Meet Emmaline Silvay from Genetic Attraction

The following short interview with award-winning scientist, Dr. Emmaline Silvay, occurs just before the events of Genetic Attraction now available from Loose Id at

First, a blurb about the book.

At a conservative Long Island University, renowned researcher, Dr. Emmaline Silvay, has two great loves – her life-saving work, and her younger research partner, Jake Martin. The romantic love is impossible. She’s his boss and he lives with his girlfriend. The the “girlfriend” is actually a boyfriend, the beautiful and infamous supermodel, Roan Black.

Resigned to a platonic relationship, Em accepts a weekend invitation to their home, but the men have a menage on their minds. She can’t resist, doesn’t even want to. But their intentions go far beyond passion. They want her to “be a part of them”. Their three-way love defies propriety and the standards of the University that funds their work. The supermodel’s fame makes secrecy impossible. Their ménage threatens to crumble all she’s worked for. What will give way to make room for genetic attraction?

But, in this interview, Em doesn’t yet know what happens when she goes for that weekend visit

Tara: Dr. Silvay, I’m delighted you had time to speak with me.

Em: My pleasure, and please call me Em.

Tara: Thank you, Em. Tell me what you’re working on.

Em: We research genetic sequencing. It provides the basis for tests that can determine the best course of treatment for major illnesses like cancer.

Tara: Sounds life-saving.

Em: It has that potential, yes. And we’re seeing very promising results in our clinical studies.

Tara: You say “we”. Who else is involved?

Em: I have a whole team here at the University. Of course, there’s my associate researcher, Dr. Martin.

Tara: That’s Dr. Jake Martin?

Em: Yes, have you seen him .. I mean, have you met him?

Tara: Yes, we’ve met. He seems to be a very big fan of yours.

Em: (smiling) He does? Uh, yes, I admire him a great deal. He’s brilliant and very good at his, uh, work.

Tara: (grinning) I got the feeling that he might be more than just a colleague of yours.

Em: What? Oh, well, he’s a friend also.

Tara: (smiling) I don’t mean to pry, but isn’t he more than a friend?

Em: (looking down) Oh, no. He’s committed elsewhere. He lives with his girlfriend in Connecticut. (looks up) And, of course, I am his lead researcher so that makes me his boss, sort of, and the University would so not approve, plus he’s much younger than I. What would he want with an old-maid scientist like me? (grins)

Tara: But you sound like you wouldn’t mind a more, shall we say, personal relationship?

Em: (grinning) You sound like my mother. She’s always telling me to have more sex! She’s outrageous, but I love her. (laughs) She says the professor I’m dating right now doesn’t know his dick from a laser pointer.

Tara: And what does she think of Dr. Martin?

Em: She calls him my adorable boy toy. (giggles) That’s very inappropriate.

Tara: So, what do you think will happen between you and Jake?

Em: (signs) It’s an impossible situation. I guess we’ll just stay good friends.

Tara: Despite your genetic attraction?

Em: (laughs) That’s good. I have to remember that.

Watch for much more about the writing of Genetic Attraction and my other novels in the coming days. : )

NEW ADULT Excerpt & Contest!!

Okay, dear hearts. Here’s another scene from Genetic Attraction. It is very R-Rated, so don’t read on unless you want steamy! Leave a comment on this post or any other post from now til the end of the week and you could win a FREE copy of Genetic Attraction downloaded in your preferred format. Also, for those that may not have seen it, i’m reposting the book trailer at the end of this scene. Hey, it was a lot of work. Want everybody to see it!! LOL

The scene occurs a ways into the book when Em and Jake have had a falling out because she won’t move in with him and Roan for fear of its impact on her work and career. She goes to a faculty party and meets another professor who has the hots for her. He and Em are talking at the beginning of the scene.

“Well, little rock dweller, can I get you another glass of wine?”

“Maybe in a minute; right now I need a rest room.”

“Actually, I noticed a pretty long line outside the one in the hall.” He made a discreet point skyward. “But we VIPs happen to know there’s a little-known bathroom up in Howard’s bedroom.”

“Oh great.” She hopped off the stool, only feeling a little hit from the glass of chardonnay, and turned toward the stairs.

He gestured to the upper floor. “Want a guide?”

