Return of the Chauffeur’s Son

Luca McGrath may be returning to Napa Valley, California as a promising chef with dreams of starting his own restaurant and winery, but his heart still lives with bad-boy billionaire’s son, James Armstrong. Luca spent his childhood playing games with the golden boy of California society, so blinded by James he barely noticed the dark, quiet lure of his conservative older brother, Dylan Armstrong.

But now, Luca’s home and his own powers of attraction are enough to make James question his dedicated heterosexuality and his promised marriage to a wealthy and powerful businesswoman. The obvious attraction between Luca and James spurs Dylan into action—but he’s fighting a huge secret. While Luca dreamed of James, Dylan dreamed of Luca. When Luca gets caught in the struggle between the brothers and gets accused of culinary espionage he’s ready to chuck the fairy tale—unable to even imagine Dylan’s power to make his dreams come true.


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Return of the Chauffeur’s Son will release on June 2, 2017


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The door from the bottling rooms opened, and a man backed his way through with two other men behind him. He was gesturing and saying something about profit margins. The two in back were older, one kind of distinguished and the other artsy as hell. But the man in front? Wow. Just wow. What shoulders. What an ass. And the legs look like they could squeeze the life out of you and make you happy about it.

The guy backed a little farther, until Luca took two steps so he didn’t get in the way of the dissertation on return on investment and cost-cutting measures not impacting quality.

As Mr. Cute Ass continued to hold forth, one of the older men looked up at Luca, gave him a quick, appreciative once-over, and then grinned as the lead guy kept crowding his space. Finally the older man reached out and grabbed the cute ass’s arm, nodding toward Luca. The guy stopped talking and turned his head, and his body followed.

Holy freaking hell! “Dylan?”

Dylan Armstrong cocked his head and frowned; then the creases in his forehead smoothed. “Luca? Oh my God, I knew theoretically you’d change, but—well, I guess I just didn’t think far enough.” He stepped in and gave Luca a hug—slightly one-armed, guyish and awkward, but a hug nonetheless.

When Dylan stepped back, Luca smiled. “You’ve changed too. I didn’t recognize you either for a minute.”

“It’s been—what? Five years?”


Dylan shook his head, those pale green eyes that had always seemed to see more than they should exploring Luca like a microscope. Suddenly he seemed to remember where he was. “Forgive me. Winslow, Anson, this is Luca McGrath—”

“Of course.” The distinguished one who appeared to be Winslow stuck out his hand. “Francis’s son. How wonderful.”

The other one—Anson?—said, “I don’t know how you looked when Dylan last saw you, but I’d call you more than memorable now.” He shook fingertips. Oh yeah, these two are definitely gay. Wonder who they are?

Winslow chuckled. “Anson, you naughty boy.”

Dylan looked around at the crowd. “How did you get here? Rental car?”

“No. The rental companies were pretty much sold out. I hitched a ride on a tour bus.” Luca’s new friends, who’d been on the bus with him, all glanced his way with interest.

“You’re kidding?”

Anson laughed. “How very resourceful of you.”

“They were kind enough to invite me along.” He grinned. “We even stopped at Krug before coming here.”

Dylan laughed. “That’s one way to get reacclimated.”

“So have you seen my dad? I was—”

The front door of the tasting room opened. Luca’s heart forgot its job. Sweet Jesus. Can’t breathe.

Looking like Apollo descending from Olympus, James Armstrong burst through the door laughing, then held it for his mom, who laughed also.

Just like I remember—but better. Sandy blond hair, wide brown eyes, tall, lean body, dimples for miles, and sass to spare—the manifestation of Luca’s dreams, waking and sleeping, since the day he’d realized he liked boys thirteen years earlier. Maybe even before that.

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