simple. He didn’t care if he rotted in witch oblivion, or if he lost some of his fabled power. How much damage could he do in such a little while? “Yes.”

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Spell Cat is HERE! Cool Cats and Hot Witches

Hi everyone–

The day has arrived, Spell Cat releases today, March 20th, from Loose Id. It should be at Amazon within hours if it’s not already. I am always excited about my new releases but this one is my first foray into the paranormal.

You can buy it at:
Loose Id 
And here is my Page on Amazon:

Do you like the cover? A lot of people are hysterical about it they love it so much. But i know some readers don’t like illustrated covers. I have a soft spot for them because the first MM book i read was Jet Mykles Heaven and its beautiful cover was illustrated by the great PL Nunn who did my Mistletowed cover.

The Spell Cat cover is by Shobana Appavu. She captured amazing details in her illustration.

  • The Spell Cat, Aloysius, has crossed blue eyes. Look at his eyes in the cover.
  • The hero, Killian Barth, is ethereally beautiful. Whew, she certainly captured that.
  • Killian has waist length dark blond hair. 
  • On the cover, Killian is holding a ring between his fingers. This ring plays an important role in the book!
Right now at Beautiful Boys Books, the Magic at Midnight Blog Tour is going on! There are lots of prizes– gift cards, books and swag including a poster of the Spell Cat cover. Go over and enter to win. all the rules are there.
Here is the blurb and an excerpt from the book for your enjoyment:
Excerpt  R: Spell Cat by Tara Lain; MM Paranormal Erotic Romance

Available from Loose Id  and Amazon
When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But sadly, Killian walks away because he doesn’t do physics professors. In fact, he doesn’t do humans; Killian is the most powerful male witch in 10 generations and, though gay, he’s expected to save his declining race by reproducing. Sex with humans depletes his power – or so he’s been taught. Then why can young human, Jimmy Janx, dissolve spoons with a thought? Somebody’s a lying witch. With his powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

Sweet Jesus. Felt so good. Blaine rode hard against Killian’s cock as flashes of heat seared through him. Had to get out of these clothes. Without taking his lips from Killian’s, he pulled off the man’s leather jacket and tossed it onto the overstuffed chair by the window. Damn. He needed both hands. He let go of Killian’s tight butt and grasped the edges of the thin wool sweater that clung to his slender body. Up and over. He pulled his mouth away, ripped the sweater over the long queue of hair, and tossed it after the jacket.

He stopped.  What a picture. Holy fucking beautiful. He stepped back, still hanging on to both of Killian’s arms. Wow. He just wanted to look. The man’s skin was like so much warm, soft marble. Smooth. Not one hair marred the surface, just the perfect contrast of the flat pink disks of his nipples. So slender, but with just enough musculature. Like some Greek statue of Pan or Hermes. Killian’s hair had fallen loose, and part of the dark blond silk fell over one shoulder and onto his chest like a river of moonlight. No wonder this guy haunted Blaine’s dreams.

Since the first moment he’d seen Killian that day in the classroom, he’d been a raging mass of hormones. And when Killian had run away, Blaine had gone after him. Killian was all push/pull and a flaming mass of insecurities. And yet Blaine couldn’t let him go. But then, look at this breathing wet dream standing in front of him. “Sweet Jesus, I have to see the rest.”

Killian looked embarrassed. Cute. Let’s unwrap this package. Belt off. He threw the belt somewhere in the direction of the chair. Killian’s eyes cast down like a blushing virgin. Shit, it totally turned Blaine on. Slowly, very slowly, he slid down the zipper on Killian’s jeans. Wow, no underwear. Double wow. No hair. Just skin like warm marble. Killian made a soft whimpering sound. Yes, my baby, it’s coming. Blaine leaned forward. His tongue slipped out to caress one of those pebbled nipples. Hard and soft, like a tiny cock.

“Oh gods.”

Did he say gods? Blaine sucked harder. Rumble, rumble. Thunder again. Still sucking, he began to pull Killian’s jeans down over narrow hips, stopping just short of the Promised Land.

“Oh.” Rumble. The thunder rolled closer.

Blaine pulled back from his minifeast and shoved the denim down. Slap!A beautiful, rock-hard cock sprang out of its confines and smacked Killian’s belly. Crash. Lightning lit the room. Who had predicted this storm? It was like the thunder was inside him.

Blaine leaned in and nibbled up the soft column of Killian’s neck under the shower of hair. He let his hand quest lower. Oh yeah, the object of his quest. Wet and hot. He wrapped a hand around that smooth rod and gave a long pump. Uncut. The satin foreskin slipped and slid over the hot iron beneath. A first for Blaine. Killian threw his head back and moaned. Sweet God, the man was half virgin, half whore. Perfect.

Flash. Rumble. Rumble. Jesus, the thunder vibrated straight through Blaine’s balls. His cock hurt. Hot, stretched to breaking, and still confined in his jeans. He tried to adjust his erection with one hand. That hand got a little slap.

“Let me.”

“My pleasure.” It sounded like a whimper.

He felt Killian pull his zipper down over his swollen cock; then his silky hand wrapped around Blaine’s penis. He held tight for a second, the fingertips gently exploring. Each tiny movement created little shocks that zipped up into Blaine’s groin. Sweet torture. Blaine’s legs shook. Then Killian began to pump. Tight and hard. Up and down, his hand squeezing like a preview of what it would feel like to be inside his body. Oh God, Blaine loved it, but he couldn’t stay upright another second. “Gotta lie down.”

He pushed against Killian. The slim body fell backward onto the bed. The white sheets had looked satiny until they had to compete with Killian’s skin. It was like the perfect picture Blaine had dreamed about since he’d met Killian. Lean arms and legs spread wantonly on his bed.

He looked down at himself. How was it he still had clothes on? He needed to be naked. He ripped his sweater over his head and began pulling down his pants. He glanced up. Okay, they were staring. The cat perched on his pillows seemed totally fascinated. Killian had propped himself up on his elbows and was gazing with a small smile. Blaine smiled back. “What?”

“Nothing but admiration, I assure you.” Killian was staring at Blaine’s feet.

Blaine looked down. Okay, he had not planned ahead. His boxer briefs and jeans tangled around his ankles, but they weren’t going anywhere with the black sneakers in the way. He grinned. “I’m usually better organized.”

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