Dirty Birdie Flock Hop! Free Books and Prizes for You

DBFH1.1-204x300Welcome to the Dirty Birdies Flock Hop with great books and prizes! The Dirty Birdies are a group of so fabulous (she said modestly) erotic romance writers who believe pervs of a feather flock together and that’s why you’re here! You can see our delicious blog HERE.

This is a perfectly sized Hop that lets you get to everyone on the list in three days! You can see all the participants HERE. But while the number of bloggers is moderate, our grand prize is very nice indeed.

  • Someone who posts their comment and email on one of the participating blogs will win a $100 Gift Card!

In addition to that, here on my blog you can win:

  • A $5 GC to Amazon
  • Your choice of any Balls to the Wall book — Volley Balls, Fire Balls, Beach Balls, or Snow Balls
  • Everyone can also receive my new book, Love You So Hard, FREE by BottomYousohardclicking HERE. (You will have to join the MM Romance Group to get the book  for now)

So let’s talk about dirty! Lots of erotic romance authors, including myself, often joke that we write dirty books or smut. Lord knows, my books are as erotic as they come. I had one reviewer say she flushed a few times at the sex scenes in one of my menages! But after twenty or so stories, i have to firmly say i don’t write dirty books. I write books about love.

In a workshop recently, i was teaching the group about “how to write erotic romance for fun and profit”. I said an erotic romance is a work of fiction which centers on the growing love relationship between main characters and during the growth of love they have sex (very much as in life). The thing that distinguishes erotic romance is that the door stays open during the sex. But seriously, we get to know these characters inside and out. We know what they want, what they fear, and what stands in the way of them having their desires fulfilled. Why on earth should we exclude their sexual experiences and feelings from what we know? I love erotic romance, reading it and writing it.

TL_SpellCatJust for fun, here’s a romantic little nibble from my MM paranormal romance, Spell Cat. 


“Shouldn’t you be getting married too?”


What the…? The voice came from behind him. He turned and looked at the entry to the living room, into that most-loved face. The face that had launched the Witch Master. Blaine walked into the room with Aloysius on his shoulder. Killian shook his head. “I don’t think so… Uh, I don’t know? Should I?”


Blaine walked around the couch to where Killian stood. Lavender scooted aside to make room for him. “Of course. Since you are uniting witches and humans here, shouldn’t you show your support by marrying a human? I happen to be one, and I even have a ring.”


“But I’m a witch.”




Sweet gods, Blaine believed him. “But you don’t want to marry a witch.”


“I want to marry you.”


“But the spell?”


“Fuck the spell.” He looked around at the gathered witches. “Please excuse me.” The green eyes came back to him. “I don’t care about spells; I care about you. Marry me.”


Love was the greatest power. Greater than any spell.


The room stilled. Killian bet they could hear his heart beating. He took a deep breath.


A little voice rose. One of the mixed-race witch children said, “Oh, c’mon, Witch Master. Say yes.”


Laughter erupted everywhere. He felt his own chest shaking, and Blaine reached up and wiped the wet from his cheeks. Oh, blessed gods, don’t take this away. Make it be true. He smiled. “Are you sure? I really am a witch, you know.”


Blaine laughed. “Hell, yes, I know. Even I couldn’t explain away today’s demonstration. But I’ll share with you my theories about the relationship of the quantum reality to witchcraft…”


Jimmy laughed. “Hey, I want to hear that. But first, don’t you have to get a reply?”


Blaine’s face softened. Al purred so loudly, the children nearby laughed. “Marry me, Killian. I love you. We’ll work out the details.”


“Yes, oh gods, yes. I love you so much.”


Lavender raised a glass. “Friends, on Saturday you are also invited to the wedding of Killian Barth, Witch Master, and Blaine Genneau, professor of quantum physics. Human.”


See? Love. (For the whole wedding, check out the book. ) Thank you so much for coming to our Hop! Remember to leave a comment with your email to be entered for the grand prize and for my prizes! Here’s the Link to all the great authors in the Hop!


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