Don’t You Love Budweiser Commercials? #Greatads #Clydesdales

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My new re-release of Fire Balls comes out tomorrow, Feb 8th, so be sure and stop by and enter to win a GC! Until then, i wanted to share my love of great ads with some of the best Budweiser Clydesdale ads. Enjoy with a smile and a tear. : )

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Wolves and a Panther for 30% OFF! #paranormalromance #dreamspinnerpress

Hi — I know some of you are big fans of paranormal romance as well as scifi and fantasy. So heads up because you can get Wolves and a Panther for 30% OFF! Among other things. Dreamspinner Press is having a big sale on all their paranormal, scifi and fantasy titles, which is a whole lotta great books, my friends.

I’ll tell you about my books in this sale —

The Pack or the Panther — my first ever werewolf book and the first book i wrote for Dreamspinner Press. If you like cats, you may especially like my hero, Paris Marketo, the independent, snarky, self-centered, gorgeous yummy panther shifter. See an excerpt HERE.






Wolf in Gucci Loafers — one of my most popular heroes, the amazing, flamboyant, powerful, effeminate Lindsey Vanessen, is the star of this book. I had the most fun writing this book and it’s just as wild as its title suggests. See an excerpt HERE.






Winter’s Wolf — this book boats the most alpha of my alpha male heroes, Winter Thane. He wrote himself and i think is just as yummy as you might guess. See an excerpt HERE.






All of my books in the sale are under $5.00, so a great time to grab some werewolves.

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Nibble the Balls! #FireBalls #gayromance #theartistandthefirefighter

Hi and welcome. My next release is actually a re-release of one of my most popular books — Fire Balls. It releases on Feb 8th and is available now for pre-order. I recently received some graphics capturing moments from the book and i thought i’d share those with you. For a full excerpt, Click HERE. Thank you so much for coming by. I hope you love Fire Balls!

Tara Lain’s Favorite Heroes #gayheroes #LGBT

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I recently was asked by USA Today which hero i most enjoyed writing. I said that was an unfair question because it was like asking which child is your favorite. Ultimately, I selected Billy Ballew in Knight of Ocean Avenue because that was a book that had to be told and practically wrote itself. It’s also the number one favorite book of all my readers, so i imagine a lot of people would agree with my choice. But if i investigate my total body of work — currently almost 40 books — the answer to that question is a bit more complicated. I have a number of favorite heroes for various reasons. Billy is certainly one of them. Here are a few more in no particular order —

Paris Marketo in The Pack or the Panther — Paris is a hero you either love or hate and a lot of my readers do both. Why? Because Paris is a Panther Shifter and is in every way a cat — self-centered, solitary, snarky, and suspicious. I’ve found that readers who don’t like cats, don’t like Paris and vice versa. I adore him but then i love cats. The real gift of the character is that, like a cat, if Paris ultimately gives you his trust and his love, you’ve received a gift of inestimable value.

Raven Nez in Tackling the Tight End — This is actually one of my favorite books. It explores the Native tradition of the two spirit and my hero, Raven, is someone who has internalized that idea since childhood. As a result, he’s able to see being gay as not just okay and acceptable, but actually a gift — something given as a unique blessing to the world. I loved writing this books and this hero.

Rodney Mansfield in Fire Balls — This is one of my most popular books and characters — the tiny, feisty fireball of a guy who may look like a queen but he’s a badass in a fight — and in bed. Rodney popped up in my first Balls book, Volley Balls, as the best friend to my hero. He himself was the least likely of heroes and so, of course, is one of the best.

Roan Black in the Scientist and the Supermodel and Genetic Attraction — Unfortunately, these early books of mine are not currently available (i have to get them self-published and back on the market) , but i have to mention that they contain one of my favorite heroes of all time — Roan Black, the supermodel. Roan was in essence my first hero — these books are the first two romances i ever wrote — and he embodies all of my romantic fantasies. I hope to get him back into your hands this year.

Snowden Reynaldi in Driven Snow — Snow is a khaki-clad, chess-playing physicist nerd who loves the golden quarterback of his college. He’s brilliant, awkward and shy and has his own internal dialogues. He was a blast to write and remains a fave of mine.

