Love You So Hard

LoveYouSoHard_432On the bottom in life. That’s how Craig Elson feels. Even though he’s one of the best strategic planners around, a more confident guy claims credit for his work. He’s good looking, but the slimiest user at the bar calls Craig a loser. Taking care of his mom who has Alzheimer’s drains his finances and leaves him in a dull, gray car — and a dull, gray life. Then Craig meets Jessie Randall with his T-shirt that proclaims “I Would Bottom You So Hard”. The message seeps into Craig’s soul. Craig asks the gorgeous young graduate student and tutor to teach him how to top. Jessie’s been admiring the shy, handsome guy who comes to the coffee shop, so he says yes and sets out to help Craig get a new job, a new apartment, and a new lease on life. But Craig loves the lessons–and the teacher — so much, he doesn’t want to graduate. Can Craig learn to be on top without losing his sassy bottom?


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Jessie Potts at USA Today Happy Ever After Blog says — Recommended

It was so sweet. I mean, really, if you’re feeling bad about yourself or having a bad day, it’s a quick read that will lighten you. The bedroom scenes are also humorous, and I think I want one of those shirts …

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He needed to change, but what the hell could he do different? The answer was everything, but he didn’t know how to choose, where to start.


He froze. He’d know that voice anywhere. Craig opened his eyes and looked straight at a black T-shirt and the message that haunted him. I Would Bottom You So Hard. The words stretched across that lean, beautifully-muscled chest under a wide set of shoulders. The sexy, wild blond hair almost touched them. “Hi.”

The kid crossed his arms. Oh don’t cover it up. “I’ve never seen you in here in the middle of the day.”

Dear God, he’d noticed too. “Uh, vacation.”

“What happened to your eye?”

“A silly accident.”

“Can I sit down?”

Hell yeah. “Sure.”

The kid dragged another armchair over across from Craig, then plopped that cute butt in the tight black jeans into it.“So I see you in here in the mornings a lot.”

“Uh, you do?”

“Yeah.” He flipped his hair. “I’m Jessie Randall by the way.”

“Craig. Craig Elson.”

Jessie pulled a leg up onto the chair. “So how come you take your vacation in a coffee shop?” He grinned.

Craig cocked his head.

“Why aren’t you off surfing in Costa Rica or something?”

He sipped his coffee. “I have to be close by for my mom. She’s in a nursing home.”

Jessie nodded. “Oh sorry. You’re gay, right?”

Craig sucked his breath. “Uh, yeah. That obvious?”

The guy tapped his nose.“Gaydar.”

Might as well ask. “Is your shirt true?”

The kid laughed. “Oh, hell yeah!”

Craig swallowed hard and clasped his hands to keep them from shaking.

The kid pulled his other leg up on the chair. “So what do you do, Craig?”

Craig tried not to frown. “I’m, uh, the director of strategic planning for a technology company. You’re a teacher, right? I mean, I heard you say something yesterday morning.”

“Not a teacher yet, just a tutor.”

“What do you tutor?”

“Mostly English and literature. But some other stuff too.”

Craig looked at the guy. So easy and self-assured. So much the kind of person he wanted to be. No, it’s a crazy idea. “So you mostly tutor young kids?”

“No, college and graduate students. I’m working on my PhD in English and American literature.”

“Aren’t you kind of young?”

He laughed that easy chuckle. “I’m twenty-one, but yeah, I finished college early and went straight on to the doctorate. With the stuff I’m interested in, you teach or you die.” He laughed again.

Craig couldn’t get the idea out of his head. Damn, he needed to think. “Excuse me. I have to go to the men’s room.”


Craig got up and hurried to the unisex single-holer on the opposite side of the lounge area. He was certifiable for walking away from Jessie. The guy probably wouldn’t be there when he came back. But maybe that was a test of his insane idea.

Inside the restroom, he peed, washed his hands and stared at himself in the mirror. Think, dammit. His mind jumbled back at him in flashes of chaotic thoughts. Jessie noticed him. Knew he was gay. Craig had to change. But how? How? Tutor. Top. Bottom You So Hard.

He opened the door and peeked out. Still there. Across the room, Jessie sat with his feet up on the table looking completely at home. That was his secret. The guy appeared at home in the world. Craig? Not so much.

He walked back to his comfy seat and perched on the edge. “I’m glad you stayed.”

Jessie grinned. “Me too. I don’t have another class today, and my first student doesn’t come until four thirty.”

“Oh good.” Craig stared at the words on the guy’s chest. I Would Bottom You So Hard. He took a deep breath. “Would you tutor me?”

One thousand points. Jessie didn’t laugh. “What kind of tutoring do you need?”

He swallowed and stared at his hands. “I want to learn how to top.”

One million points. He still didn’t laugh.

Craig looked up at that calm pixie face. “I mean, don’t misunderstand. You wouldn’t have to, uh, have sex with me.” He glanced around but no one was nearby.

Jessie grinned. “How exactly would I teach you to top without having sex with you?”

Excellent question. “I thought maybe you could just tell me, you know. Describe.”

One deep dimple flashed.“You have had sex before?”

Craig nodded. “Oh yes, but I always bottom.”

“But you know what the guy on top does, right?”

Well damn, this wasn’t going well. “Yes, but I thought since you really like to bottom— your shirt and all— you could tell me what you like in a top. My experience isn’t all that, uh—all that.” His ears were burning. Maybe running away and never coming back to the coffee shop would be good.

“But you wouldn’t want me to show you?”

Craig looked up. “Oh no, you wouldn’t have to do that.”

“Have to? What if I wanted to have sex with you?” He grinned. “As a way of demonstrating?”

Craig could feel his eyes getting wide but he couldn’t control them. “That—” He cleared his throat. “—would be fine.” He stared at Jessie’s blue eyes. “It’s just I’m so much older and not your type and I thought you wouldn’t want to.”

Jessie cocked his head.“How do you know my type?”

Wow. Talk about flustered. “I don’t. I just figured it wouldn’t be me.”

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