“No need. This house has a similar floor plan to mine. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Up the carpeted stairs lined with old historical photos, the noise died down and the lights were dim. She sagged against the wall for a minute to catch her breath. Jesus, Kovak; just what she needed. And then there was Isaac. He was an attractive man, very attractive actually, and single, and her age, and appropriate. Under ordinary circumstances, she’d be interested.

“Daydreaming about the new boyfriend?”

Guilt made her face heat. Shit. Jake.

“What are you doing here?” She turned and looked into his angry but still oh-so-beautiful face.

“This is a faculty party. Last time I checked, I was a member of the faculty.”

“You know what I mean. You haven’t been anywhere near this campus after five o’clock all week. Why the sudden social bent?”

Six-foot-two of upset man loomed over her. “Not happy to see me, Em? Afraid I’ll cramp your style with Dr. Loverboy down there?”

Okay, too much. Tears started running down her face. Shit, she was crying. “Stop it, Jake. There’s never anyone I want to see more than you.”

He stared at her, torn it seemed between anger and some other softer emotion. His hand shot out, grabbed her behind the head, and pulled her into his arms. And there was that ravenous mouth. Consuming. For a moment, words like Kovak and Isaac and Dr. Winton flashed in her mind. Oh, but this was Jake. She opened her mouth and accepted all of that questing tongue. The frustration, anger, hurt, and longing of the whole week flashed into passion, heat. Her body pressed against his, writhing on the huge erection that pressed into her abdomen. Oh God, somehow she had to get that where it belonged. She tried to climb him, thrusting her hips against his body, but the height difference was just too much. He pushed her back against the wall behind her, bent his knees, and came up with that rock-hard bulge pushing against her clit. Oh, shit, yes.

Still thrusting, he pulled his mouth from hers and gasped, “We can’t stay here. Where can we go?”

She grabbed his hand, slid herself out from under him on the wall, and led him into Howard’s bedroom two doors down the hall. There were some coats and purses on the bed, so guests might come in. She located the bathroom and pulled him into it. It was a smallish room — nothing like he was used to in Connecticut — just a shower stall, sink, and toilet with a cabinet above. Right now it looked like the Taj Mahal to her.

He pulled her into a heated kiss again, thrusting that tongue deep like she loved. She sucked on his tongue, her hands pawing at his fly, trying to open it. Never breaking the kiss, he took over the effort. He opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled down his fly. She slipped her hand in and wrapped her fingers around that beautiful cock. She started to kneel, but he pulled her back.

“No,” he panted. “May not have much time. Want to fuck you.”

He looked around at the sink, but seemed to decide against it. He pulled his trousers down around his knees and sat down on the toilet seat with his big, wet cock pointing up at the ceiling.

Oh, wow. Mindless. The only goal in her universe was to mount and ride that big dick. Stripping off her thong, she straddled him and lowered herself to the one place on earth she wanted to be. Oh, sweet, sweet —

His head fell back. Eyes tightly shut, he moaned, “Em, oh, Em, please.”

She began to ride. Her hands planted on the wall behind the toilet, she pressed forward and rode up and down and up and down, her body shaking with pure lust. How had she lived a week without this? Vaguely, she heard some voices in the bedroom outside, but she simply didn’t care. This was too wonderful.

Both of them were shaking and panting — neither could last long. She planted her lips beside his ear and whispered every obscenely loving thing she could think of while he gasped and moaned. Harder and harder she rode, pushing her clit against his pubic bone until she was light-headed, her body like liquid fire. And then the fire exploded. “Jake, oh God!” Her body bucked and bucked on top of this dearest of men as she came — as hard as she could ever remember.

And here’s the book trailer:

Oh my. A lovely excerpt from the new Scarlett Parrish novel, By the Book. To know more about what inspired this scene, scroll down and read Scarlett’s blog post. Enjoy most deliciously!


Shall I tell you why you’re so jittery?” Daniel bit his lip, paused as if wondering whether or not he should go on. Then he jumped. “You’re wondering if I’m going to kiss you.”

“You what?”

“That wasn’t a denial.” He took another step closer. “Well? Am I right or wrong?”

“Just because I…” I couldn’t handle the mocking in his eyes. He knew more than I was willing to acknowledge. “This isn’t… I mean I can’t…”

“Can’t you?” Daniel’s brows quirked. “What can’t you?” he asked with a taunting lift of his chin.