Funny huh? In most cases, these aren’t even my most popular books, but the characters have managed to capture my heart. I also love Ian Carney in Lord of a Thousand Steps, Winter Thane in Winter’s Wolf,  Jamal Jones in Canning the Center and Tom Henry, the hero of my upcoming book, Fool of Main Beach. But then, i pretty much adore all my heroes. It’s very hard to choose.



Have Sex! The LGBT Pep Talk for All People!

Hi — I recently saw this great video of an LGBT activist advising people what to do in the face of our current government. I think his advice is terrific! Take a listen.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Fire Balls is coming Feb. 8th. Check it out HERE. : )

Writing Therapy. #AmWriting #BookThemes

Hi. If you’ve ever kept a journal, you know that you can use writing as actual  emotional and psychological therapy, but in many ways, writing fiction is a better psychological tool. Why? Because your subconscious gets to come out to play and you pretend you’re writing about fictional people. LOL. In the course of creating my nearly 40 books, i’ve learned some interesting things about myself and the ways in which i use my books to heal. Here are a few examples —

  • It’s never too late to have a happy childhood — Like many of you I’m sure, i had a very challenging childhood –– a true model of dysfunction. Sometimes that childhood angst comes out in the form of really bad parents that i create in my books — like in Tackling the Tight End and Knave of Broken Hearts. Just as often, however, i find i create happy homes for my characters and get to act out on the page the things my inner being believes parents should do. Check out Grays’ mom and dad in Prince of the Playhouse and Hunter’s  parents in Fire Balls.
  • I’m deeply ambivalent about organized religion — While i’ve done some form of spiritual practice most of my adult life and know a great deal about a lot of religions, I think the use of organized religion as a tool to tell people they’re right and everyone else is wrong is one of the things i most dislike in the world. That feeling is reflected in books like Knight of Ocean Avenue and Prince of the Playhouse.
  • I genuinely believe that love is love — As you may know, i’m heterosexual although i write gay romance. As a young woman, i wasn’t an LGBT activist and my own interest in writing gay romance even took me by surprise. But when i looked back, i realized that i’d always had gay and queer friends, some among my closest BFFs, and some of them did not get to have an HEA. I think i fight for them on every page.
  • For me, justice is Huge! — If you have even a tiny interest in astrology and i tell you i have six planets in Libra, you’ll know that justice is a big deal for me. Those Libra scales rock back and forth. Through my books, in a small way, i get to fight for the equal and just treatment of all people everyday.
  • I genuinely believe in happy endings — I married my husband much to the shock of many people. We’re both big personalities and people said it would last a week! That was 30 years ago. HEA isn’t a fairy tale, it’s an attitude. My readers complain if i don’t give them a wedding! Want a big one? Try Spell Cat.
  • Authenticity underlines it all — Growing up, i never felt quite real. I always believed that the “real me” would emerge one day and maybe i wouldn’t like her.   Then i realized this is it. I’m as me as i’m going to get. Being happy about that and caring less about what others think is a straight line to living an authentic life. All of my heroes strive for that joy — and win! Check Outing the Quarterback for one of the biggest struggles.

That’s my therapy i get to do everyday. I’m so happy that many of you share my therapeutic inventions and enjoy them! My new re-release, Fire Balls, is coming Feb 8th and you can pre-order everywhere NOW. Click HERE for the Amazon link.

LGBT Community Thanks President Obama

Hi — In case you haven’t seen this lovely tribute Ellen put on her show, i want to share a thank you to President Obama from representatives of the LGBT community for all he was able to do during his 8 years in office to honor the truth that love is love and that all people are created equal — no matter what anyone else may think. Let’s be grateful for what we have had — and let that gratitude propel us into the future.

BTW, my re-release of Fire Balls is coming Feb 8th. Right now you can pre-order the book for 25% off if you act really fast! Here is the Link!

Dreamspinner Sale Benefits Libraries! #Goodbooks #Cowboys

Hi — I’m so happy to tell you about the great sale going on at Dreamspinner Press through Jan 23rd and the Dreamspinner Sale Benefits Libraries. Everything in the Dreamspinner store (and that includes most of your favorite gay romance authors) is 25% off! In addition, all paperbacks are $12.00 and for every 2 paperbacks you buy, Dreamspinner will contribute one book to a library! You can get good books and do good at the same time!

This means you can pre-order FIRE BALLS for only $3.74.

You can buy VOLLEY BALLS for only $3.74.






