If I Had — Adam

Anyone who reads the blog is going to have to endure (or enjoy) hearing about Adam Lambert. I think the young pop/rock star is sexy, gorgeous, bright and very talented. Love of Adam dragged me out to buy the first CD i’d purchased in ages and my iPod is stuffed with Lambert music.

His new single is If I Had You, a delightful and utterly idealistic ditty dedicated to the idea that all the glitz, glam and money are worth nothing without love. Some might find it callow, but the young, gay man with his glitter and black eyeliner makes a pretty convincing case for the value of diversity in its myriad forms, and, best of all, he has millions of young people and not-so-young people listening to that embedded message. He just released a new video and if you will pardon the valleyspeak, it’s awesome. Check it out for yourself at MTV —

Suzanne’s Blog

I had lunch yesterday with my longtime friend, writer Suzanne Forster, author of The Private Concierge, Tease, The Lonely Girls Club, Decadent and more great books than i can name. I’m hoping to post an interview with Suzanne one day soon, but meanwhile take a look at:


At this blog, you’ll see posts by some of your all time favorite writers, Suzanne among them. Enjoy — and i’ll get her here for a chat real soon.

On Jet, Steampunk and Inspiration

People ask how i got interested in writing erotic romance. The answer is simple. Jet Mykles. Somehow, about two years ago, i found one of her Dark Elves books on Amazon and was hooked. But the real turning point for me was when i ordered Heaven Sent. I had never read a m/m (that’s male/male for the uninitiated) romance and was actually quite nervous about it which makes me laugh now. But, oh my, one venture into Jet’s “over-the-top” guys and i was a goner. I read everything she’d written and continue to wait with all her fans for the next book or story.

If you’re an EROM reader chances are you’ve already delved into some of Jet’s popular series so i’d like to tell you about one of her books that maybe, just maybe, you missed. It’s called Sursein Judgment and so far it’s a stand alone book although Jet says she has plans for at least one more in the series. Sursein Judgment is a steampunk (or she might say steampunkish) m/m romance which takes place in a world where there are judges ordained by the god of justice who can hear truth. I won’t describe the plot since there is a link here and you can check it out for yourself. I will say that the depth of these characters is amazing even for Jet who really explores character in all her books, deeply felt and hugely involving. For me, it captured so many of the kinds of love that one man can have for another.
If you’ve never read m/m erotic romance, i’d say start with the Heaven Sent series. But if you’re already a devoted m/m reader and you’ve missed Sursein Judgment, then dive in!

I‘ve never said thank you to Jet for her inspiration, so here it is. Thank you. I’m a fan and as long as you keep writing, i’ll keep reading.

A Bit of Blog

This is really kind of a presumptuous blog right now, because i don’t yet have a published book to offer you. I have two manuscripts being edited but with no publication dates set. So, over the next weeks and months i hope to share a bit about my books and characters, tidbits from some of my favorite authors, links to blogs, favorite movies and books and pretty much anything that comes to mind.

I write erotic romance, mostly contemporary male/male and menage, at least so far, although i have written a chunk of a menage science fantasy. The book furthest along in editing tells the story of a female scientist, attracted to her much younger research partner, who finds out said hunk is gay, at least operationally. What follows is a menage that threatens her very well-established career and the work that she loves. I’ll tell you more later.
I’m also an artist. I paint and collage, so from time-to-time i’ll put some examples of that work on the blog. That’s until i have book covers to take its place. : ) I’m a better artist than a photographer, so sorry for the really fuzzy photos.

I’ll share the experience of getting two books ready for publication while holding a day job and having a busy life. You share too.