Mute and rooted to the spot, I silently bade him continue. Silently bade him stop. Please stop. Oh, there were a thousand and one reasons why this was a bad idea, and I couldn’t remember any of them.

Daniel moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue, then reached up to my neck.

I shook my head without shaking it, moved it slowly from side to side, fighting to calm the maelstrom of thoughts and guilt and what-ifs in my mind. But each time I turned my head, even one degree, I moved under Daniel’s hand and the halfhearted attempt to say no, I can’tbecame a reminder of how much I wanted to say yes.

If Daniel’s hand hadn’t been on me, if he’d been standing only a foot farther back, if there had been more air between us, maybe I would have been able to breathe, but the slow back and forth of his thumb on my jaw hypnotized me into silent compliance.

“You know something,” he murmured, inching closer, ever closer until even daylight wouldn’t get between us. “I’ve been wondering what it would be like to kiss you for a while.”

Oh God, this isn’t why I came here, I —

“And you’ve been thinking of the same thing.”

Every time you speak, I forget myself.

“We should do something about it.” Daniel dipped his head, drew back, furrowed his brow, and I thought, surely he can’t be nervous; he’s Daniel Cross, but he wanted to make sure Iwas sure. Again he inclined his head, his thumb’s rhythmic back and forth slowing still further, and I couldn’t stop myself moistening my lips, whether in readiness for his kiss or simply because being close to Daniel made me nervous.

His hand on my waist made me jump, and the short path to its resting place on the curve of my hip blazed a trail of electricity. When I gasped, Daniel closed the distance between us by pulling me in closer, and in an instant I thought, no, he’ll be able to tell just how —

And despite the fact that we both wore jeans, he couldn’t hide how hard he was.

“I know you want this,” he whispered, so close his breath warmed my skin. “Just let me…”

I’ve never kissed a — Oh God. My resistance, such as it was, melted away when his bottom lip dragged over mine. The gentleness of the kiss was incongruous with his stubble. Though soft rather than prickly, it was a constant reminder that I was kissing — or being kissed by — a man. But I didn’t care because that man was Daniel.

He rested his forehead against mine, breathing deeply but slowly, and his mouth curved into a smile. Still cradling my neck with one hand, his fingers flinched, making my skin tingle. “There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Now, aren’t you dying to contact my lovely guest:!/scarlettparrish

And if you visit Scarlett’s blog, you’ll see my excerpt from Genetic Attraction. : )

Olivia Wins Genetic Attraction!!!!

Hi Olivia. You WON!! A free copy of Genetic Attraction is waiting for you. I tried to leave word at your website, but the contact page didn’t seem to be working. So email me at: tell me what e-mail to use and what format you want, and it’s yours.
Hope you enjoy it!!
Thanks so much for commenting.
And thanks to everyone who commented. We’ll have more copies of the book to give away over the coming weeks. Check back. : )

The Wicked Ideas of Scarlett Parrish

It’s my delight to welcome my friend, Scarlett Parrish, to the blog. Scarlett and i met when we realized we were both releasing our first books with Loose Id on the same day, Jan 4.She tweeted me and christened us the “cool kids”. Of course, Scarlett is new to LI, but otherwise an established author, while i’m a newbie. Scarlett lives in England, although i still don’t know where. I’m posting on her blog today and tomorrow with some thoughts in honor of 12th Night on what i’ve learned writing my books , and she’s visiting me with … well, look below. Welcome Cool Kid, Scarlett.

It made me giggle to hear Tara talk about celebrating our ‘mutual releases’ from Loose Id – my mind is just as dirty as hers, which is why I’m glad (and grateful) to be taking over her blog for the day!

Writers are often asked where they get their ideas from and for me, one of the most unusual ‘inciting incidents’ ended in By the Book being written and published.

Around a year and a half ago, I was in my city’s Central Library – nothing unusual in that, given that libraries and bookshops are my spiritual homes. I’d just returned a pile of books and was wandering around the stacks looking for more when there was a voice behind me. “Did you enjoy the Nin?”

“Excuse me?”

“You just brought an Anais Nin book back – I wondered if you enjoyed it.”

Of course it helped that the librarian was so handsome, but his opener led to a conversation about erotica and what it should do to the reader. I happened to have a copy of Nin’s Delta of Venus in my handbag and I read to him from Nin’s letter to the Collector, which I blogged about last August.