You can buy COWBOYS DON’T COME OUT for only $5.24. And you can get the paperback for $12.00

Plus all of my other books are also on sale! Click Here. This is a fun chance to save money and help libraries. Have fun!! : )

Knight of Ocean Avenue in Italian! Released! #gayromance #bestseller

Hi — Do you read in Italian or know someone who does? I’m excited to say that my novel Knight of Ocean Avenue has been translated into Italian and is now available as Il Cavaliere di Ocean Avenue (Storie d’amore a Laguna Vol. 1)

I’m equally happy to say that as i’m writing this, the book is #470 in the Italian Kindle store and #206 in Romance. It’s only been released a few hours so this is very encouraging.

Here’s the link to Italian Amazon  and to the book on US Amazon

Here’s the blurb in Italian —

Un libro della serie Storie d’amore a Laguna

Come si fa ad avere venticinque anni e non sapere di essere gay? È una domanda che Billy Ballew preferisce evitare. Ha lasciato presto il liceo, a malapena capace di leggere fino a quando non ha imparato come autodidatta. Con il suo lavoro da muratore ha aiutato i genitori e contribuito a far studiare le sorelle al college. Fa l’allenatore per una squadra di baseball della Little League e cerca di non pensare ai tre fidanzamenti falliti. Il terrore che prova quando deve sostenere degli esami gli impedisce di ottenere la licenza da impresario che tanto desidera, e la paura del giudizio di sua madre gli impedisce di vedere ciò che potrebbe davvero renderlo felice.

Fino a quando, durante i preparativi per il grande matrimonio della sorella, non incontra Shaz – Chase Phillips – uno stilista emergente che incarna la parola gay. Agli occhi di Shaz, Billy possiede tutto ciò che ha sempre voluto in un uomo: forza, onestà, coraggio. Ma anche se Billy fosse gay, probabilmente non riuscirebbe a sopportare lo scandalo che scaturirebbe dall’uscire con una diva come lui. Come possono due uomini con così poco in comune trovare un modo per stare assieme? Lo Stilista dell’Anno coronerà la sua storia d’amore con il Cavaliere di Ocean Avenue?

I have a lot of translated books including Knight, which is currently available in French, German and Italian as well as English. If you’d like to know the translation status for any of my books, just post a comment. :  )

Writing the Stories We Want to Hear #Romanceauthors #Audiobooks

Hi! I hope you’ve entered to win a $15 Amazon GC in my VOLLEY BALLS Blog Tour! I’ve had an interesting experience lately, which has led me to a comforting realization. We romance authors are Writing the Stories We Want to Hear.

What led to this visceral realization was listening to my own books in audio. Since i’m lucky enough to have all my audiobooks produced for me by Dreamspinner Press, i don’t actually listen to them in totality before they come out. Up until now, i hadn’t listened to them at all. But then i really got hooked on audiobooks. I listen to other people’s books at the gym, on walks and even at night before i go to sleep. So i started wondering how painful it would be to hear one of my books. I’d always assumed it would drive me nuts to listen to my own writing, but i decided to give it a shot. I downloaded Knight of Ocean Avenuewhich has over 200 reviews on Audible. With some trepidation, i started listening. Long story sort — I loved it. I loved the characters and the story. I found that listening to it read gave me enough distance that i no suppressed by criticality and just enjoyed it as i would someone else’s story.

That got me going and i’ve become an ardent fan of listening to Tara Lain books! LOL. I’ve listened to Knave of Broken Hearts, Sinders and Ash, Taylor Maid, and i’m now in the middle of Prince of the Playhouse. Sure i hear the mistakes, both in reading and writing, but overall, i realize i write these stories because i love them and want to hear them told. I can’t describe what a relief that is. Like all authors, my books get hammered from time to time by bad reviews or people who don’t like them. Of course, i’m delighted to say i get lots of good reviews too. But knowing that fundamentally i wouldn’t have told the story differently, even if there are people who didn’t like it, is an actual relief.

We authors depend on our readers. We love them and appreciate every word they read. They make it possible for us to do our job — which is writing books. But deep down, we tell the stories we want to hear and live in delight that others want to hear them too.

My newest Audiobooks are Lord of a Thousand Steps and Beauty, Inc. I’m working my way toward them — and i hope you enjoy them too.