Millie Taiden Brings WOLF FEVER, Sex Toys, and a Kindle!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]Hi everyone — What a treat to welcome my friend, Milly Taiden back to the blog. She has her HOT new paranormal, Wolf Fever, with her. And she wants to talk about TOYS. Hey, i’m all ears. Plus, there’s a Rafflecopter at the end of this post for great prizes including a Kindle Paperwhite, so be sure to enter! And be sure to sign up to follow this blog to keep up with all the exciting events! Take it away, Milly!

Toys Toys Toys and more Toys…

So I have this love of toys. Why? Because most women use them. Most of us have them and if we are lucky we use them in our relationships. So why exclude them from my books? Reality is toys can enhance any relationship so they can definitely enhance my books. In Wicked Valentine (under April Angel pen name) I loved bring in the butterfly and the nipple clamps along with others. I love using anal beads and some other fun erotic play things. Toys are no longer so taboo that we can’t read about them. Heck, I hope that maybe my use of them in a book helps readers want to try or even go out and buy some if they have none. Toys are GREAT. I’m not saying they will replace your man, though there are those days when you’re just looking for relief and you might be tired…LOL but I am saying that they can give a relationship something new to add to the arsenal. Things don’t have to go stale. Add a new toy every once in a while. Go for gold. Use a few during sex and see how inventive you can get. Diamond’s may be a girl’s best friend, but toys are a woman’s. So pick up a couple and experiment. Who knows? You might like it.



When Raine Bowe volunteers for a sleep study for the extra cash, she didn’t expect to wake in a lab or to be victimized by a mad scientist. She escapes with one objective–to find someone strong enough to wage war with the evil growing inside her.

Ryder Storm is a man with a reputation–the bad boy of his own universe. He doesn’t take prisoners, won’t give into a sweet smile, and doesn’t cut his pack an inch of slack. He knows the desperate woman in his bar is his the moment he lays eyes on her. He’ll give her anything she wants, except the one thing she’s begging for. Death.

Raine enlists Ryder’s help to unravel the mystery surrounding the hours she lost in the lab and to help tame the beast inside her. In their search for answers, the road will lead them to a twisted experiment involving shifters, humans, and the creation of the ultimate Alpha. He’s ready for the adventure and she’s ready for her answers. Neither are ready for the lust that calls down from the mating moon. But a wolf knows its mate, and an alpha will not stop until he or she gets what they want.

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The loud hammering of Raine’s heart drowned out the single word bouncing around her mind—and the dogs barking at her back. Their angry growls faded the faster she ran. A little further. Just a little more, and she’d be home free.

Trees swooshed past her with every step she took away from the small isolated facility. She ignored the hospital gown swinging against her legs and the blood dripping down her arms from the torn IVs. Barefoot, the rocks bit into the soles of her feet. None of that mattered. She had to survive. Her life depended on getting as far away from that place as possible.

Inhaling the comforting scent of mud, trees, and the wild, she barely heard the barking over the breeze rustling through the willows with each step she put between them. At any other time, she’d have dissected her reaction to the forest. Not now. And she didn’t stop. No way was she getting captured again without a fight.

Air beat in and out of her lungs in tandem with the pounding of her feet on the rocky ground. Moonlight filtered through the branches overhead, highlighting her path. Her hair caught on the tree limbs, snatching at the loose strands. Some of the hanging vines prodded her arms and stabbed her sides. Her breath hitched, and she missed a step, lurching forward. Something inside her tightened. Her arms swayed and her core muscles flexed. Before she face planted, everything balanced out. She blinked. More scared now than she’d ever been in her life. Something controlled her body and it had reflexes far superior to a normal human.

Moisture gathered in her eyes, blurring her vision. She blinked it away. Panic would only get her caught.

Raine glanced at the moon. It had shifted twice—now in front of her, rather than behind. She stilled. The trees rustled with the wind. An owl hooted. But she still didn’t hear the annoying bay of the dogs.

characterbio RS

Ragged breaths beat hard in her ears. A horn’s blare sounded in the distance. Fear and excitement gave her a burst of energy. Cars meant help. She urged her body faster.

Street lights peeked through the trees. Air panted out of her chest. A second car honked, speeding past another. She was almost there. So close. Thank god. She was going to make it.

Slowing down at the edge of a hill, she darted glances around the now quiet street. No people milled about or walked around. Nothing. A big store, one she recognized from the one time she’d gotten lost in the shadier side of town, sat a block to her right. The sudden quiet made sense now. Nothing good happened this far south of Tempting Eats. It was known as the dead side. The thought alone gave her chills. Women went missing…all the time. That had been enough to keep her uptown in suburbia-peace-nation.

She glanced around, searching for anyone who might be waiting for her or even any of the dangerous men her neighbors said roamed the streets, but there was nothing, not a single being. Her feet hit the pavement in a rush. Once across the street, she hid inside a dark alley. The stench of rotting food and piss coated the air with a thick blanket of disease and chaos. Her throat convulsed, and the acidic taste of bile hit the back of her tongue.

Retreating, she took several steps toward the end of the street to a small motel. Its yellow, neon Vacancy sign blinked on and off with a buzz. A man’s yell pushed her to slink into the dark. The sound came from the shadows in front of the motel.

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Author Bio:

Want to know about me? Milly Taiden (aka April Angel) was born in the prettiest part of MillyBiothe Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. She grew up between New York, Florida and Massachusetts. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband, bossy young son and their little dog Speedy.

She’s addicted to shopping for shoes, chocolate (but who isn’t?) and Dunkin Donuts coffee.


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