The conversation petered out and I lugged my laptop to the study tables at the back of the room and tried to get some work done, but the seeds were sewn…

…which is why I ended up writing a book about a writer and a librarian getting together. With one major difference to reality.

I started writing By the Book from Georgia, the girlfriend’s, point of view, but ran up against a major problem. It didn’t feel right. I knew I wanted the novel to be about the dangers of bringing in a third to an established relationship, but if Georgia was the point-of-view character, who had a boyfriend, and got involved with a male third…wouldn’t it look like cheating? Of course there are M/F/M triples out there which work quite well, but those usually happen when both men agree at the same time to partner up with the one woman. Bringing in another man to an already-established pairing? Hmm, dicey.

It took someone else pointing out, “It’s a man. Your POV character is a man!” for it all to drop into place. The librarian was the point of view character, sure enough, and he should be…well, a ‘he’, but the writer should be a man as well, so I scrapped the first couple of chapters and By the Book became less about the change in a relationship dynamic when you bring in a third party, and more about the point-of-view character, Reece Hutton, coming to terms with a part of his sexuality he’d never previously acknowledged.

I often wonder what became of the librarian I spoke to that day – I never see him any more so I assume he’s transferred to another branch – but it might tickle him to know he kicked off my braingears and got me thinking about a book that became my first foray into M/M erotica. Strictly speaking it’s a bit of a free-for-all, with all combinations of couplings and threesomes in it, but if you want to find out where the romance truly is and who gets their happily-ever-after, or at least happy-for-now…you’ll have to read it!

But it would be fascinating to hear where other writers have found their inspiration – can any of you beat a conversation with a librarian about the works of Anais Nin?

Tomorrow, i’ll be posting a yummy excerpt from Scarlett’s novel, By the Book. Be sure to check back. Here’s a little teaser:

Two’s company; three’s allowed.

Reece Hutton conducts his life between the covers — of books and beds. A librarian by day, in the evenings he’s a man whose tastes are anything but vanilla. So when local writer Daniel Cross appears in the library one afternoon with the aim of doing some research, Reece has a hard time not noticing how attractive he is, or what feels like chemistry between them. They exchange a few words and Daniel’s business card, an interlude which Reece puts down to networking rather than flirtation.

After all, he has his girlfriend Georgia to go home to and her best friend: a threesome to help his birthday go literally with a bang. Reece, being a gentleman (most of the time), has no objection to returning the favor, especially as his new friend Daniel seems all too willing to be their third for an evening. Georgia sees their triangle as nothing more than a temporary bit of fun but Reece…? He’ll eventually have to own up to breaking the unwritten rules of their relationship or close the book on a growing attraction to Daniel.

Sound yummy?

You can buy it here:

And reach Scarlett here (and, of course, see my blog post)

or follow her on Twitter:!/scarlettparrish

Genetic Attraction: It’s ALIVE!!!!

The release of Genetic Attraction has ARRIVED!!!
Go here:
Look read, and i really don’t mind at ALL if you want to buy a copy.

Plus, someone who comments on my blog this week gets a FREE copy!! So hop on and say hi!!!

Here’s the delicious blurb: (Plus if you scroll down, you can read a very steamy excerpt or two.)

At a conservative Long Island University, renowned researcher, Dr. Emmaline Silvay, has two great loves – her life-saving work, and her younger research partner, Jake Martin. The romantic love is impossible. She’s his boss and he lives with his girlfriend. The the “girlfriend” is actually a boyfriend, the beautiful and infamous supermodel, Roan Black.
Resigned to a platonic relationship, Em accepts a weekend invitation to their home, but the men have a menage on their minds. She can’t resist, doesn’t even want to. But their intentions go far beyond passion. They want her to “be a part of them”. Their three-way love defies propriety and the standards of the University that funds their work. The supermodel’s fame makes secrecy impossible. Their ménage threatens to crumble all she’s worked for. What will give way to make room for genetic attraction? 
Don’t forget to leave a comment. I’ll choose a winner this week and post it on the blog.  

(Just a reminder. Beautiful Boys Books is all about Tara Lain’s books and related topics. If you’d like to read more about craft, meet guest authors, see gorgeous pictures of random beautiful men. then check out Tara’s Author blog.)

