High Praise for HIGH BALLS by Tara Lain #TopPick #5Stars

Hi! I’m back from my vacation — which turned out to be a staycation since we weren’t able to take our trip due to changing schedules. I did get to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Monday, my actual birthday, and that’s one of my favorite things to do, so i had fun. My nicest gift was all the lovely praise for my new release, High Balls, that came in while i was gone. Thank you to all who have bought, read, reviewed, commented and messaged me about how much they like the book!

Yesterday, Night Owl Reviews named High Balls a Top Pick! ELF, the reviewer, said, ““High Balls” by Tara Lain reminds me of why I have long been a fan of this author. Her stories address painful and realistic subjects in a fashion that reminds us that there is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark it seems. I always finish her books with a satisfied and uplifted attitude, and this story really was wonderful to read during the dark times we are living in, and my favorite, in a series that has featured some wonderful and unique men. I adore reminders that one needs to look beyond the surface before making an intelligent judgment, and Snake epitomizes that precept. Young Andy is beautifully presented and serves as a great reminder that children are definitely shaped (and sometimes scarred) by the adults who should be their role models. And who can resist Theodore, with his wonderful defense of romance novels and his unselfish devotion to his young son?”

A Kindle Fan called her 5 Star Review “My New Favorite” and said, “First of all I loved Teddy and Snake. The whole story is pure Tara. She makes situations so real. Emotions are so well portrayed you can feel them. As usual there is so much love in this story. The love between a father and child. The love of a new relationship. The love of a tight-knit group of friends become family. This is a true love story. Enjoy!”

Veronica at V’s Reads, says “For me, I loved the tenderness, and interactions between Theo, Andy and Snake. It’s a fun juxtaposition, this strapping biker-ish guy and the curious child, but they make great co-conspirators. Snake loves his “Teddy Bear” and he’s set to prove it any way he can. And, he’s not afraid to go to Theo’s friends and ask for their help, either. All the boys of the Ball to the Walls books assist Theo or Snake as they ensure Theo’s thesis gets fair treatment, and Andy’s paternity is affirmed. It’s a feel-good romance with a sweet HEA to enjoy.”

Lorraine L. says 5 Stars and “Tara Lain may have helped me in curing my phobia of snakes. I’ve finally one that’s doesn’t want to make me run away. This one however is not only pierced, has tats, big, oozes sex appeal and goes by the name of …..Snake Erasmo.
Now I don’t want to take the limelight away from the truly wonderful Theo, because he was special as well and of course the adorable Andy, but Snake was the naughty forbidden fruit for me.”

And these are just a few. Check out a bunch of great reviews on AMAZON. Or just click on the High Balls page. Thank you for stopping by and helping make this book a great success. And if you’re a Peter Pan fan, you might be surprised at how Peter and Wendy might look if Wendy happened to be Wendell and both guys were gay in my upcoming release Never, the next Pennymaker Tale, available November 3rd.

“Dialogue I Want to Write” Tara Lain #Movies #amwriting

Hi —

As a novelist, i tend to write a lot of dialogue and nothing is more fun than getting my characters talking and trying to keep up. My favorite films often have great dialogue too and i sit there and wish I’d written it. Here are a few examples, the first from Bull Durham, a magnificent comedy —

And heres another scene, this one from Groundhog Day, which i believe is one of the greatest movies ever made–

Another film on my list of the all time greats is Michael Clayton. This scene between George Clooney and the incomparable Tom Wilkinson has to make every author itch to get their fingers on the keys — or too awstruck to ever write again —

That’s all for now. My newest books include Fool of Main Beach, one of my personal faves, the rerelease of Cataclysmic Shift, and coming up is High Balls, a brand new book in the Balls to the Wall series. Thanks for coming by!

The Praise Just Keeps On Coming! 5 Stars for Golden Dancer

I  am so delighted to have received an amazing Reviewer Top Pick 5 star Review for Golden Dancer from The Romance Reviews. Reviewer Valentina Heart, herself a writer, said the following:

Surprisingly enough, ménages do it for me. This one more than did it. The perfect combination of steamy sex scenes, character vulnerability and mysterious background story just sucked me right in. I’m not lying when I say I hardly took a break and genuinely enjoyed every sentence in this complex tale of self-discovery, surrender and love.

It all starts with Mac chasing a story. THE GOLDEN DANCER has been stolen and the prime suspect is the billionaire Daniel Terrebone. Mac thinks he’s on to something and as much as he dislikes the owner who’s been robbed, his curiosity for the story is much stronger. He is set on exposing the billionaire as the thief. 

Then another story comes in, one Mac shouldn’t have gotten but is more than willing to write. Trelain is a real, flesh and blood dancer, a graceful star, winning the adoration of every crowd he performs in front of. Trelain can dance, and ballet happens to be very close to Mac’s heart.

But Daniel doesn’t just collect art, and Trelain has both eyes as well as great appreciation for beauty. Running to the rescue has Mac falling into all kinds of lust charged situations, and before he knows it, covering a story gets all kinds of additional meanings.

From simple infatuation to full out realization, Mac’s life flips in a mere blink of an eye, and instead of just day dreaming about steel thighs and golden hair, he finds himself expecting that strong arm on his shoulder and the irresistible sound of begging.

I’m sure not everyone will like this story. For one it’s extremely sexually charged and the guys certainly don’t lack any imagination when it comes to experimentation. The whole theft thing was done nicely, but for people expecting a lot of explanations and detailed descriptions, it will probably be a disappointment. The author focuses more on the love story, the building relationship, conflicting emotions and the strings connecting the three men together.

In every way, I approved of that approach. I loved the excessive sex, the emotional sides which came out in just the right moments, and those sugar coated sentences of affection simply did me in. I liked the idea of the theft and thought it a great starting point, and a rather good conflict later on, but did I expect details about it? Not at all. I wanted a romance and a romance I got. It only had three hunks instead of two and that made it pretty much impossible to wipe the smile off my face.

Tara Lain knows how to write her men, breathe life into them and give them just the right amount of sensitivity without making them a weeping mess. They are funny, sensual and endearing, the same as her wonderful book.

I can’t say thank you enough to Valentina and to TRR for reviewing Golden Dancer. And thank you for visiting the blog. :  )