Love You So Madly

Ben Shane has it all… and he’d like to give some of it back. While he loves his job heading a foundation that funds worthy causes around the world, his engagement to one of America’s wealthiest men leaves him feeling more like a trophy wife than a valued partner. The first warning that his relationship might not be designed to last is his irresistible lust for Dusty Kincaid, the golden-haired, bright-eyed handyman for his company

Though Dusty is odd for a twenty-three-year-old—no liquor, no sugar, and he can’t even drive—the more Ben gets to know Dusty, the more he admires him. But is Ben going to give up a guy who drives a Ferrari for one who takes the bus? He must be mad. Dusty knows he and Ben can never work. After all, Ben’s perfect… and Dusty isn’t. But Ben might surprise everyone with proof that he’s only mad in love.



What People Say

Rainbow Gold Books Reviews says — 10 out of 10 Pots of Gold! 100% Recommended!

“This was a refreshing spin on the typical MM romance. It had ALL the romance, but it also had Dusty. What a great character! He’s one that will stay with you for a loooong time. He has epilepsy and it is a major factor in how he has to live, but it doesn’t hold him back at all. I love a character that doesn’t let the things that life throws at him, stop him from following his dreams. Dusty is such a sweet young man and I just love him. He is one of those people that draws everyone in and brightens up the world, or the office as the case may be.”

Bonkers About Books says — 5 stars!

“I love how Tara can put so much into such a short story. In this case it was a sweet, heartwarming story that felt like it was just the right length.”

Lena Grey at Rainbow Books Reviews says “Recommended!”

“Tara always creates the most charming, complex, and atypical characters; I fall in love with almost every one of them. This is especially true for Dusty. He’s such an enigma, a perfect example of a survivor, someone who is not going to let his physical problems stop him from being all he can be.”

Mari at Bayou Book Junkie says 4.5 stars!

“Overall, this was a great addition to the series! It was funny and sweet, with just a dash of angst and very enjoyable! Very recommendable!”


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“What happened? When you came out, I mean?”

“Some friends dropped me. Some didn’t. I got quietly pushed
off the baseball team, even though I was a really good player.” He felt his
lips turn up. “But I didn’t care. My folks had already guessed, so little drama
there, and the boy I liked, liked me back. Oh yeah. He had a fair amount of
experience for a sixteen-year-old, and he spent the summer teaching me what all
my adolescent hormones were for. I didn’t mind at all.” He looked up at Dusty,
who gazed at him with glassy eyes. He slowly wet his lips. Ben cleared his
throat. “Uh, what about you? When did you come out?”

“Oh.” He raised his shoulders and dropped them. “Never, I
guess. I always knew, so I just told people and that was all.”

Ben mimicked Dusty’s words from earlier. “Did you have a
really tough time in high school?”

A look of pain crossed his face. “Not because I was gay,
really.” He sucked a breath. “Back to work?” He pushed away from the counter.

“All right.”

In the bedroom, Dusty grabbed the bucket and carried it out,
returning a couple of minutes later with clean water smelling like vinegar.

Ben wrinkled his nose. “You made a salad?”

“White vinegar’s great for cleaning wood floors. I found a
bottle in your pantry and added a little to the water. You shouldn’t use much
regular chemical stuff on these nice floors.”

“Anything you say.” He flashed his teeth again at Dusty,
turned the music back on, and they went to work.

A few strokes in, Dusty glanced over at Ben and sped up his
mopping. Ben got faster to match Dusty, and then added a little more speed.

Dusty started mopping like crazy, and Ben copied him, stroke
for stroke. Dusty giggled as he wrung out the mop with super speed and went
back to his mad moparama.

Ben gritted his teeth, slopped some water on the floor, and
spread it around at double time.

Dusty yelled, “No fair. You can’t splash water on this

“Okay, okay.” Ben grabbed a cloth and dried the floor as
Dusty got ahead of him in the race to the door. Ben grabbed his mop, wrung it
out, and went into overdrive, swiping like a Mr. Clean fanatic.

Dusty laughed, and Ben laughed with him as they backed
toward the wall, angling toward the door.

Dusty yelled, “I’m winning.”

“Don’t even dream it!”

Adrenaline rushed through Ben as he cleaned his last few
feet of hardwood. His butt hit something hard and soft at the same time that
turned out to be Dusty’s perfect ass. Dusty yelped and spun, thrusting forward
his mop like a rapier. Ben met him and they began to fence with crossed mops, howling
like loons.

Aluminum handles clanked and beads of water sprayed all over
them as they danced around the room.

“Oh!” Suddenly, Dusty’s foot hit a damp patch, his arms flew
up as his feet slid out from under him, and he pinwheeled backward, arms and
mop flailing.

Ben dodged the swinging cleaning device and grabbed Dusty
just before his head hit the wall. Dusty fell forward and landed against Ben’s
chest, throwing him off balance despite the size difference, and the two of
them careened backward like the tree that fell in the forest when no one was
listening. Ben reached out an arm behind him and managed to hurl his body,
still holding Dusty, toward the bed that had been pushed against the wall.

His butt hit the mattress, legs still flailing, but he
managed to keep Dusty from landing on the floor by hauling him against his

“Whoa! Holy crap, that was close.”

When Ben realized they were both okay, he started to
laugh—until his current position soaked in, and in, and in.

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