Genetic Attraction: What Does a Handspring Look Like?

Genetic Attraction NOW AVAILABLE at Loose Id
Click here!
Here’s a description:

At a conservative Long Island University, renowned researcher, Dr. Emmaline Silvay, has two great loves – her life-saving work, and her younger research partner, Jake Martin. The romantic love is impossible. She’s his boss and he lives with his girlfriend. The the “girlfriend” is actually a boyfriend, the beautiful and infamous supermodel, Roan Black.
Resigned to a platonic relationship, Em accepts a weekend invitation to their home, but the men have a menage on their minds. She can’t resist, doesn’t even want to. But their intentions go far beyond passion. They want her to “be a part of them”. Their three-way love defies propriety and the standards of the University that funds their work. The supermodel’s fame makes secrecy impossible. Their ménage threatens to crumble all she’s worked for. What will give way to make room for genetic attraction? 

In my case, probably not such a pretty sight, those handsprings, but that’s what i’m doing today over the release of my first novel, Genetic Attraction! You have to realize, this is not “five novels in a drawer” first novel. This is the first fiction book i ever wrote. And it was accepted by such a fantastic publisher, Loose Id. The second novel i wrote is called The Scientist and the Supermodel, and it will be coming out later this year.

Saying this makes it sound easy-peasy, but it wasn’t. Kind of like the actors who are “overnight sensations” who worked for years at their craft first. For me, i spent a lifetime writing non-fiction, and then layered on top of that a year applying myself to the specific skills of fiction — deep point-of-view, pacing, characterization. And i had tons of help from my wonderful editor, Heather Hollis, and editor-in-chief, Treva Harte, and authors like Jet Mykles (my muse), Sloan Parker, Rosalie Stanton, Lynn Lorenz. Jianne Carlo, Selena Illyria and so many more.

Now, comes the real challenge. The making of a real fiction writer. Can i sustain the effort, inspiration and hard work needed to keep all of you intrigued and inspired for years to come? I’m going to try. :  )

ADULT Excerpt: Genetic Attraction

I am sooo excited. Genetic Attraction releases tomorrow from Loose Id. If you leave a comment on this post or the post below, and/or follow my blog, you may win a FREE copy of Genetic Attraction this week. Just leave a comment and/or follow. I’ll select a winner at random and post the name later in the week.

Here is the link to Genetic Attraction:

And if you haven’t seen the book trailer, just scroll down.

Okay, be warned. This is a steamy scene. Em has gone to the men’s home for the weekend thinking it will be a platonic friendship. She soon finds the men have more passionate plans. 

She finally looked up, her breath uneven. “Isn’t it against the law to be so beautiful?”

Jake smiled and took Roan’s hand. “He is a masterpiece, isn’t he?”

“Not just Roan, darling. You both make my heart stop.”

He sat on the edge of her bed looking down at her, and Roan sat beside him, leaning back against her hip so he could see her face. Jesus, gay or not, this could be more pure masculinity than her poor underexercised heart could stand. Of course, the primary area of response right now was lower than the heart.

Jake curved over her and whispered, “Am I really beautiful to you, sweetheart?”

He was so close. Had to tell the truth. “Infinitely. You always have been.”

His gaze was intense, but she saw uncertainty. His eyes flicked over his shoulder toward Roan and then back to her.

“Em, would you mind if I kissed you?”

Her heart leaped. She’d been dreaming of kissing Jake for the better part of two years. But what the fuck? “Jake, you told me you’re gay. You’re sitting beside the man you love, who also happens to be the most gorgeous human on the planet. What the fuck do you want to kiss me for?”

“I’ve always wanted to. Since I met you.”

Shit. The man had to make up his mind. She pulled her head to the side but couldn’t move far because Roan was leaning on her covers. “Jake, quit. Every day in the damned lab you torture me. Hugs, back rubs, caresses. Sweetheart this and honey that. And all the time you’re in love, and with a man. I just don’t get it…”

He grabbed her face in his palms, his blue eyes shooting sparks. “You call that torture?”

“Hell, yes!”


She gritted her teeth. “You fucking know why. I want you, dammit, and you know it.” She tried to pull her head from his hands, but though his grip was gentle, he wouldn’t let go.

“Then it’s time to stop the fucking torture.” And his mouth captured hers, his palms pressing just hard enough to separate her lips, and his tongue took charge, deep, hot, and wet.

For a moment she was frozen. But his mouth was the instrument of her dreams. Well, one of them. Heat flashed through her so fast she felt light-headed. Her mouth opened wider. Did she do that? Her tongue caressed his, and someone moaned. Did it come from her throat? Jesus, she was kissing Jake. Finally, after all that longing. The idea of it almost made her come.

Oh God, more. Her pussy clenched in an agony of longing. She pressed her chest, still trapped under the soft sheet, up against him and let her tongue explore the soft recesses tasting of peppermint toothpaste and sexy Jake.

He pulled back, ripping their lips apart, still holding her head. “I hope you don’t hate me for this, but if you’re gonna, hate me later.”

He glanced over his shoulder, and the sheet vanished, pulled down to her feet in one smooth move. Her whole body shivered. Oh yeah, there were two men here. Jesus, what did Roan think about this? In answer to her question, she felt soft hands on her thighs. Silky fingers caressed dangerously close to the part of her that most ached. Holy shit, she was lying on a bed with two men. Two young, gay men. She wished she could ask Shakti for advice, because ménage was much more up her mom’s alley, but at this moment that alley was looking damned attractive.

Jake pulled the straps of her tank top down over her breasts. Yes! He stroked. Her back arched, pressing her hard nipple into his hand. He groaned deep in his throat and pulled her full nipple into his mouth, sucking voraciously, his hand pumping her breast.

The pleasure was almost too much to bear. “Jake, oh God, Jake.”

So many hands — and mouths. Her bikini panties slid off, and her legs were spread.

Jake’s mouth devoured her nipple, every pull shooting straight to her womb. Then she felt it. The first kiss was gentle, on her inner thigh. Oh God, a silken tongue licked from the juncture of her thigh onto her shaved pussy, gently lapping the lips. No breathing. She didn’t want to do anything to make him stop. Either of them. Two fingers pulled her labia apart, and that hot tongue licked her from anus to clit. Shiiiit. Nothing could feel this good. “Yes.”

She bucked. Closer. More. Jake pulled back from her breast and tried to hold her so Roan could get that luscious tongue deep in her folds. He lapped around her labia and then circled her clit, teasing and torturing.

Jake whispered in her ear, “Tell him what you want, sweetheart. We’ll give you anything.”

“Please, more, please.”

Literarily Resolved!

Okay, okay. It’s New Years and resolutions are in order. In fact, i’ve been telling everyone what my resolutions are writing-wise, so maybe if i post them here that will help them manifest. Here we go:

  • I’m participating in this great editing event at Savvy Authors called EditPalooza wherein i work with a crit partner and an editor from my genre to polish my NaNo manuscript, the sequel to Genetic Attraction called Androgynous Dreams. The editor i’m working with is the managing editor of Lyrical Press, Adrien-Luc Sanders. Thrilled (yes, and terrified.) Plus, i have a great crit partner, Sharon Hamilton. With all this support, i resolve to have a manuscript ready to submit by early February.
  • I also want to have my WIP, the ballet dancer M/M/M menage called Pas de Trois (Dance of Three), completed in rough  draft by early February
  • I want to complete between 3 and 5 additional manuscripts in 2011. I can practically hear Lynn Lorenz whispering, “Don’t be a wuss. you can do better.” I’ll go for five. 
  • I want to learn to write short fiction. I’m signed up for a workshop on Flash Fiction to help with this process. This will give me stories to share with you guys while i’m writing novels. 
  • I want to do a “good job” of promoting Genetic Attraction and The Scientist and the Supermodel, and any other books i have published in 2011. I’ll learn during the upcoming weeks what a “good job” looks like. After my blog tour, i’ll know more about what does and doesn’t work.
  • I plan to attend my first-ever writer’s conference this year — RT in April.That should also be a learning experience for me. 
  • I want to become a better writer. I think this editing adventure will jump start the process. 
I have many non-literary resolutions too, mostly involving my health and the happiness of those i love, but few are as specific as my writing goals. What are your resolutions for the New Year? Do they involve chocolate?
 :  )
BTW, the photo of the Armani ad is inspiration for one of my heroes in my WIP. You like?  I sure do.* sigh*. 

Meet Roan Black: Hero of Genetic Attraction

Below is an interview i did with Roan Black, the supermodel who stars in my upcoming book, Genetic Attraction, and also in the prequel coming out in the spring entitled, The Scientist and the Supermodel. If you’d like to read a scene from the book with Roan, just scroll down to my previous post. Also, see the question at the bottom of the interview. Maybe your recipe for mac and cheese  will appear in the sequel to Genetic Attraction.  :  )

This interview with world famous supermodel, Roan Black, took place just before the events that make up the book Genetic Attraction. Roan, as usual, is cooking in the gourmet kitchen of the Connecticut home he shares with his lover, Jake Martin.

Tara: Hello, Roan. Thank you for allowing me to talk with you.
Roan:  My pleasure. After all I wouldn’t have met Jake if it weren’t for you.
Tara: Glad to be the matchmaker, but don’t say too much, because the story of how you and Jake met doesn’t come out until the spring. It’s called The Scientist and the Supermodel.

Roan: I like that, especially the scientist part. I do love that boy.
Tara: You have a one track mind, my dear. So tell us how you became a supermodel.
Roan: Oh, you mean talk about something besides Jake? (grins) Okay, okay. It’s actually not the happiest story. I’m from a small town in the Midwest. My parents were very religious in that “we’re right and everyone else is wrong” kind of way. My father never really believed I was his son, because of my appearance I guess. He blamed my mom and hated me. When I realized I was gay, I knew I’d never survive in his house, so I left home. I was sixteen. I’d met a guy at a gay bar who had told me he could make me a model. Strangely enough, he turned out to be on the level. He took me to New York to an agency, and I guess the rest is history. I was delighted that that man made a lot of money from his faith in me.
Tara: Do you see your parents anymore?
Roan: No, I haven’t seen them since I slipped out that window back eight years ago. They only read religious tracts, so I doubt they would have seen me in magazines or on television. They probably don’t know where I am , and don’t really care.
Tara: You had to quit school?
Roan: Yes. It’s ironic that I should end up with a man who’s a PhD. And of course, his boss, Emmaline, is one of the great scientists in the world. I haven’t met her yet. Jake keeps saying she’s going to love me, but what would she want with a high school dropout?
Tara: Jake tells me you’re so well read that your knowledge of literature, art, economics, and other things far exceeds his.
Roan: He’s exaggerating. But the library is a good place to hide when you’re scared to go home. It became a habit, and I still read all the time. Models have lots of downtime.
Tara: I hope this isn’t a touchy subject, but I know that Jake still has kind of a thing for Emmaline. Does that disturb you?
Roan: (laughing) It used to make me nuts! Then i saw he loved me and I got more perspective. She’s his dream, and I am a big promoter of dreams, so I told him not to give up. He may have her yet.
Tara: How does that work? I thought you were gay?
Roan: It’s true, I mostly prefer men, but I have had a few experiences with women. Ask Jake to tell you about Alexandra Shields sometime. (He grins) Now she makes him crazy. Anyway, I’ve discovered that I am turned on by a few select women. And if Jake happened to love the woman too, all the better.
Tara: So, are you and Jake plotting something?
Roan: (laughs) I guess you’ll have to read Genetic Attraction to find out.
Tara: Read it?  I wrote it!
Roan: (looks at her through his thick, dark lashes) Oh, did you?
Tara: (laughs) Well, you’ve got a point there. You guys talk, and I just try to keep up.  So, Roan, why did you never get your crooked tooth fixed?
Roan: Oh, lots of people wanted me to, but after just a few photo sessions, the photographers started asking for “the boy with the crooked tooth”. Now, it’s a trademark. It’s even insured!
Tara: Like your tattoo?
Roan: Yes, the tattoo is also pretty well known.
Tara: Shall we keep that one a secret ‘til people read the book?
Roan: Tease!
Tara: Always. Thanks so much for speaking with me today. What are you cooking?
Roan: My favorite. Home made pasta with bleu cheese and truffles. It’s comfort food.
Tara: Mac and cheese, Roan Black-style?
Roan: Yep. Want some?
Tara: (Pulling over bar stool to the kitchen island) That would be a “yes”.
Do you have a favorite recipe for mac and cheese? Share and maybe Roan will cook it in the sequel to Genetic Attraction called Androgynous Dreams. :  )